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Day of Destruction

  • her b-day is feb 3? MY b-day is feb 3. and it’s equally traumatic this year … turning 30. my freaking out won’t be so silent.

  • Ah, the Naked Frosting Orgy. A childhood ritual I’m pleased to see you’re upholding. That’s pure awesome.

  • Becky

    The look of pure love and trust on her face is something you’ll want to remember when she’s a teen and decides she knows more than you do. This photo can become your desktop b/g to remind you how important you were ‘way back then.’ I hope you know it now!

  • Blair

    Happy Birthday Sweat cheeks!

  • Amy

    Happy Birthday, Leta-poo!

  • Becky

    Sweeeeet cheeks. :>D

  • Allyson

    I was so shocked when I was going through the Times yesterday… I saw this adoable baby and thought ‘…that looks just like Leta!’ And it was. Happy B-day, cutie! 🙂

  • Happy Birthday Leta!!!!

  • I was going to say Hey wait a minute, I know my bd isn’t until thursday so how could this little munchkin already have her cake cause I know she has the best bd ever! I can’t believe she’s one already!! Happy Early birthday Leta!!!

  • Lisey

    Dooce, you do realise Leta’s successful first birthday parate produced your longest ONE SENTENCE PARAGRAPH EVER!

    …and you think YOU are moulding HER!

    Happy Birthday Gorgeous and well done Mum and Dad…love from Down Under…however anxious I am about seeing that tray precarioulsy perched on her high chair table…eek!

  • me again

    ..oops, that should have read “partae”…there goes my stab at being ‘hip’!

  • Henryk_DTG312300KJAN05

    Kel_in_oz……did you watch the game……then we crashed out in cricket as well!!! double wahhhhhh!!!

  • kelc_in_OZ


    Yep I watched it. I guess getting engaged is not a bad consolation prize for him though!!

  • jax

    Happy birthday Leta – and congrats to you too Heather. I always think it should be the mothers who get to celebrate the birthdays of their offspring – they did all the work after all 😉

  • I wish my parents give a birthday party like that when I turn 18 :$

  • Henryk_DTG312300KJAN05

    When I get growed up, I’m going to be thisssss big!And Lleyton lost…wahhhhhhh!!! sob! (notwithstanding…it was a GOOD game)

  • or “HIPPO BURPDAY”, as we say in France!

  • wendy

    Happy Birthday to a little sweetie pie!

    Many bouncing birthday balloons to you, Leta!

  • Your Naked as a JayBird….. Happy Birthday Leta…. Love

  • Clearly

    Happy 1st Birthday Leta!

    Dooce – I can’t wait for the 1 year newsletter on Thursday. i just know it’s going to be an emotional one!

  • ‘appy b’day Leta !!

  • Damn, that cake looks nice.

    Heather dont you find amazing (in the good way) that people from all over the world (take me, I’m from mexico) is watching your daughter grow up, and getting feelings of love towards Leta, you, and your family with out knowing you in person?.

    I find odd that I care about you and cried along the way I was reading your depression posts.



  • Amy

    Happy Birthday, Baby!
    You’re just beautiful!

  • Happy early birthday, Leta!
    Eat some chocolate cake for me, too, please!

  • Happy Birthday, Leta!

    (I’m in total denial. She simply *cannot* be a year old already.)

  • elyse

    i can’t believe it’s been a year already! happy birthday, leta. your parents are awesome and they love you endlessly.

  • i can’t believe it’s been a year already. happy birthday, leta! your parents love you endlessly.

  • The New York Times! Next time your name appears there, you will be on the Bestseller list. What a beautiful picture.

  • Lisa

    Yeay, another ex-LDS normal person living in this state. Just came across your blog and it is great, and so funny! Boy can I identify with a bunch of stuff you write. Cute kid too.

  • Happy Birthday gorgeous! And congratulations all three of you for having made it so far. You’ve done brilliantly!

  • Becky

    Happy Anniversary to your birthday suit, and Happy Birthday to you, Leta! It will also always be your birth-day too, Heather, so enjoy your well-earned celebration! Long, happy, healthy and love-filled lives to your family.

  • Awww Happy 1st birthday little Leta. 🙂 On my little guy’s first birthday my brother sneezed all over the birthday cake. Needless to say he had to be kicked in the gonads after that. 🙂

  • Yeah, naked is the best way to eat the first birthday cake. One of these days, I’m going to compile an album of babies eating their first birthday cake in just the diapy.

    Happy birthday Leta! and screw the damn NY Times. I had heard you were going to be in the paper but had no idea that it was in that section. I gasped when I saw that photo and laughed when I saw that title.

  • Amanda

    I can’t believe it’s been a year. I hope my son grows up quickly too. He’s four months now!! 🙂 Happy Birthday Leta

  • beachgal

    Wow! I log in from home to do some stuff and look what I’ve missed! Dooce is in the NYTimes! If I hadn’t come here, I’d never have known!!! YAY!

    Happy Birthday early, Leta! Hope you demolished that cake!

  • Ren

    Happy birthday to the wee one!

  • Andrea in Canada

    Dooce! I just thought of something…are you ready for another mini-Jon yet? 😉

  • Happy 1st Birthday Leta!

  • rich

    Long Time Reader, First Time Poster.
    I read ” A Labor Story” this morning(Pacific Rim time). What a great read! And now Leta is a year old. Congratulations to her on her first year of life.

  • I’m sure you’ll have a good good life ahead of you Leta, Happy Birthday! 🙂

  • Happy 1st Birthday Leta and here’s to Heather for making it too!

    LOVED the photo on the front page of the NYT Sunday Styles section. Just loved it! And of course, I LOVE seeing dooce’s photos each and every day!

  • Kari

    Oh my god you let your naked baby play with candles and fire!? What kind of mother are you?!!!

    [That’s a joke, peeps.]

  • congratulations! you both made it a whole entire year together. no one died! you have all your body parts!

    happy birthday, leta, and happy one-year-anniversary-of-all-that-is-chaos, heather.

  • I’m jumping on the bandwagon:

    Great pic in the Times. The story, not so much. Blogging = catharsis. This is news? That’s what mine is about. Except that nobody in my family knows that I keep one; I’ve got a family fulla technophobes.

    Happy Birthday Leta! I haven’t been with y’all the whole year, but it’s been fun watching such a cute kid get bigger.

    Now let’s see the Choco-Leta.

  • Happy Birthday, Leta. My wife and I found you about a year ago, and read regularly. Our daughter was born a day before Leta, so we have found it really nice to read and sympathize with the familiar development of another new family.

  • So I opened up my Sunday NY Times and whose heart-breaking beautiful mug is looking out from the Sunday Styles section? Leta, nicely snuggled into the crook of her bloggin’ Mom.

    And this would happen on the day that Leta’s family celebrates her birthday. Coincidence? I think not. Synchronicity is what I’d call it.

    So, wishing Leta and her amazing parents synchronicity, happy accidents, and love for many birthdays from this one.

  • Jo Ann

    Birthday wishes from Kansas City Missouri xsmoochxxxx little leta from Aunt JoAnn

  • god

    My mother used to say “if you’re not going to play with your food, eat it!”

    I certainly hope that the naked/chocolate/indulgence thing was carried out with the spirit of my mother’s words. Here’s to Leta, creative things with chocolate, and a family intent on doing my work on Earth. Just don’t ask what I have in mind for her 18th.

  • wait a second! shouldn’t that kid be facing backwards! i hope to god she’s at least 40 pounds. it’s just not safe, you know, to let kids eat at the table forward facing until they’re like 12 or something.

  • Carla Beth

    I thought the NYT article was spot on, self-absorption and all. But it didn’t strike me as being terribly negative. What blog doesn’t involve some level of self-absorption? Now that I think about it, the term self-absorbed is rather odd. Who isn’t self-absorbed? What blog doesn’t go on and on about stuff pertaining to the blogger? Back in my Duran Duran days (I love Simon!) my journals were all about THEM. Now they’re about me. Does that mean I’m self-absorbed? Anyway, weird.

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