An unfiltered fire hose of flaming condemnation

Already starting to feel the pain and it was only 9:45 in the morning

  • Cheryl

    Seeing the look of “leave me the hell alone” combined with wet snow on your coat and the pain = I will never ever learn how to snow because I have way less patience than Dooce.

  • cityjen

    Greetings from North London! Howdy Leta, et al. It’s my daughter’s second birthday today! Don’t they grow up fast, sheesh?!

  • minxlj

    Hi Bushra in Birmingham!
    Everyone seems to have intermittent snow in the UK, except us in the far North who are buried under it.
    LOL your website title made me laugh. Fudge, LOL 😀

  • Heather, your face is a, er, picture.

    hey jo, mix, rob from london and any other brits, i’m in birmingham and the snow. won’t. settle. argh!

  • OMG, people! y’all are all psycho up there at the top of the comments. i am reminded of that commercial for a mercury little suv thing where a husband and wife get up earlier and earlier in the morning so they can steal the car away for the day. not that i’m saying dooce is like a mercury, because it’s totally like a ferrari. but y’all, 4:30 AM is CRAZY!!!


    W won
    The Sox beat the curse
    The black guy is the first to get it
    The butler did it
    Darth Vader is Luke’s father

  • Spoiler Alert…OF FRANCE!!!!!!!

  • (stuffs the last bite of McMuffin in her face, grumbles at the ironing board imprint on her skirt, and prepares to feign working)
    To Mad, and anyone disappointed in dooce’s reveal: as the “great” Eric & Kathy say, if it’s aired it’s fair game. Chicago morning radio, for those unfamiliar.

  • Kev

    “Dooce: Spoiling Without Alerts Since 2001”
    That would be cool.

  • Sarah

    Good call, Girl.A 🙂 I guess I can be productive on my lunch break now, instead of rushing to the TiVo!

  • Hey! I can see up Dooce’s nose!

    Gee, last time I saw the Mrs. from that angle I had just finished rubbing her right foot. Doesn’t look like you’re getting any foot rub action during that shot though. Bummer for you.

  • I can feel the anger seeping forth from Dooce. This of course is before she got the hang of carving it up and the scowl turned to an ear to ear smile. I miss snowboarding so much. Damn the South.

    Mihow has launched She did an awesome job. Check it out Doocelings.

  • Susie

    Thank you, CK! I wondered who would pick up the “flung” and attach “poo” to it. I remember that from childhood, too, which is why flung tickled me. There were others, books, I think, like, “Spots on the Wall,” by Hu Flung Poo; and “Drops on the Ceiling,” by I. P. Strong . . . there were more. Anyone? Anyone?

  • Duh. That should be “Hoo Flung Poo.”

    Oh yes, back to bed I go…

  • *Spoiler Alert* would make a great masthead.

  • 2 flungs don’t make a fling 😉


  • hokey dokey

    I think it would be funny as hell if Dooce started every entry with


  • Sarah M

    This sounds somewhat ridiculous, but i don’t look at that and think ‘hmm cold’. I don’t think i fully realise the extent of ‘coldness’.

  • Chinese Diarrhea Sculpture After Eating Cashew Chicken by Woo Flung Poo

    (ok… now I have to get to a meeting. Nighty night, Susie. Gosh, I hope I don’t snore *too loudly* in the meeting. I’d hate to interrupt the muckity-mucks discussions…)

  • Susie

    minxlj said, “flung.” Heehee.

  • So were you snapping pictures the whole way down the mountain with your D70? No wonder you kept falling.

  • Susie

    Sweet dreams, CK. You’ll be more cheerful when we see you again. (I hope Mad sleeps ALL DAY).

  • Susie

    But CK, you’re not taking it out on the rest of the family. That makes all the difference. But you can go back to bed, too, if you think it would help.

  • Getting snow here in Metro DC as well – yay!!

    Can’t wait to see the shots of Dooce mastering the snow board.

  • Susie, well, you’re right. I’m not taking it out on the rest of the family, but, you know, I *might*. Yes, I think it’s best if I just go back to bed.

  • minxlj

    Gingermog – nice website! As a fellow designer, I like your work.
    There’s been quite a few Brits on today – from London, Manchester, and me from Newcastle. 😀
    I wonder who is the most far-flung Dooce fan i.e. the furthest from Utah?

  • minxlj

    It didn’t spoil a thing for me 😀
    Never even heard of it!

  • Mad: Actually, I still think she does. Neener Neener.

  • Oooo Sarah! Me too! AND, I want to get paid to read other blogs all the time!

  • Susie, did I mention I’m feeling especially bitchy today, too??

  • Mad as hell

    To all: Most courteous bloggers would have put a SPOILER ALERT notice up for those who have not seen it. I guess Dooce doesn’t have all the “web smarts” you think she does, Kelli.

  • Just how many British people are there posting on Dooce today? And how many of us live in London?

  • Girl.A —

    I was thinking that maybe you and I could share a gallery and have a combined Chinese Diarrhea Sculpture extravaganza.

    The display would be stunning, yet the individual works would be priced modestly enough for even the blue-collar budget.

  • P.S. Mad, that was self-absorbed as hell.

  • my god, so early for a daily picture.

    will i ever be able to comment in less than 100 ever again!!

  • Mad, that is hysterical!!

    Knowing that Dooce watches Project Runway religiously and has written about what unfolds on that show…
    You expect Dooce to write her personal thoughts about her personal experiences based on your desires?

    Now that, my dear mad person, is truly mad. As in nutty as a Chinese Diarrhea Sculpture After Eating Cashew Chicken.

  • henry

    circus kelli –

    that’d be incredibly easy to do… web coding etc != rocket science (which in itself, i am told, is not that hard either).

  • Susie

    Mad as Hell, you just march yourself right back upstairs and get back into bed. Anyone who wakes up that grumpy in this house must go get more sleep. Shoo! Git!

  • CK–automatic updates would rock. I want to be home working on my blog and reading other blogs ALL.THE.TIME.

  • beachgal

    Nice picture Dooce. So glad you had fun on your trip. I’ve never tried skiing or snowboarding, no time, money or coordination. Maybe someday.

  • minxlj

    Er….what’s Project Runaway?
    Explain, for us Brits who’ve never heard of it 😀

  • I see Dooce brains

  • Sarah: I’d like to have half the web smarts that Heather has. I’d also like my site to update automatically… how cool would that be?

  • Itsme: Heh, I *wish* I was still asleep.

    MadasHell: Wow. Good morning to you, too. Would you like some coffee, or maybe a donut?

  • I just came into work, here on the east coast of America, and it is only 8:30am. Heather is being devious and posting pics in the wee hours of the dark morning…maybe she has an automatic thing now?
    “Mad as Hell,” GET OVER IT. It is TV, not life or death.

  • Yeah, ’cause, like, there was no possible way for anybody to know that, like, Project Runway would actually be *discussed* on this site or anything.

  • Mad as hell

    Thanks for giving away who won Project Runway. Not everyone saw it last night for reason beyond their control. Just another example of what a self absorbed idiot you are.

  • minxlj

    Yeah…where are all the Americans today?? Usually tons of comments by now.
    I think a few have just got too excited at posting in the top 10, it’s finally got the better of them…it’s too much of a rush 😉

  • I think a lot of the regular commenters stopped because they were getting over 600+ – I’ve been reading for years and rarely comment, but I’ve noticed a lot of people have stopped. I kow its hard for me working 12 hour days to read through 600 comments although they are often hysterically fun. 🙂

  • itsme

    The Americans are most likely asleep seeing as though the first post was at 4:31a if your on the East Coast, such as myself. There’s no way in hell I’d want to be first THAT bad!

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