An unfiltered fire hose of flaming condemnation

Full speed

  • Kathleen

    I just love your dog.

  • ann


  • Morning Chuck

  • He looks like racing greyhound!


  • woof!

  • CHUCK!

  • he looks FABULOUS in black and white

  • JDog

    Is that even chuck?

  • Sarah

    CHUCK DAY!!!! I love the noble look he has going on there…

  • Um, yeah. He looks like *A* racing greyhound.
    *Will now start mainlining the caffeine.*


  • giggles

    Go Chuck Go!!!!!

  • Lori

    It almost doesn’t look like him! It’s the expressive ears, that’s what is missing.

  • annelise

    run forest, run…

  • joy

    Chuckles! Running after his breakfast?

  • so nostalgic I love the pic Heather, thanks for always sharing

  • echo

    Not the best picture. Oh well. Still a cute dog.

  • Chuck is so awesome!
    I love fridays

  • me an Em.. we was like peas and carrots…

  • Run Chuck Run!

  • Go Dog Go! Ruff!

  • Michelle

    I keep hearing the theme to Benji in my head – Chuck looks footloose and fancy free…

  • Chuck! Fridays! Ruff!

  • That’s Chuck’s impersonation of a kangaroo, isn’t it?

  • Thas rit Shuck! Kip renneeng andd dun’t luk bakk!! Fat thi pawir, I bilif en yew viry mush.

    Lov, yor frin,

  • Good morning Chuckles!

  • Chick! imean Chuck!

    He’s running so fast he outran the color! With those black eyes he kinda looks like horror-movie ghost dog Chuck.

  • Patty

    Wow! Chuck was in the newspaper?

  • This is a question comeing from a digital photography novice, so forgive me, but did you shoot that photograph in black and white (via a setting on your camera), or did you alter it later on your computer? Just curious.

    The B&W is very cool!

  • The other Paula

    I just so totally want to hug that dog right now.

    P.S..Im hating my job right now. If it wasnt for, and Leta and Chuck pictures, I wouldnt have smiled once today.

  • I am thinking that is a kangaroo and not Chuck. Maybe it’s even a wallaby?

    Dooce Down Under! Crikey…

  • Butternut

    What you don’t see in this picture is the PIZZA in Heather’s left hand.

  • Chris

    It has that cinema verite look, or perhaps as if he is escaping from the scene of a crime and was captured on the video surveillance cameras.

    Not your usual Dooce Chuck photo. Cool.

  • Em

    Where are all the dogs going? Why are they all going up there on that tree?

  • That totally looked like a motorcycle muffler in the thumbnail.

  • Michelle Brady

    He looks thoroughly evil in that photo! I like it!

  • hahahaa, and a pop-tart in the right

  • liz

    let me guess, this right after the altercation with the other dog from a few days ago? and Chuckles is running for his life?

  • Go Dog Go! Work It Chuckles 🙂

  • I love his tail in full wag!!

  • Torrie

    GO DOG, GO!!!

  • Southern Fried Girl

    I just love this picture. One of my all time Dooce favorites. Chuck is almost as cute as my doggie. 🙂

  • TGIChuckday!

    This looks like one of those edgy French photographs that’s all existential and about alienation and stuff.

    It’s Chuck! Of FRANCE!!!!

  • RUFF!!

  • Chuck… the James Dean of the dog population.

    Such a rebel.

  • I’m so smitten with that bony dog. . .I’m changing my name to Chucky Four-Eyes!

  • I heard Chariots of Fire when I saw that picture.

    I love Chuck!

  • Kind of looks like his left front paw is flipping me off.


  • is there a setting for this on the camera, or is it photoshop-based?

  • Andrea

    I love dog smiles!

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