An unfiltered fire hose of flaming condemnation
  • cool, looks like a lovely dawn for a nice day.

  • mkhett


    this is what college procrastination will do to your sleep schedule.

  • Erin

    mkhett, me too! I’m up writing a paper that’s due tomorrow…yeah, I started at 10pm. Not too bright..

  • Wow … I have a chance to be one of the first 10 to comment. I knew my insomnia would pay off someday. Man oh man, the joy of this moment will keep me going for the next 3 days. Ah the life of a hermit 🙁

  • Su

    I’m simply posting because I’m all…woah, she’ll totally maybe even like, read this, or somethin’, cos I’m so high up. Rock on. You’re the fuckin’ cat’s pajamas, Doocey dear.

  • i’m in the first ten commentors? holy crap!

    lovely pic, heather. 🙂

  • very pretty – looks nice and peaceful.

  • Tina

    (raises hand) Another procrastinator here with a paper due. Why do we do this to ourselves?

  • i’m procrastinating dealing with my crap job by either sucking it up or quitting. hence, i’m taking a sick day. *cough*

    happy blog birthday, and happy unemployment anniversary! your site makes me laugh out loud on a regular basis…

  • Marcia

    on the road again?

  • Henryk_

    ..the looooong and winding roaddddd!

  • eve

    wow, my first time and i’m in the top 1000. !! great photo too, btw. (as if comments here had anything to do with photos!) 🙂

  • Henryk_

    First there was “Dusk over Wires”…now we have “SLC silhouette……and at about 3:00 am as well!

  • nice photo as usual. trying my best to imitate but my photos never tell as much for some reason 🙂

  • koof

    drive by doocing!

  • kim

    i’m back in the office and OH HOW I MISSED THOU (not the office though) — happy belated fourth blogirthday. we’re so glad you’ve made it.

  • I thought I should take advantage of this rare opportunity (being in the top 100 comments), to thank you for being you. Your blog has helped me develop a better since of humor about my mental health and poop. And for that I am forever grateful 😀

  • cohesash

    why on earth are you still up?

  • Very cool–looks like a movie still. Million Dollar Dooce.

  • Kiki

    We have a sunny day also!

  • looks as though a game of tetris got dropped into the middle of some sort of virtual reality driving game.

  • lovely, lovely

  • Kiki

    Sweetney, you should be an art critic 🙂

  • Do you take your camera everywhere you go? I do that because I’m afraid the one time I don’t, I’ll miss something cool.

  • Dv8or025

    Nice picture indeed! Happy Blogiversary! And wishing you some more ecstatic snowboarding fun, just like after the previous nightly picture-posting! 😉

  • Hey! You turned the comments off on Friday!

    You make me want to head to Utah!

  • I forgot to say happy vd day!

  • Woo! Top 20!

    I went and saw Interpol last night, they were awesome and played ‘Not Even Jail’ 🙂

  • al

    top 50

  • anja

    dooce, I have never wanted to go snowboarding, and you’ve made me dream about it at night. I’ll blame you if I suddenly have an expenxive snowboarding habit (I live in a country with very little snow and no hills at all)!


  • Hey Misha, how was the show?? They were in Houston Thursday night at a VERY SMALL venue, sold out in less than twenty minutes. I tried to get legit tickets, and when that didn’t work I tried to get counterfeit tickets produced by a graphic designer friend. Too bad they didn’t work, SON OF A BITCH.

    The point is, I hate you for getting into their show you dirty, dirty skank. 🙂

  • TexaRican

    Spoonleg, I feel your pain – I tried to get tix too. Why oh WHY did they play at f*&king NUMBERS of all places!!!

    And add me to the scholastic procrastinators club…I’m up studying for an exam I have at 11:30 today!

    Happy Monday all. 🙂

  • i met a snowboarding guide in puerto natales a couple weeks ago. he has spent six seasons here in south america teaching snowboarding. claims daily chest high powder and lift tickts that cost about the same as movie in LA. between the two of you i am starting to miss skipping winter this year. really, really considering coming back in july with a snowboard.

  • I’m having a brain funk and can’t remember any truly embarassing moments (so I didn’t want to put this on the main page), but I am writing to wish you a happy blog birthday.


  • hey my first time too and I’m under 50!

  • Looks like someone spilled a little water on your water color sky. Very pretty.

  • The Rancher

    Embarassing Moment:

    I went to a corporate event held at Universal Studios. Part of the event included having professional makeup artists do fantastic and gruesome things to our faces – you know, scars, popped eyes, blood, and such.

    Well one guy had a fantastic job done and his face was truly gruesome, horrible scars and complete disfigurement. I said “holy cow! that’s the most gruesome face here!”

    It wasn’t makeup. The poor guy was, in-fact, horribly disfigured.

    What a heel I am.

  • Sarah M

    Salt Lake City looks so small compared to smelly old Sydney where i’m currently living.

    So. Tiny.

    And a happy Blog Birthday ofcourse. It’s hard to believe has been around a full 4 years. I hope there will be many, many more

    YES SPOON! I’m having Leta withdrawel myself. I’m craving the cuteness.

    Please bring out your gorgeous daughter Heather! (where ever you have her currently stashed!)

    Sarah x

  • That’s gorgeous. I take pics of the Nashville skyline all the time. I am in love with big cities!

  • Hmm…
    Embarassing moments…
    I had so many, let me pick the one about the first time I tried skiing. The teacher told us you can’t put your skies wrong on. Left/right no matter.
    Imagine his face when I asked him after 5 minutes trying, and he told me, I proved him wrong…
    I actually tryed to put the curly part to the back.

  • jen

    heather –

    did i miss the announcement that you were suspending pictures of the frog princess? i must say, it makes me sad, because she is delicious, but i certainly understand.

  • ap

    It’s so TINY! More Leta photos – we miss the Leta photos!!

  • I thought SLC was much bigger. Looks like Leta could step on downtown, or at least crawl over and put some buildings in her mouth.

  • Sarah M

    And so the outcry begins.

  • Good morning, good morrrrning! It’s great to stay up late. Good morning, good morning to youuuu!

  • This picture looks kind of sad, but it’s pretty. Happy blog-o-versary!

  • cool! i like car window pictures! trouble is my dad and brothers drive like maniacs…

  • Cool pic – they all are! Like the variety, and thinking about why Heather snapped/posted each one. Keep it up, Dooce!

  • Em

    More loveliness!

    These are all super nice.

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