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Day of Destruction

  • Mir

    When Jesus comes knocking, he’s gonna be so bummed that he missed the naked cake fest. I suggest offering him some tequila to ease his pain.

  • From the NEW YORK TIMES

    Heather B. Armstrong of Salt Lake City credits her blog,, with saving her sanity, if not her life. When it began in February 2001, Dooce was a collection of anecdotes about Ms. Armstrong’s single life in Los Angeles, with provocative entries like “The Proper Way to Hate a Job” and “Dear Cranky Old Bitch Who Cut in Front of Me at Canter’s Deli.” After someone sent an unsigned, untraceable e-mail message about Ms. Armstrong’s blog to her company’s board in 2002, she was promptly dismissed, and “Dooced” entered as a term for “Losing your job for something you wrote in your online blog, journal, Web site, etc.”

    A year later Ms. Armstrong married, moved back to Utah, gave birth to a daughter, Leta, and was soon after hospitalized for severe postpartum depression. Her moving, confessional entries from that time generated thousands of e-mail messages and, she said, helped speed her recovery.

    Now about 40,000 people log on to read about Ms. Armstrong’s efforts to break her daughter’s binky habit and of her concern about swearing in front of Leta. Like most parent bloggers, Ms. Armstrong steals time at the computer when the child is napping, after the baby sitter arrives and late at night. She said she blogs at least 15 hours a week. “Dooce probably saved my life,” she said. “The writing and voice I had let me hold onto part of the original and old Heather, something that being a mother and the depression couldn’t take away.”

  • You were in the New York Times!?!!?

    I saw the picture of Leta and thought, “Hey, wait just a minute I know that baby! Those hands!”

    Congratulations! I wish they’d phoneticly spelled “Dooced” as Dueced but other than that it was terrific!!!

  • Andrea in Canada

    She has this expression like: “it’s all mine? I can go for it? I’m going to dive in and it looks like it’s ok so…here.i.go….” I hope she enjoyed her cake! Glad you made it through the day! I was SO emotional on both my daughters’ first birthdays. I can’t wait to see more pictures!

    I am so envious by the way of all of you who actually could open up the NYT and see Leta this morning! I saw it online but it would have been great to see it in the actual newspaper!

    my husband bought our 16mth old, Jingba…the pink dancing and singing Boobah the other day…it was on sale half price. She was so excited…she wiggles her little butt to the music and holds his hand! Did Leta get any Boobah paraphernalia ?

  • April

    Can’t believe she is already a year old… I still remember posts about the belly. Wow.

  • Kassi

    Chocolate…Heather you ARE brave.

  • ADORABLE!!!!!!

    Happy birthday Leta, and congrats to mom and dad…a whole year, WOW!

  • Southern Fried Girl

    Happy almost birthday, Leta. How cute she is. Y’all are so lucky. 🙂

  • Roger

    Oh, I totally heart the font/hand-writing on the cards/paper in the background. Awesome.

  • Avey

    Been reading since Leta was 4 months old and my little one was a growing stomach bulge! Thanks for all the laughs and an inside scoop to the highs and lows of parenting!

    Happy birthday to Leta!
    How I have enjoyed watching you grow!

  • I just read the piece on you in the Times. Congratulations!! And happy birthday, Leta. Keep those dirty diapers coming.

  • popsicle

    FIRST ! b.e.a.t.c.h. !

    everyone, HEADS UP – refinance your homes, your trailors, your apartments, your boats, your whatever – wherever the fuck it is you live – refinance it, take the dough, slap it on the PATS a week from today.

    we have a whole week to get our ducks in a row. line em up. quack quack. i suggest 25% of your annual income in ’04. take a chance. take something. they win by 20.

    *anything read here is pure speculation by a man that will be refinancing his house, his boat, his life, his wife – on the PATS -putting the beat down on the lowly team their playing – i think its the eagles, the birds.
    there will be no accountability, except for all betters to pay dividends to said individual (me) after you sack up, refinance everything, and enjoy the results…best of luck.


  • Happy Birthday, Leta!

  • Leta is so cute! Naked babies with cake are funny.

  • kyllikki

    [glad to buzz a word :)]

  • Congrats Dooce on making it through yesterday.

    I love this pic, it looks like she’s looking up at someone as if to say, “I’m about to grab a couple of handfuls of this cake…Mamma said I could!”

  • Linda

    Happy Birthday Leta!!

  • Delurking just to say:

    Happy Birthday, Short Stuff! Enjoy your day!

    And thank you, Heather and Jon, for sharing your lives with us!

  • The picture in the Style section is just the BEST!

    You guys came off well in the article. But I don’t know why they have to pick on blogging moms/parents. All writers are self-absorbed to a degree (not a bad thing necessarily)… And aren’t all bloggers generally self-absorbed? That’s kind of what it’s all about… I don’t see a problem…

  • I see Leta’s dressed in her birthday suit for the party! Eminitely washable and topical to boot!

  • kyllikki:

    Metacognition! You just made my little psych student’s heart leap.

    I know I’m lame.

  • kyllikki

    firstly: happy birthday, leta–that’s a whole hell of a lotta birthday cake–chow down and don’t share!

    i, too read the article and found it unsatisfactory. many of the conclusions drawn by those who feel these blogs are a narcissistic or an example of overworrying aren’t being honest with themselves about the constant tickertape of “oh shit what now?” that ran through their heads when they were parents. time exaggerates time–i think it just seems excessive when details we normally gloss over in our minds are expressed in print. it’s okay to have metacognitive abilities–let’s have three cheers for the frontal lobe!

  • Happy Birthday Leta–and thank you Dooce for sharing her year with us! Congrats on the NYT article–I didn’t think it put you in a bad light at all. Zero-boss, big blog-whore that he is, is crowing about having the lead paragraphs, but I think HE’s the one who came off as self-absorbed not you. Thank you for admitting once again the role that the blog played in helping you with depression. I love your honesty.

    Happy birthday Leta! And many more!

  • All I know is Jesus *totally* drank. He DID turn water into wine didn’t he? So why can’t mormons get shitty?

  • I think you are so brave for having a big birthday party. I would have been gnashing my teeth and wearing sackcloth & ashes and all that good Biblical freaking out stuff.

    The photo reminds me of my little brother’s first birthday. We tried to get him to stick his fingers in the cake, and when he finally did, he stared at the frosting on his hand and screamed. Yeah, my family’s a little neurotic.

  • Wow.. she’s a year old already??? Craziness!

    Happy Birthday, Leeeeeeeeeeta!!!!

  • shy me

    ooooh! Happy Birthday little darling!

  • So my stepfather brings me the Style section of the NYT and starts explaining what the article is about when I exclaim “THAT’S LETA!” That’s when I had to explain that I’m cooler than anyone thinks, duh.

    Happy Birthday Leta!

  • Happy Birthday Little Armstrong!

  • Ellen

    When I visit your site now, I’m bombarded with popups that even my popup blocker can’t catch in time. Is this a new arrangement with one of your sponsors?

  • Awwww! Did she mush her face in the cake? Happy early birthday, Leta. Hope you guys had a blast in spite of the home-destroying rugrats.

  • Amy

    Leta looks like she’s gonna do a ‘raise the roof’ dance with her homies.

    Happy B-day, Happy 1-year-as-parents anniversary, Happy Everything.

  • “Hi, Jesus. Come on in and have some cake. Put Leta’s gift over there on the table. Can I take your cross?”

  • Cauri

    I’m not even sure you read the comments all the way down at the bottom of the list…but…

    Happy early Birthday, Leta!! =)

  • Happy birthday Leta! The first is kinda depressing, isn’t it? My daughter’s second is the day after Leta’s first. In fact, her birthday is somewhat opposite of Leta’s: 02/04/03

  • tk

    Happy Birthday darling Leta!!!

    Congratulations Heather and Jon for getting through your first year of parenting…. Now comes the easy stuff (yeah right!!!)

    Looking forward to ‘baby smeared in chocolate cake’ pictures for the next few days


  • What a long strange year it’s been.

  • Torrie

    I do hope that you post a photo essay from the party- when you are done being self absorbed, of course.

  • Alison

    Happy Birthday to the little frog princess!

  • Jack’s Mum

    Relax Lisa. I don’t think there needs to be any negativity in the comments today. I know you are trying to be supportive, but don’t take things so seriously. Happy Birthday Leta! Enjoy…

  • Oh no. The minute I saw this pic it seemed strangely familiar. Topless, that innocent look of curiosity…

    I thought it was only me that had to suffer through a 1st birthday face-in-the-cake! (Though my actual recollection of it doesn’t exist except through a disturbing pictorial archive.)

    This must be some tradition I’m not aware of, because none of my siblings or cousins received the same treatment. Perhaps they just were, as they are with many other things, OVER it.

    This may be a bad thing, Heather – you don’t want to know how I turned out! 😉

    I can’t wait to see the “after” pic. Happy belated birthday to Leta. A pic in the NYT for your 1st bday – what a fantastic gift!

  • Carolyn

    Happy Birthday Leta! She sure looks ready to dig in with both hands. I can’t wait to see the photos during the party.

    I’m also envious of the cake — my son can’t have milk (I so understand the screaming thing, but thankfully can control it with what I give to him, phew) and we haven’t even tried eggs. So he’ll get some sort of vegan birthday cake and I have no idea if there is vegan frosting. Sigh.

    Then again, my birthday is two days after his, so at the party we’re doing all family birthdays and *I* get chocolate cake. Which also makes me feel guilty.

    Goodness, enough about me — yeah on Leta being (just about) ONE YEAR OLD.

  • Lisa

    Okay why weren’t you the self absorbed when you were writing about paid work, and single life and yada yada? Now when you write about virtually the same thing-your life- only the circumstances have changed- you are self absorbed. I think this whole article was dismissive of women (and Zero Boss) and parenting. At least you had your name spelled right. Two other bloggers didn’t. And he didn’t take a single sentence from your blog (like he did Melissa’s) out of context and totally change it’s meaning. You are no different than David Sedaris, Erma Bombeck, Ray Ramano, Bill Cosby or tons of others who use the their family and their life as a creative outlet. Doesn’t Mr. Hochman realize no one would read you or the other bloggers if they weren’t entertained or enlightend by what you write. I think the article shows the other is jealous of your wide audience, abiltiy to put out what you want without an editor and I think he is sexist.

  • i’m really scared for the day my baby turns one. HAPPY BIRTHDAY LETA! Wow…a year, I remember when she was born. It was the first day I read your site. 🙂

  • Happy birthday sweet little wee one.

  • Annejelynn

    # RazDreams said at 08:36AM, 01.30.2005:

    Note: All of Leta’s clothes were officially in that big pile next to Dooce’s washing machine. The party was actually to accommodate the convenient nakedness! 😉


    Glad to hear the party was a sweet success – no heart attacks were had. Yea!


    No Booh-Bah themed birthay? lol

  • OH my! She is almost 1! Happy Birthday Leta cutie PIE!

  • lisa

    such a cute baby!! i am a new reader and your stories crack me up! the cake looks wierd,though

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