Thou shalt not covet thy neighbors hot drinks

I was on the phone last night with Beth when she told me about taking her kids to a park and then to a coffee shop afterward. She said, “I had my BlackBerry,” when I interrupted her.

“BLACKBERRY? YOU HAVE A BLACKBERRY?” And then I yelled to Jon who was on the floor with Leta, “Beth has a fucking BlackBerry.”

Beth continued, “BlackBerry Sage T, that’s what I had.” At least, that’s how those words looked in my head: Blackberry Sage T. I don’t know anything about BlackBerries only that I guess they’re hip with the kids these days, especially New York City dwelling kids who are heir to hotel fortunes and resemble processed cheese, so I thought that maybe the Sage T was a top of the line model.

“She has a BlackBerry Sage T, Jon. I should have known it.” Beth, man, she and that family have top of the line everything.

At this point in the conversation Beth remembered that she was speaking to a dork and she corrected me, “Blackberry sage TEA, Heather. T-E-A.”

“Oh. So you don’t have a BlackBerry?”

“No,” she laughed. “But you really should be this enthusiastic about my tea more often.”