Best way to roast the broomstick. Must try. Five Stars.

Little baby Stevie

  • I never had no pandowdy, I had to google it!

    WE do have Cuban cigars, Aspercreme and thousands of Ben Wa balls.

  • Ah, dear Bucky. You’re ALMOST as old as I, but not nearly as tired. I’m not up for the rolling pin tonight. I’d need something motorized.

    blogger comments just worked for me.

  • Ha! It’s comments like that, B4E, that make me seek out your name in here.

  • blogger is on a time out for bad behaviour. Blogger is NOT going to see the new Robots movie this weekend. Blogger gets NO fruit by the foot.

  • Dinah Shore: Shoe Fly Pie and Apple Pandowdy.

    I want some Ass Pandowdy.

    And a rolling pin.

    Whooooo’s comin’ with me?

  • night mrtl and please tell me the car your selling isn’t a camaro. the madness has to end.

    Commenting at bucky’s place was a lil testy a few minutes ago. booger is freaking out again me thinks.

  • night mrtl!

    Dang, I KNOW. I really thought I did. What a fool. Never again.

    “Bucky went to a party on a SAturday night,
    She didn’t get laid,
    She got in a fight.
    Uh-huh, It ain’t no big thing.”

  • Nah, couldn’t be me. I’ll always manage to avoid the fight and (at least try to) get laid.

    (and thanks on the pic!)

  • oh, it’s a jazz thing. I thought it was an I-been-workin-on-the-railroad thing; or even a Dinah Shore thing, which makes me a reeeaaallly OLD thing…

  • mrtl – Evil Gal Blues?

  • Bucky, i tried to comment on your 96-97 sexy guitar woman picture, you little Lita Ford you, but bloggers comments were being stoopid.

    You looked totally great in your little black tank top.

  • can amy you win for best stunt woman after that toboggan fiasco. glad you didn’t break anything 😉

  • I have to go now and sell my beloved car. Goodnight all.

  • sassy ass sashays

    that’s fun, Bucky

  • George just sashays his sassy ass in here, teases his bitches, and sashays out, sassy ass and all.

    I wish my ass was that sassy. How many times can I type “ass”?

  • Congrats Amy!

    Susie/Bucky – Dinah Washington, oh how I love her

  • Forget the paddle, I’m just gonna wear my dad’s old hand tooled leather belt, and yank it off when you kids start gettin’ outta line.

    Lord knows, that belt could whip chillens in it’s sleep.

  • sweet dreams, greenie. Hope you dream of wonderful socks.

  • Thanx Susie!

    But Dang, you win best ‘Crow’ attempt!

    And GEORGE! Great hot cross bunz you got there, just in time for Easter too!

  • Then CanAmy gets to wear the matriarch bun and carry the paddle.

    Don’t bruise us where it’ll show, ma’am.

  • night all…big, sloppy, wet kisses to all and to all big ball sacks.

    he heheheheeeeeeeeeeeee


  • If I’m a matriarch, so I have to wear my hair in a bun? ‘Cause if so, no fuckin’ way.
    If I just get to carry a bad-ass paddle, then I’m in.

    Mattress shark? Susie, yo, I don’t know about the shark, but there’s definitely some Jaws in my bed.

    Dang, fellow slave to the Camaro. CanAmy figured out my secret: I brought in a slightly used female product and demanded that they paint match it for me. Took me five dealerships to get it right.

    Greenie, continent? Why now?

    mrtl – someone’s in the kitchen with Dinah.

  • And happy bloggiversary, CanAmy!

  • GEORGE! The bloggie winner for best pants post! Hott Stuff comin’ thru!!!!

  • my apologies amy..but that camaro. great caesers ghost!!!

  • Dinah? As in
    Dinah, won’t you blow?
    Dinah, won’t you blow?

    Dinah won’t you blow your hor or orn?

  • Thank you for ruining my reputation.

  • And Dang, I’ve had my one year blog anniversary…..I think i may be the old matribizzatch.

  • hope that cold clears up b4 the party mr. thumbs of green!! happy b-day

  • Susie, you crack me up.

  • sorry – feeling a little Dinah tonight

  • Hey, let’s plan a surprise party for greenie!

  • Bucky’s period red car was really cool.

  • somebody bring me my gin
    cause I’m gonna get high tonight…

  • Dang!

    Yea, Bucky’s definitely the mattresshark, must give her props for that.

    (an aside, Bucky, I share your love of age-inappropriate slang)

  • yay! i get back on here to find the word ‘keeper’ a bunch of times!

  • No, the other kind of keeper. Like the monkeys have. To keep you from running amok.

    But, yea, you would think there’d be some synchronization, huh? Someone should do research here…

  • now now…bucky’s the blog matriarch out of all of us flock. I believe she’s had her blog longest. And she once drove a sweet BITCHIN FUCKIN’CAMARO!!!

    *dang cold runs to get bucky her gin and tonic before she gets cranky*

  • next week is my birfday…I’m gonna be continent. I wanna sink uparonization.

  • keeper – LMAOF!

  • No, Susie, I won’t need the Keeper until later this week.
    You’d think the females here would all sync up on that sort of thing, wouldn’tcha?

  • But how do you know who should be the adopter and who should be the adoptee? Criteria?

  • greenie and I are the right ages, plus, to be the elder one, you have to be competent. And continent. Like, Bucky wouldn’t be eligible; she still needs a keeper.

  • Greenie, are you gonna need one of us to drive you home, hon?

  • mrtl, the way the blogger adoption project works is, if you find somebody you really like, you just call dibs on them. then I think lawbrat or katiebbaw will file all the necessary documentation to make it O-fishul.

  • There’s an F at the end. You didn’t say what the F is for. Susie, not hating! Just curious.

  • sorry mrtl, the f was dextra

  • ( greenie puts an arm around sister susie’s shoulders…beams with pride)

  • (susie looks up at him with adoration)

  • cocks, cocks bo-bocks, bannana-nana fo focks, me my mo-mocks…he he he hehe

    (takes sip of more cold medicine)


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