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That I sound like I’m crying toward the end of the interview, but really, I was laughing because sitting next to me was my child surrounded by a thousand goldfish and a wallet emptied of all its cards and receipts, and she was leaning over…

January 19, 2005

Dog Park

On Sunday’s trip to the dog park with Emily I took about 4,000 photos. Maybe not that many, really, but a whole bunch, mostly of strange dogs and Emily picking up those strange dogs and giving them kisses. We met her at the top of…

God Hauling Ass

Last night we were watching live TV — uh, the pain! — and saw the beginnings of what seemed to be a promotional commercial for a show about some king of Egypt. The camera swept over acres and acres of wind-blown sand and the words,…


Alas, my hometown people. I am probably related to some of these specimens: “Attorney meets the ‘jury pool from hell’”