This here bringer of the pooper to the fun party

Eli sharing his big book with Leta: UBER CUTE

  • Liz

    Oh that is so sweet! She’ll be reading up a storm in no time!

  • Holy Crap.m I’ve never been this high up in the comment count!

  • Amy

    She looks so content with a book her in lap. She’s one smart cookie 🙂 You are a blessed momma.

  • Oh My Dear God in Heaven.

    MONTHS of trying to usurp the dedicated Doocesters, and I finally see my name at the top.

    I tell ya, it’s right up there with havin’ a baybee.

  • Hooray for reading! One of my favorite pasttimes as a child….

  • Wonderful!

  • Is that your cold, dead hand reaching out from amidst the deadly weight of thousands of dute, dimpled plush toys?

  • Christine in Virginia

    Wow — great teacher! …

    I’m first??? unbelieveable..

    endlessly impressed by your insight and candor — thanks, Dooce.

  • Liz

    Good Morning Heather & Internet!

    Weird! I saw the thumbnail change, but couldn’t see the picture yet.

  • Em

    I would be closer to first but this REMEMBER ME? thing never remembers me. How rude.

    I thought the thumbnail was pancakes. I’m confused!

  • di

    awwwww… how sweet

  • Matt in London


  • Totally uber-cute! I heart Leta!

  • Liz

    Lovely! A reader! What an intelligent little lady.

  • Leta be lookin’ for the Boobah.

  • no really? Am I first?

  • first~!

  • becaru

    good morning

  • Jen

    Almost first!

  • I heard they’re developing a Keeper for hockey fans.

    It’s called the Stanley Cup.

  • I’m going to be a ballerina today.

  • But *I* wanted to be the ballerina today!

  • annabelle

    I just don’t understand… so confused… bloody dialogue… out spot, out.

  • i’m going to be first today!

  • Fish? Dude? Where you be?

  • welcome to dooce, may I service you?

  • Didn’t we have a discussion about other meanings of the word “service” here a while back?

  • Girl-A — ding ding ding ding! I laughed so hard my Keeper cup shot all the way across the room!

  • stacy

    Man, what’s up with Fish?

  • You think all this bloody cup talk finally drove Fish upsteam?

  • There was pubic service???
    How come I didn’t get no pubic service?!?

  • Catcher in the Pie

  • RazDreams

    it’s mardi gras today down here in new orleans… par-tee time!!! (and we’re off of work too!)

  • Because the Keeper cup can be worn for up to 12 hours, a woman can empty and dump the contents at home in the toilet (not the sink) instead of the public restroom.

    Bringing a moistened tissue into the public bathroom stall is all that’s need to wipe the cup after emptying.

    But to each her own. Whatever you’re comfortable with.

    This has been a pubic, I mean, public, service announcement.

  • If you tell anyone you’re with on a date bout whatchu got in there, you could probably call the cup “The Crypt Keeper”

  • Girl.A, we’re not talkin’ ’bout Crypts, we’re talkin’ ’bout Bloods!

    Oh, never mind. Just a little age-related confusion there. . .

  • Yep. Sorry that I asked.

    I heart tampons.

  • Oh, oh! I got another one!

    The Curse Catcher

  • I’ve used instead. It’s cool, but messy if you don’t do it right. But then again, a lot of things can be messy if you don’t do them right. Like cutting watermelon.

  • Yeah… waaaayyy too much info. Interesting, but… eww.

  • She grossed y’all out without using any adjectives. Powerful medicine woman.

  • Happy Mardi Gras, dooce comment posse!

    May your boobs be perky and presentable at least one day of the year. Get some beads, y’all!

  • Catherine


  • get a clue and use Instead cups. At least you toss those things! And I think my eyes need to be ripped out after post 366…ew.

  • FISH! What happened to your page?

  • I believe that is known as the old monkey fist trap.

  • “the old monkey fist trap”

    How did you know my husband’s pet name for me?

    *Oh*, you meant the Leta story. Never mind, nothing to see here. . .

  • And ew. EW!

  • Wow. That’s bullshit Geraldo. I think I’ll stick with my tampons, thanks.

  • cat

    Oh… my.
    The words “Too Much INFORMATION” are echoing through my head. ECHOING! GAH! MAKE IT STOP!