An unfiltered fire hose of flaming condemnation

Austin Chucklett

  • ahhh….I started to get scared when I couldnt d.l dooce that I wasent going to get my daily (ok, several times a day) dose. WHEW! All is good with the world now.

  • Chcuk has no shame putting his pink thing out there for all the world to see. Thank UPPERCASE GOD for that dot.

    Spoonie – You can’t lay claim to every hot blogger on the net. You already hump with Amanda B and Carol. Let someone else enjoy Bucky’s kibbles for a while. =) I’ll gladly take Bucky’s place for you if Amanda B will let me out of the cage for a supervised visit with you.

  • Katie-be-bored-at-work

    Chucky porn. Nothin’ better on a Friday.

  • Chuck and Austin look exactly alike!! Except Chuck is way cuter.

    I’m so glad it’s Friday. Or rather, that tomorrow is Saturday.

  • Mojo — Ugh. That was just nasty. I’m eating breakfast here!

  • Dog porn. Rad.

  • Dude, does Chuck love the camera? My dog rolls his eyes and turns his head away every single time I get the camera out. I can’t even use my phone anymore.

  • Oh. So that’s Chuck. Nice Chuck.

  • Hal


  • Thank you for protecting your dog’s modesty. He’ll thank you later.

  • Squish

    okay. I see. HaHa!

  • Tracey

    Chuck is MUCH hotter than Austin Dooce! 🙂

  • The posing! It’s awesome.

  • “Let’s go watch some gay porn so that we can get our hate back” -Derrick Blank

  • edith


  • Wee! It’s Chuck Friday!

    No wee-wee, though… thank goodness. Yeah, I for one am grateful for that bit of censorship… 😉

  • Charlie

    Is that what they’re calling neutering now? Censorship?

  • RazDreams

    now everything’s fixed and life is good. maybe we all crashed her server. REBOOT! maybe dooce will start being less predictable with her daily pix posting-time so that we don’t crash her server no more.

  • “Don’t rub your feces on the lampshade.” — Sarah Blank

  • i thought he’d be licking it. dogs like that, a lot. (hee)

    thanks for the laughter…like usual…

  • Squish

    chuck is so handsome. cute tease with the censored button…

  • So you’re familiar with Austin’s balls? Scary. If I were to imagine that kind of thing (which I won’t), I would imagine that Austin’s package had a three cornered hat and his pubes had just as much mousse as the rest of his hair. Is that what Chuck has down there?

  • Katie-be-bored-at-work

    CHUCKLES!!! The website was down for a minute, and I got scared I wouldn’t see Chuck today!!! (Why did you have to go and censor it?)

  • RazDreams

    chuck’s name is spelled wrong: chCUklett. plus, i couldn’t get onto the site and panicked. thought i’d have to work there for a minute. whew.

  • of course, since we’re all hip internet denizens here, we all know about this already, right?

  • Only if Chuck can do the “whatever” hair flip like Austin. I bet he can…

  • are we censoring the pink lipstick or just the sheath?

  • Back off, bitches. Bucky is MY bride.

  • It is Friday! Who better to ring it in than Chuck!

  • annabelle

    I love dogs. I have two cats and last night I told my husband that if someone offered me a couple thousand for both of them with the promise to always keep them warm, fed, and happy, I’d sell them in a heartbeat. And then buy a dog. He replied that I was a cold-hearted bitch and that I was also delusional because nobody in their right mind would pay a few thousand for a couple of ordinary, overweight, middle-aged house cats.

  • ashik

    I was briefly in love with Chuck, for he is a handsome boy, oh yes. Then, I scrolled down and now Bucky shares that special place in my heart.
    Alas, I am a girl and it is not meant to be.
    And even Chuck’s unmentionables are unviewable…

  • Man, what a mean thing to post a picture of Dooce.. Or are dogs like human men, meaning they like to advertise their Wee Waw’s?

    Anyways, Happy Chuckles Friday Everyone!

  • Other Heather

    Oh my Bucky! That was incredible.

  • finally a little bit of censorship on this site! 😉

  • “You do know what Chuck rhymes with…?” -Sarah Blank

  • I like the sunshine shining through Chuck’s pretty eye.

    Oh, and I like the ‘censored’ dot too.

  • Dazed & Confuzed
    (do you like how I left out the link in my last post? Completely intentional)

  • So. . .it’s Chuck No-Genitals-Showing Friday, is it?
    Guess I can put the vibrator back in my purse.

  • Dazed & Confuzed

    Yay! Jeff Gannon…oops..I mean, *Chuck* Friday! Chuck looks resigned to have strangers ogle his twig and berries (sans berries). And speaking of Jeff Gannon, here’s another (although completely unrelated) brilliant prank: <>

  • Maggie

    Holy shit, I was first. Red rocket, Chuck, red rocket!

  • Man, I never thought I’d see the day the FCC had to regulate DOOCE!

    Or perhaps we’re just protecting his integrity.

    Yay for Chuck Fridays, even if they require pixellation and black dots!

  • Oh, bony Chuck who licks his ass
    And pees on every blade of grass
    When Pop-Tarts call, he answers back
    While lapping at his empty sack

  • Elizabeth



  • yeah – happy chuck friday

  • lou

    oh so sad – austin – oops i mean, chuck it’s FRIDAY! cheer up buddy!

  • Top ten?

    chuck is so cute!

  • sophie


  • Woohoo!! Chuck Friday!! I totally needed that to make me smile. Thanks!

  • So, dog balls aren’t appropriate for this site? That’s a shocker.

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