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The Master and his little Grasshopper

  • awwww

    so cute 🙂

  • nicole

    good mornin’!

  • shell

    I could gloat, but I won’t. Above that.

  • Arrrgh I camped out alllllll night and missed being #1! I am never doing this again.

  • Good mooooooorning IRELAND

  • nicole

    it has to come as a stroke of luck. a watched pot never boils!

  • awwww. he looks like a big huggable bear. 🙂

    you guys are adorable. 🙂

  • nicole

    those mountains look like a giant set poster. I guess thats how you see things when your stuck in the city. It looks like there’s nice fresh air out there too.

  • minxlj

    Nice picture…beautiful couple and beautiful scenery 🙂

  • Kate

    what a great photo to cheer me up during my first college all-nighter!

  • krista

    Aw. Y’all are so cute.

  • Top 20! Woo!

  • perception

    sweet… =)

  • perception

    btw, Leta looks absolutely adorable… the photos just brightened my day!

  • shell

    Anyone else here from Japan?

  • Liz


  • That’s so sweet, and the tag line matches …

  • teresa

    ah shit. 17 aint so bad

  • kim

    you look so happy. that’s awesome. i knew you’d make it. you rock. and i love the monthly newsletters. you’re a great mom & dad. love from germany.

  • santa? is that you? with some just-for-men enhancements?

  • minxlj

    Yknow, I’m not a ‘baby’ person, and two of my best friends are having babies in the next 3 months (one is to be my godson!!) – but having read your Leta updates and your archives, I’m now really looking forward to helping with the babies and seeing them develop. I only hope they grow to be as capable and beautiful as Leta 🙂

  • I just wish we could see a little of that white stuff around here! (Arkansas) Leta is a perfect baby girl and I hope that she and my baby, Will, can be pen- pals when they grow up! Wouldn’t that be fun? *hugs*

  • Aussie

    Is it too late to submit an embarrassing story so the whole of cyberspace can cringe with me?

    Try this one on for size: Drunk at an office party. Wearing a strapless top. Talking to a bunch of men who, really, I shouldn’t be tipsy in front of, let alone as drunk as I was.

    So anyway, I’m talking to them and after 20 minutes happen to glance down. And there’s my right breast in all its glory. My top had fallen down at some stage and I didn’t feel a thing. NO idea how long it’d been hanging out for all to see, or who saw it. I don’t think I’ve ever been more embarrassed in my life. :o/

  • What a great picture of the both of you. Jon looks so proud and excited to be with his beautiful wife … and you, Heather, you look genuinely happy and, dare I say it, even relaxed?! I think this trip was excellent for you both! Thank you for sharing it with us.

  • Wow… Love the picture!
    But even more I love the monthly newsletter!
    You are a great and funny writter, and Leta is the cutest sweetheart :)))

  • Assie: Oh my! That was, I think every womans nightmare… They did not say anything?

  • hannah

    Awwww, you two look so cute.
    And yet again you have written a lovely newsletter to Leta. I’m another “not a baby person” person. But I still sit here and go “awww” a lot.

  • Mr Bob

    Ah, that’s it! I really really really want to go skiing now! I wonder how much a weekend in the Alps would cost…?

  • Wow! Leta sure can grow a beard fast! She’s getting so tall too!

  • Picture postcard perfect.

  • That is a great picture- good enough for a Christmas card!

    Thanks for sharing your lives with us everyday.

  • You two look so very happy. Fantastic.

    Happy 13 months to Leta. We are all priviledged to be sharing in all your adventures.

    Great picture, as usual.

  • It almost looks like his lift-tag on his jacket is a microphone & he is interviewing you.
    Yeah, I have a vivid imagination.

  • Nice pic, the snow looks great. The master taking care of his little grasshopper ohhh how sweet!

    Aussie: funny story, but I am sure being aussie it was just a laugh and a half. It happens all the time at the beach but well at a party that is scary thing to happen to any girl, and office party even worse.

  • Curious photo.

    You look normal Heather, but doesn’t Jon look as though he’s had his head pasted onto the photo National Enquirer style?

  • Aussie

    Kiki: No, no-one said a thing. It was quite strange.

    Yamila: No qualms about it happening at the beach, but in front of the seniors at the office was a bit much for me really.

    And Dooce: Can I marry you and have your babies in our next lives? You rock, you really do 🙂 Thank you for being so honest, so funny and so. damn. cool!!

  • a little off topic, but it’s late at night here where i am (in LA – okay, well, it’s 4 am) and i was wondering if you stay up late –

    or if you got up fricking early in the morning to post this picture at 4 am. who gets up so early to put up pictures? is that really you?

    wow… i am NOT a morning person. major props to you!

  • He looks so proud of you!

    Happy one year and 1/12 to Leego. Your newsletters to her are so amazing. She’s a lucky kid.

  • You look awfully happy so I’m guessing this was either pre-frustration, before you’d started, or post-euphoria, after you’d gotten the hang of it. Either way, cute!

  • Beautiful! Just Beautiful! Utah truly looks to have the best skiing in the country.

  • Oh my God. That does it! I am selling everything and moving out West. All I’ll bring with me are food, water and a snowboard.

  • southern fried girl

    Very nice photo. Y’all look so happy. 🙂

  • the pictures of Leta are brilliant. she looks like she’s partaking in muslim prayer in the first picture…

  • Aussie, I had something similar happen in high school. I was in a one-piece bathing suit that could not contain my heaving bosom, I guess, and when my friend came to the door, my right one was lookin’ him square in the eye.

    Of course, in this case, it was a very gay male friend, and he took one look at me and began to giggle, then informed me, “Um, Katy, um, one’s, um, hanging out!”

    So, at least minimal embarassment on my part, although I think HE was kinda grossed out, in a friendly way.

  • You are up early wittle gwasshoppa. Very adorable picture.

  • Maeby

    Was he gay BEFORE that incident Bucky? hhhmmm…..

  • I WISH I could’ve seen your heaving busom, Bucky. Dude, you’ve gotta have it goin’ on in the chestal region to bust out of a ONE PIECE IN HIGH SCHOOL. Dayamn.

  • whooops late again. heya guys!

  • dewi

    What a sweet loving letter to your daughter.

  • You are glowing…awesome.

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