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The dude with the glasses ripped it on the slopes

  • ooo can’t believe I am in before these posts hit 100!

    Dooce – read religiously (although not very biblical myself) every day. You are a funny, talented, inspirational lady. Thanks for always sharing…

    A girl from Belfast City…probably THE ONLY ONE (yes, CAPS LOCK ROCKS!)

  • Mmmmm… I want to go to Solitude Village and Restaurants.

  • TexaRican

    WTF? Usually around this time I am waiting for the new Dooce o’ the day! Jeez, were y’all all up doing the Ebay treasure hunt or something? 🙂

  • “ripped it on the slopes”
    uh… that sounds way Californian to me.

  • Kendra

    WOW, almost top 50! I think this IS the earliest daily photo ever.

    Love the snow. Moved to Thunder Bay from Southern Ontario last Sept and snow snow snow. I love it!!

  • hannah

    #23; Aussie: Which guy in Love, Actually?
    And as for the early commenting, I left mine at about ten to eleven in the morning. So not so early, although with the vodkaness of last night, quite early. I like this whole time zone thing meaning I can leave a low numbered comment.

  • squish – “i got yew, babe.”

    imitating sonny you know.
    sorry. grisly.

    nice pic.

  • I had no idea that Randy Newman could ‘rip it on the slopes’.


  • deLish

    Snow is beautiful but no fun to deal with. I definitely don’t miss Michigan winters…

  • He looks like he totally ripped it in his adult diapers.

  • Interestin’ hat.

  • Makes me want to start singing:

    “Babe, I got you babe,
    I got you babe…”

  • That is the kind of snow I expected when moving to Germany from Texas. This damned valley cursed my snowfall.

  • Kyrrah


  • Looks like someone had a late night in Utah. Sneaky, lady, very sneaky!

    The dude in glasses? He’ll be naked in the lodge later for your dining and table dancing pleasure.

  • Dooce inspired me to start blogging again too! I’ve seen a lot of blogs that have started in the last few months, I think of it as the Dooce-effect. I can’t quite remember how I came across the site, but I’ve been a loyal reader ever since last summer.

  • Bill Wolfe

    I never really noticed, but it says the first comment was made a 3 o’clock in the morning… do you usually post in the middle of the night? I thought I was the only one awake all of on a monday night/tuesday morning watching the hours drift by in the soft light of my laptop screen

  • In light of the extensive Paris Hilton coverage that took place on Jon’s site, I was hoping to hear something from the Dooce on the latest mess. Thoughts?

  • jesus effing christ this is the earliest daily photo EVER.

  • That guy looks like he belongs on an Alaskan fishing boat. Maybe he knows the Gordon’s Fisherman? He definitely has good taste coming through with the old man hat and glasses combo. Screw goggles and hand me my Blue Blockers!

    These photos have me cursing the South again. There is no good skiing around us in any direction for at least six to seven hours drive. Canada, take me away!

  • Why are you all up so early?

  • koof

    it’s only 7 here, but damn dooce is up EARLY

  • For some of us, this isn’t up early. In fact when Dooce is just getting up, alot of us are done with our work day. Google “Christopher Columbus” if you get a chance, and “Time Zones”…you’d be amazed what you can learn!

  • rick

    Is that Buddy Hackett?

  • That guy is so going to score in the bar later, isn’t he, ‘specially if he continues wearing that hat. And the glasses.

  • Great Picture! Love winter, we have a lot of snow, here in Finland also :)))

    Dooce, I don’t know do you read this, but suddenly
    I feel like sharing my thoughts with you and your fans.
    I started to read your blog only a few months ago,
    and I must admit I got totally hooked.
    You are the best thing that happened to the Internet,
    and my sometimes boring work days in my new job.
    (Which I am greatful of,
    comparing to the 12 hours/days I used to have)
    There is so many things I love written by you,
    don’t want to list them all. Maybe the best is your
    monthly newsletter to Dear Leta,
    which make me want to have a baby 🙂
    ME.WANT.BABY! This is huge!

    You inspire a lot of us, with your ALL CAPS.
    I even played with the thought of starting my own blog,
    but I guess I could not resist posting semi-mean, but FUNNY things
    about my co-workers, and about the crazy family of my husband.
    But because you warned us what will happen, I won’t do it.

    The other day I run out of your recent daily updates,
    I started reading your archives, and I realised
    that you might enjoy this website:

    Terrible Twos is a comic strip by Australian
    cartoonist John Cook, and follows the adventures
    of his daughter Gaby, a spirited toddler
    (just like your beautiful Leta)
    who strives to make her mark in the world.
    I am posting this link because the picture where Leta
    “This is what happens when you have to go pee,
    and the baby insists upon joining you”
    totally reminds me of Gabi.
    Check it, you’ll love it…

    “who is also constipated, and after reading your blog,
    is proud of it”

  • come to australia!! it’s beautiful

  • Lydia

    Hi Dooce!

    I am waving at you from australia- where it is really really hot

  • #18 Michael: Looks like a Greek Fisherman’s Hat to me….…of course, they make them in wool, also..

    I’m not so sure I would want to ski NOW while I’m semi-young (I’m a third of the way to being dead, ya know) let alone, ski when the threat of breaking a hip would be soooo great 🙂 No offense to any old-sters out there in Doocedom

  • g’day heather! it’s snowing here in edinburgh too!

    the dude in the hat is cool. kinda looks like the hat john lennon wore in the Help! movie. now there’s some good skiing.

  • So when do we get to see a picture of you snowboarding?

  • Becky

    Please forgive my lapse in reading comprehension. I’ve now re-read your post about snowboarding, and read Jon’s as well. GLAD you had fun! :>D

  • Man I wish we had snow here in Australia.

  • Aussie

    The dude with the glasses looks like the guy from Love Actually :O

  • When you say he ripped it, do you mean that he ripped his pants, ripped up his body in a horrific wipe out, or that for an old man in geeky glasses he was surprisingly adept at slicing up the powder? Sorry, just not clear enough for me. Love, Peace, and Chicken Grease…

  • Oh, it’s too early for me. When I read the title of the picture, my first thought was “Ha ha, he farted!”

  • Very good of you to give your international audience a chance to get in the top 50! Presumably though, this means that you’re up in the middle of the night with a sleepless child … sorry about that!

  • Becky

    I’m so confused — What time is it, anyway? Did the Armstrongs have fun on the slopes?

  • Michael

    What would you call that hat he’s wearing?

  • I’m curious, how hard was it snowing there? This weekend I had the great privaledge of joining some people to the Appaclachain* Mnts. The snow was not falling, and the slopes were still fun. I fell three times.

  • natalia

    where’s everybody? normaly there are about 200 comments by the time I get here.
    Great pics and blog Heather ! 🙂

  • Look at that guys pimp hat! Who wears a pimp hat to go skiing? Pimps I guess.

  • stephen brinkman

    Hi milk in dallas is free at the homeless kitchen. For me its 1.99 at Kroger and I only buy stuff that’s on sale since I’m so fortunate to have apt. Lived in toyota 5 months. Yes some old guys like me 61 years don’t need the little blue pill on or off slope! Matter of keeping fit, cannot do anything about clock. But do offer biological clock repair!

  • Sarah M


  • hannah

    Top 20! Yay!
    Also, that’s a lot of milk. I can’t even imagine buying milk in those quantities. I get mine in pint bottles off the milkman when at home, and small little pint boxes when at uni.
    I can totally believe that that dude would rip it, it’s always the ones you least expect.

  • diippi

    whats up with this ? please dont tease me again !

  • Jeeeez. I thought I was up early but then again I am in Yuuurrrrp.

  • meghan

    Living in the Gulf of Arabia i just got to say ….”Damn I miss seasons”

  • laura

    cow juice is bad for you some say.

    i hope leta isn’t “lactose intolerant”

    then you’ll have to find out how much goats milk is. goats milk with the smaller molecules.

  • Sarah M

    The white stuff? What, what? What is THAT! * has never seen snow *.

    I suddenly dislike Australia even more

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