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Full speed

  • RazDreams

    dooce, you really should change the title to “Go Dog, Go!” shhh, we won’t tell anyone.

  • Forget about the hatemail for parental negligence. Can you imagine the hatemail from animal rights activists for feeding your dog cereal, especially if there was milk involved!?

  • An animal picture without yellow glowing eyes…How’d you do that.


    Love the photo. He must be running for a Pop Tart.

  • That looks like a post-deuce celebration to me. Go, Chuck!

  • Maybe it’s just me, but Chuck looks a little hungover in this picture. I was going to make a “hair of the dog” joke there, but I decided against it.

  • BJT

    Awesome. What’s he running to?

  • Courtney

    I thought this would be a picture of plumbing!

  • Good morning to the incomparble Dooce. I love the black and white. Do more of these! You are (obviously) a good photographer so I’m curious to see what you do in the b&w format.

  • meilaan

    He needs little Ronnie Howard in dungarees with the cuffs rolled up and a homemade soapbox racecar.

    Or Pop-Tarts.

  • Forget the caffeine it’s happy hour in Europe.

    That’s the kind of photo you look at 15 years from now and bawl your eyes out.

  • I would love this pic if Chuck didn’t look so scary….

  • kujo?

  • i thought for sure it was an elephant picture from the thumbnail.

    confession: as i couldn’t sleep last night i was thinking about how it was friday, and how i was hoping it would be ‘chuck-friday’. ain’t right.

  • sak

    where’s the cat?

  • kim

    now that is an awesome picture. i love b/w pix. and dogs..

  • Eleni

    Love how he looks so evil!! And you can also say he’s giving you the middle finger on his front left paw… too cute!

  • bb

    How do you TAKE pics like that? All my in motion pics are a blur.

  • KellyH

    Are you calling him in your Southern twang (I have one too!) or is he running towards Emily?

  • I love it. He looks like a little kangaroo!

    Chuck is one of my favorite cyber dogs I know!

  • Laurie

    I actually didn’t recognize that as being Chuckles until I read some comments. The dog in the photo just looks mean like “back off that treat is mine beeotch. Rar!”

  • Chuck needs his own theme song.

  • U.B.

    Ditto Kim.

    B/W gives pictures such a different feel. I took some of my kids this last summer staying at a lodge that looked *just like* the Overlook, or whatever it was in The Shining.

    Some came out okay, but most were of them looking embarrassed because their retarded dad kept saying “Heeeere’s Johnny!!” before every pic…

  • Tracy

    Who’s the tan little dog
    That’s a love machine on Dooce’s blog?
    Ya damn right…

    Who’s the dog who’d risk his neck
    For his Leta (or a snack)?
    Can you dig it?

    Who’s the dog who won’t cop out
    When there’s bigger dogs about?
    Right on –

    They say this dog Chuck is one bad mutha –
    Shut yo’ mouth!
    Just talking ’bout Chuck.

    He’s a complicated pooch
    And no one understands him but his Dooce…

  • See Chuck.

    See Chuck run.

    Run, Chuck, Run!

  • It’s the PUPPY!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  • beachgal

    Oh my, I love Chuck. This is so cool. And your talent again just amazes me. I can’t get unblurry pics of my 14 month old, and you get your dog at a full run. Amazing, I tell ya.

    Much love, and TGICF!!

  • Mir

    I totally heard strains of “Jaws” when I looked at this picture. In a good way.

  • I thought I saw Chuck on the streets of Manhattan the other day, and I seriously almost yelled out “HEATHER B ARMSTRONG, AND THIS IS MY WEBSITE!” But then I realized, I’d just blend into the Manhattan skyline, and that you are in Utah….. But it was Chuck’s twin, I SWEAR!

  • cat

    Tracy, you crack right up! C’mon, that treasure of lyric goodness was in the works before this photo was even posted, right? Right?! If not, you = witmeister chuck mac daddy.

  • cat

    Me. You crack ME right up. My bad!

  • Right on Tracy.
    I like me some SHAFT too.

  • Every morning should start off with a dosage of Chuck!

  • Jane

    I think he looks like a kangaroo in that picture…

  • Tracy

    Cat – no prep, just bustin’ rhymes on the fly…

  • The Crazy World of Arthur Brown

    P P O O O O
    P O O O O

    Sorry, no-one had mentioned poop in a while so it didn’t feel like Dooce…

  • RUFF!

  • you have your chuck, i have mine. on my feet:

    neither slip nor slide
    nor break in my stride
    as long as i have
    chuck taylor on my side

  • Deenzadrine



  • Chuck: Bacon! Bacon! It smells like Bacon! Theres a bag! I can’t read! Please Please gimmie whats in the bag!

  • Hm. Earlier this morning I thought maybe Chuck was running from (or to…who knows?) Big Mean Bearded Dog from Wednesday’s photo. But after reading today’s post, I’m thinking maybe Chuck’s running to rescue poor Leta from The Moving, Toy-Grabbing Baby. Sic ’em, Chuck!

  • Kimi

    Must give warning on pictures with spam quotes. I spit my coffee AND had it come out of my nose. Ouch.

    Love Mr. Chuckles, love, love, love him.

  • patricia

    Bonus! I’d forgotten about all Chuck Fridays!

  • tater

    Any ideer why i can’t see your pictures in ie or firefox? Is it me????

  • Chuck! I love your little doggy ass!

  • This reminds me of the beginning of that show “The Bionic Woman”.

    Area ANY of his feet touching the ground in this picture?

  • blu


  • Tracy, you rock. You’ve just replaced the Chariots of Fire that Melanie S planted in my head.

    Both songs, together with this photo, have filled me with a sense of invincibility on this very cold Friday afternoon.

    I love Chuck Fridays.

  • Dazed & Confuzed

    Yay, Julie! Max, the Bionic Dog. *Sudden images of Jaime Sommers throwing a Sleepnumber bed at her captors*

  • My favorite line from today’s post?

    “the scream that sucks all the air out of the room”


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