Best way to roast the broomstick. Must try. Five Stars.

Well Portland Oregon and sloe gin fizz, if that ain’t love then tell me what is

  • Lori laughs alot

    Totally seeing Kevin Spacey but not Jason Lee.
    Beautiful nails, does Jon get manicures???

  • AWW i miss the beard! Bring the beard back1

  • I think its hotter. Personally.

  • Jon: “God, shes hot!”

  • Re# 5

    spunk = jizzum

    just saying….

  • Goodness, what a difference! Did you wake up this morning to the stranger in your bed and scream?

    I think what amazes me the most is, after being out in the elements, there’s NO difference in the color of his cheeks and his beard area.

  • aidan

    Did Jon pose for this photo?
    Please don’t tell me that, it will just be the saddest thing!

  • Holy Cow! So that’s what he looks like. He cleans up nice don’t he? When I saw all that hair I thought you had shaved Chuck.

  • I’ve never had a slow gin fizz. Seems kinda wekly. But then again I like malibu…and lemon drops YUMMMMMM

  • Very handsome.

    Ugh, lets not talk about the flight attendant on my blog site, she’s killing our bandwith and milking the fame.

    Dooce is WAY better and much funnier!

  • Ahhhhh, freshly shorn 🙂

  • so where do I find me one of those again? mmmmm stubble.

    At least I don’t think the thumbnail fingers look like a penis this time.

  • Hey – he looks familiar. Did anyone ever tell that guy he looks like the daughter of that famous chick, Dooce? Yeah, that’s it. He looks like Leta.

  • Scrumptiously unbearded. Me likey.

    Who cares about Matt Damon when we’ve got Jon-boy???

  • Toxic Plume would be an excellent band name.

  • hey spoonie

  • Not sure, Tiffany, but I think I used to play accordian in Toxic Plume.

    Too many free drinks along the way.

  • TexaRican

    Hey there Spoonleg! Aren’t you loving the crapacious weather we’re having?

    (and I have to say I always loved the State’s running “Presidential death-threat” gag)


  • Furrowed brow, faraway look, you guys sure he’s not thinking about something super deep?

    Or maybe it IS that toxic plume!

    As an aside, not that many dudes can pull off a yellow shirt. Kudos to the Jon.

  • Muffy: I lost my heart it didn’t take no time, but that ain’t all I lost my mind in Oregon…

  • everyone in Utah should be reading Don DeLillo’s _White Noise_ right now. For tips on how to handle an Airborne Toxic Event, of course.

  • He is very handsome.

  • Super – changing the name. Are you feeling better?

  • Mike

    If I was gay, I’d be gay for Jon.

  • Sarah M

    Eek that sounds scary. 😮

    Equally scrumptious unbearded. Yummmmm. Sorry Heather..:-)

  • Sarah M

    He reminds me of the Doctor Guy in LOST.

  • Love the title, great use of Loretta Lynn.

  • the toxic plume aint right.

    i was wondering why there were no posts this weekend.

  • Hot-geeky is so my type. I’m glad this is a profile shot, because if those eyes were looking directly at me, I’d want to do Boohbah things to Jon and even though Heather is technically a stranger to me, it would still be disloyal and wrong.

  • I was a fan of the mountain man look. Jon’s a very good looking guy. You’re a lucky girl Heather.

  • So that _was_ fleshy goodness you were feeding Chuck on friday.

    I bet your mom has something from Avon to cure that pesky flesh peeling problem.

  • Cathi- alas no, I still feel like ass. And not a good ass either. Thanks for asking though!

    Nice to know that so many people are diggin on the Loretta Lynn.

  • What up Rican and Strizz.

    I have to say that I think I used to have to wear a toxic plume on top of my marching band hat. At least, I’m pretty sure it was toxic. There’s no other logical explanation for that smell.

  • Is that really Jon? He looks so sad… and clean cut! 🙂

  • Even though I live 1000 miles from Utah, I’m blaming the toxic plume on the wicked fart I just cracked — the one that sent my son scurrying from his Frosted Mini Wheats and our dog bolting for the doggie door.

  • megchem
  • Toxic Plume! Bucky, that’s the phrase I was trying to think of yesterday when you asked me about Ally Sheedy!

  • Johnny,
    Save the Toxic Plume for later…blame the fart on your dog or small child.

  • Hey! I’m from Portland….. But I’m not sure as to the relationship with a Slow Gin Fizz. I prefer Guinness! 🙂

  • One time, at band camp…

  • That sucks, Super.

    Dr J – What are they feeding you?

  • Scrumptious Beardless looks as delicious as Scrumptious Bearded. Don’t you just want to feel his face? It looks so smooth!!!

  • I never went to band camp. But I do start most of my stories with, “This one time…”

  • “Hey! I’m from Portland….. But I’m not sure as to the relationship with a Slow Gin Fizz.”

    You gotta go pick up a copy of Loretta Lynn’s “Van Lear Rose.” Best song to come out last year.

  • My hubby is an engineer on the rr here in DOH-hio and he said that if things like the infamous Utah Toxic Plume happens while he’s on the train, there is virtually no hope for him or the conductor…says, he might as well walk into it depending on what ‘it’ is…some of the stuff will kill you instantly and some is a slow lingering death…no shit.

  • I’m rather taken with his ear. It’s a lovely ear. nibble nibble

  • love love LOVE the portrait.

    what it lost in hair it more than made up in character.


  • Sue, honey, yank your man off that train immediately. That’s some scary shit!

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