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Here, kitty kitty!

  • TexaRican

    My fave shows were two that hardly anyone has heard of (and YES they were real!):

    1. Vegetable Soup – The funky soul side of the Electric Company

    2. Tomorrow People – Cool BBC mutant teens

  • CLAP CLAP! That show rocked. And 3,2,1 Contact – that was pretty spiffy, too.

  • Nilbo — got a rough tongue?
    Like a cat’s little sandpaper tongue?
    Man, I miss having cats.

  • Lauren, I loved that cat, too. If those lame parents only knew that there was a scaarry troll in the wall, they would have thought twice about tossing him out the door. I still sometimes wonder if I have trolls in my wall. Or fraggles. Remember the fraggles?

  • Down at Fraggle Rock!
    ::Clap, Clap::

  • Chuck! I have this image in my head that when Chuck enters a room, everyone says “Chuck!” like they used to on “Cheers” when Norm would come in.

    Not so much though, right?

  • he is just such a cutie

  • YAY for Chuck Fridays!! 😀

  • Susan

    I second Torrie on the antibiotics thing. There’s one kind of antibiotics that reduces the effectiveness of hormonal contraceptives, but it is no longer being used for other reasons (like… it fucks with your hormone levels.) So just take all yer pills, and use a back up method if you’re paranoid.

  • TexaRican

    Hmmmmm. Mrtl is that a good thing or bad? Never been at A’s site….

  • TexaRican:

    LMFAO!!! That’s funny!

  • TexaRican: OMG! Too Funny!!

  • tool – give me your email and I’ll send it to you

  • TexaRican, that’s the kind of picture I’d expect to see on Girl.A’s site.

  • santa cruz carolina

    i love chuck! he’s so cute!!

  • vmc

    Sometimes his ears look sooooo small in comparison to his head. Must be the angle. Chuck always seems so larger than life in these pictures and posts, I wonder if he’s a medium sized dog in real life.

  • tools

    Anyone looking for an ’88 Dodge Aries?

  • TexaRican

    Okay, don’t know if you guys saw this, but it’s about the funniest unintentionally dirty photo ever.

  • A question for the genius bloggers out there…how do you get a short video thing from your email to post on your blog? Ive tried a few things, IT WONT WORK! I’m so lost and confused….

  • Katie-be…I loved cat’s eye because the cat (love cats) was the hero and the stoopid parents kept throwing him outside. I was all “noooooo, let the kitty stay in, he’s gooood!) Super silly but scary movies like that are great when you’re bored.

    What a pretty dog. Sweet face.

  • In a variation on Kristine’s “Adopt-a-Blogger” concept, I used this comment space to say something nice about one of Kristine’s posts, and she made a comment on my blog thanking me, and then Kelly (#245) went off to read Kristine’s post and commented on THAT comment … and … well, it’s all too meta, but … ain’t it nice when people use this medium to make other people feel good? As opposed to the other day, when there was a lot of umm less nice stuff happening and the comments here came down and we all had to, like, actually become temporarily productive members of society?

    On an unrelated note, Bucky: you can have your rolling pin back. The splinters are all smoothed out. I have a rough tongue.

  • I meant someHOW not some hoe. Although, ponies sometimes remind me of hoes…and gypsies…In a good way, of course.

    Lawbrat – Good boyfriend. Pet him where it counts.

  • I’m having to recyst making some bad puns. I need some acystance! But please decyst from showing it, Heather, it would send me into acystole.

    Glad to know that it’s not just me whose getting no blogger comments.

  • Lawbrat…who hosts your blog for you?

  • Dooce, Antibiotics don’t actually affect Birth control pills. Apparently, woman who got pregnant while on antibiotics were found to have missed some of their birth control pills. There have been several lawsuits so now the doctors say ” use a backup” to cover their asses. As long as you don’t miss any pills and take them around the same time every day, you should be baby free.

    If you get pregnant, I’ll take the baby- and name it George.

  • Booze, brought over by cool ass boyfriend. He even brought cheeze! I was very happy.

  • Jules – Lucky! I’m afraid of my Mom. When I was a kid, she constantly threatened to sell me to the gypsies. Somebody had a pony at their birthday party and I cried inconsolably for 4 hours, somehoe equating ponies with the local gypsy population.

    People listen up: 4 year olds dont GET sarcasm.

    Peter H- What stuff? Mouth stuff?

  • You can’t talk about that stuff to the Internet. We’d never listen and would be shocked by the very idea.

  • greenthumb said at 09:30AM, 03.11.2005:
    kristine: I’m right there with you, my validation and my power all seem to stem from comments…which is why I’m weak this morning, needing two hands to lift the coffee cup.

    Must. Have. Comments…baaaack!

    I so totally agree guys, and I have only been posting for a week. I actually took the risky step of asking for *assvice* today, too. Guess I won’t be getting any.
    (assvice that is)

  • must…stop…hitting…f5…time to pick up kiddo…stop

  • Lawbrat – got your email how did you get booze last night? By foot? By car? By unicycle?

  • I’m sure it can’t be THAT bad. Can it? I’m glad you like my blog, and I hope to have a lot of fun with Project Greenthumb.

    As for the worthiness, my little subjects of the botanical kingdom…your humble appreciation and COMMENTS will suffice…for now. (he he he hehe he)

  • Laugh.. it hink it’s funny that most ppl are all like, OMG i can’t believe you said that to your mom!

    it makes me laugh because that’s omething my mom would say TO ME!

    I love my family!

  • CM – Thanks much. I love messing around with words.

    And yeah, I’m good at that cunning linguistics thing too…hee.

  • Greenthumb,
    You shouldn’t talk to me. I saw your blog and I am SO not even worthy. If you saw my backyard you would be OUTRAGED!

    I don’t realize how bad it is until someone has to go back there.

    I swear I don’t deserve a backyard.

  • kristine: I’m right there with you, my validation and my power all seem to stem from comments…which is why I’m weak this morning, needing two hands to lift the coffee cup.

    Must. Have. Comments…baaaack!

  • jw

    You’d have to go that route next week anyway. You know, the holiday? The Men’s Valentines day? You KNOW what I’m talking about don’t you?

  • The TiVO installer guy is here.
    He had made his way into the backyard to check out the cable situation.

    I’m pretty sure you’ll see me on the news:

    “Cable guy gets eaten by weeds after tripping over a hidden table saw and knocks himself out on long missing shovels”

  • Spurious Plum, you are the wittiest fruit in all of blogsphere. I bow to your cunning linguistics.

  • Lawbrat – Blogger’s being completely evil. If you like, you can email me at

  • Lawbrat – PS your blog’s hysterical.

  • Spurious Plum: I cant leave comments on your blog!!

    I, too, want a picture of the cyst

  • You are welcome Cristin!

    Since BLOGGER SUCKS ASS you can leave like 15 messages when it starts working. That might make me feel better.

    I have become a my-blog-comment-whore.

    I used ass and whore before 9am.
    It’s going to be a good day.

  • I burst out laughing here at work after reading your last entry Heather, I have a few puzzled co-workers instant messaging me with “WTF? You gotta share…” Your fan base in East Coast Canada is about to expand.

    Keep up the great writting, enjoy it daily.

  • You are awesome, Heather! I can so imagine me saying that to my mom and hearing her gasp – then giggle. I, for one, would rather get pregnant than use my mouth as a backup – UPPERCASE GOD knows that is my least favorite, um, way of doing it.

    Getting lances cysted really sucks! My mom had this weird cyst on her back that kept getting stuck in her bra, and when they “cysted” it, she said all sorts of weird crustaceous goo came out. And she said it was DEEP, too – those cysts go down deep!!! YUCK!!!

  • oh yeah, and in response to 10234

    to be fired for reading/posting/commenting etc at Dooced-by-proxy

    don’t remember who came up with it tho

  • SUPREME Plum…


    that is all 🙂

  • domino – Let’s have a philosophical moment. How do you know you don’t already have a blogger in your boob? How do you know that you’re boob is not a galaxy unto itself, housing its own planets and life forms?

  • Gooder – Come on! You know that the other hole is for the A1.

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