Best way to roast the broomstick. Must try. Five Stars.

Here, kitty kitty!

  • The front part of my bottom system, just to clarify.

  • Greenie — nobody looked better in a dress and lipstick that Bugs.

  • HELL yes. There was one episode of Bugs where he dressed in drag. DRAG! He wore a dress and sachayed around like a woman. And Elmer Fudd had the hots for this “woman”. Bugs is definitely homosexual. But I love him!

  • Um…does anyone else think that Bugs Bunny was just about the biggest Gay Icon that ever lived in toon land???

  • The TiVo guy made me do a kegel!

    That’s one step up from a pee-pee tingle!

  • Woah, your bottom system? That is so kinky.

  • Dang Cold–No Gnews is good Gnews!

  • Now for a really gay show – does anyone remember Fred Penner’s place? It was late eighties, early nineties. He sand this song called “Happy Feet”. This dude had to be gay.

  • Conjunction junction, what’s that function…


    I’m just a bill, just a lonely old bill, and I’m sittin here on capital hill

  • The Smurfs
    Little House on the Prairie
    You Can’t Do That on Television
    Tom and Jerry
    Electric Company

  • Torrie, your bottom has a system? And you let Oscar the Grouch play with it? And he’s your FATHER-IN-LAW?

    That’s HOT!

  • I almost feel guilty. My name is David, Number 2 on the popularity list during Romper Room’s heyday. My name got called all the time.

    I had a friend that was “on” Romper Room once, but was too scared to actually go out and play with the kids. They just hung out in the corner and looked freaked out.

  • My husband’s father was on the board that created Sesame Street. Oscar the Grouch is named after him.
    My husband told me that when we were first dating and I immediately let him play with my bottom system.

  • Ooh! Old school Nickelodeon had El Dorado-Cities of Gold, and Belle and Sebastian (the cartoon, not the band). Old Nickelodeon rocked the hizzouse. To the grizzound.

  • hooking up words and making them function – I love that song. We just got the DVD but haven’t watched it yet.

  • Pinwheels, pinwheels, SPINNING AROUND! SPINNING AROUND!!!

  • Can I get a holler for “Sigmund the Seamonster”?

  • Romper Stomper Bomper Boo, Closet Metro, did Miss Sally ever see you?

    I learned everything I know from Romper Room, E.C. and the “Rock” series: mutliplication rock, grammar rock… “conjunction junction, what’s your function?”

    -electric company was the best!

    Any brits in the audience watch “Blue Peter”? It was the Romper Room of England. I watched it when we lived there and loved it.

    my hubby is a Brit, and he watched it all the time growing up. He loved it too. and no, Metro, it’s not painful at all, evidently

    Kristine, thankyou very much

  • Janis, Both birth control pills and antibiotics are a lot different then they were in 1984. 🙂

  • Closet Metro, Romper Room used to piss me off. I was a diehard fan of it, but they never once felt the need to call out my name. Then again, my parents doomed with the name Summer. But it was the 70s! Didn’t everyone have a freaky name?
    *currently listening to Juliana Hatfield,’My Cyster’…~I hate my cyster,she’s such a b*tch…~

  • That puppet security guard scared the bejeesus out of me, too. Then again, I am afraid of most puppets – mainly those marionette puppets. There is something about those hinged jaws that really freaks me out.

    Yes, good old Nickelodeon. We would watch that all day, every day, too. Nickelodeon is not what it used to be…

  • Kendra–as I remember, the late afternoon TVO line up it was–

    Polka Dot Door
    Today’s special
    Fables of the Green Forest
    Ludwig the Egg

    Don’t remember when Barba Pappa and The Little Prince where on but I watched them regularly too.Do you guys remember Gary Gnu on Great Space Coasters?

  • Other Heather:

    Pinwheel, pinwheel, spinning around
    Look through my pinwheel and see what I found.
    Pinwheel, pinwheel, spinning again
    Hello, how are you, and may I come in?

  • ClosetMetro! The list is a major league flashback for me. I watched them all. I remember always being pissed because NO-body was named Lauren back then and they never saw me in that damned romper room mirror.

  • Other Heather

    Oh my gosh Katie! I had forgotten all about that. And nobody believes me about “The Great Space Coaster” Did you watch Pinwheels?

  • Any brits in the audience watch “Blue Peter”? It was the Romper Room of England. I watched it when we lived there and loved it.

  • Katie BBAW: I remember Today’s Special! It was on Nickelodeon. My sister and I used to watch Nickelodeon all day, every day, all summer long. I think Today’s Special came on at 12:00.

  • KatieBBAW – I remember. And now I feel old. And that’s okay.

  • Oh, and Katie BBAW:
    Hocus, Pocus, Alama-gocus!

  • Blue Peter sounds painful.

  • Kendra at the Lakehead

    Today’s Special is a Canadian children’s program produced by TV Ontario, and has run on a number of different television networks since 1981 when the show began. It played on the TV Ontario and Treehouse networks in Canada, on Nickelodeon, the Faith and Values Channel, and PBS in the United States, and certainly more.

  • My dad used to have a bird dog that would point their cat for hours on end. We would go downstair, watch a movie, come back up- dog pointing cat. Get a drink, go downstairs, short nap, go upstairs–dog pointing cat.

  • Kendra at the Lakehead

    I hated Today’s Special. The puppet security man creeped me out!

  • Katiebbaw, it’s amazing that people make this shit up.

  • My moring lineup as a kid:
    Sesame Street
    Mr Rogers
    Electric Company
    Captain Kangaroo
    Romper Room.

  • The Great Space Coaster! Damn, I remember that show. I think it was reruns when I was a kid, though.

    Does anyone remember that gay show “Today’s Special” that aired in the early eighties? It was about this gay mannequin that used to come to life at night, and he had these gay little friends, including a mouse named Muffy. Not many people remember this show, I have found.

  • Gahhhh! That’s a lot of butt-pong!

  • Back in 1984 I got sick. I took my antibiotics as prescribed. I was also on the pill. I never missed a single pill nor was I late.

    In February 1985, I gave birth to a 6 lb 12 ounce baby boy.

    Use a back up method. LOL

  • Kristine — did the TiVo guy make your pee-pee tingle?

  • Katie: Fraggels Rock! (hee hee) Ooooh those parents made me so mad. I had no idea anyone else saw that movie.

    My daily and inevitable nonsequeter:

    Has anyone seen Grey Gardens? I want to buy it on DVD. It’s very freaky. I think I’ll do a post about it next week. realllllly creeepy…but true.

  • Cristin-
    I LOVE your blog!

    Now I just need to show you how to add one so you can adopt a blog too.

    I’m into the fabulous widow blog. Funny and heartwarming.

    I trying to remember the blog of the woman who likes the book, “He’s not really into you” or something like that. I liked her blog, but I lost it in the fixing of my links.

    Sorry so late to post, the Tivo guy came.

    I had to kiss him on the mouth because I was so happy.

  • Plum — I have it on the best of authority that each and every ping pong ball used on the set of Captain Kangaroo spent at least 20 minutes wedged between Mr. Green Jeans’ ass cheeks.

  • Heather, I accidentally told my mother that ny husband and I came home one night and had sex on his motorcycle.


    I’m sure the former preachers wife l-o-v-e-d that!

  • B4E, I loved EC too. Remember the Electricity Song? (EEEE lectricity, EEEE lectricity. Where does it come from? How does it work and how does it get to meeee, meee, meee?)

  • I liked Captain Kangaroo too, but ping-pong balls now hold an entirely different meaning for me.

    Like, a dirty meaning.

  • Youse guys are babies.
    My substitute teat was Electric Company.
    Gotta love that pre-Oscar Morgan Freeman.

  • I think Dooce is one potty-mouth away from having a real chance at becoming Mrs. Utah.

  • I was of the Great Space Coaster generation.

  • 3,2,1 Contact rocked mylittle nerdy-kid world!

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