An unfiltered fire hose of flaming condemnation

Little baby Stevie

  • I don’t know that anyone needs to deserve love, Torrie. It’s free, we all have unlimited supply … and it feels good to pass it along. I’m just as generous with my teasing, too. But hey, truth is truth – I like your photos, I assume you hope people will appreciate them, too … and so, I tell you. Simple.

    But you’re cute when you blush … so I get that from the whole deal, so it’s win/win. 🙂

  • Strizz, why’d ya have to say red headed? My lucy is red headed. Why don’t people like the red heads?

  • AndreaBT

    torrie, totaly. been there. tried ebay?

  • Canam I love that pic, I have it as an 8×10 at home

    ugh at the brows, there was a BIT more to them than that…hahaha

  • BTW, my camera is broken and I can’t afford to get it fixed or buy a new one.
    Can you feel my pain?

  • AndreaBT

    strizz, why dont’cha tell us how you really feel?

  • And STrizz, that picture of your two girls, baby Margi looks like a porcelain doll.

    And um, your eyebrows look like porcelain doll eyebrows too.

  • OH MY GOD. What did I do to deserve all of this love? You guys are making my day.

  • Yes, Torrie, I love the picasso museum picture.

  • lmao

    i fucking hate blogger. i want to slap blogger like a red headed fucking step child and then step on its cake, while its ice cream melts all over the floor. then i want to use the last of the toilet paper right when blogger gets the runs.

  • Then my work here is complete … an all-over-blush-inducing good job, says I (dusting hands off)

  • ball sack? MATerbate? frustrated much greenie?


  • I favorited Torries san fran flowers, glorious

  • Wow, now I’m blushing in other places.

  • jimmy is universal

  • Well, as long as you’re already blushing, let me say some of your photos are REALLY arresting … I LOVE the coloured French roof tiles and the lighthouse stairwell … just mesmerizing, both of them .. good work 🙂

  • But what if he doesn’t call his “Jimmy”?

  • Nilbo, I’m blushing.

  • AndreaBT
  • Ah the poor cod.

  • He could have made his point just as well by saying “use a jimmy hat”

  • Heeheehee, yeah, can you see the cod wrinkling its nose and going “Time for a bath, d’ya think?”

  • Should I make her kiss the cod, Amy?

  • Kalki – the AYEds of March?
    Sorry, had to come back for that one.
    Really really leaving now.
    Bye bye.

  • I wanna be an honorary Canadian.
    Some of the girls at work made my pasty Cracker ass an honorary Sistah.
    Now I want Great White North status, too.

    OK, going to watch my soap. Hi CanAmy!

  • AndreaBT

    I’m from Indiana, and I say “y’all”.

  • (Oh, and Spurious Plum, who also makes me laugh … damn, now I’m sorry I named some, cause I missed others …)

  • B4E i haven’t watched GH since Luke married Laura.

  • I’m heading to the dog field…go get your fix B4E

    Ball sack, ball sack, BALL SACK!

  • Oh, jaysus, girl, we’re some desp’rate good, we is …

  • Maritimes! I loves me some Maritimers! They are some great!

  • Ooh, the cock *and* the ball sack are represented.
    Will youse guys still have your goodies out if I leave to watch my shameful soap opera? I hate to leave now that you’re presentin’, but if I don’t get my General Hospital fix, I get amnesia, don’t know who my father is, and cheat on my husband with his identical twin brother.

  • Know what, Canadian Amy? I do the scan thing too … not so much for comments as people who have become my favourite commenters. Bucky, Greenthumb, AndreaBT, Dang, you, Torrie, and some of the others you mentioned … y’all amuse the hell out of me (enough to make me use the word “y’all”, and I’m from the Maritimes of Canada!) …

  • And Dooce wouldn’ta won if AngelAnneJeyLaynnne hadn’t have been so damn persistant.

  • AndreaBT

    Nilbo, it’s not personal, hon. I can’t say I know you well enough to, er…judge?

  • Nilbo, ha!

  • hey y’all, today is the AYEds of march. i’m just sayin…

  • “I” makes more sense. And since when do pirates vote anyway?

  • ball sack

  • AndreaBT you are dead on. I totally scan for the buzz words, totally dismiss the ‘aw, cutey!’ crap.

    Totally seek out the comments of BuckyFE and Strizz and DAng Cold and Plum and several others to see what mood theys in.

    Cause they rules the house.

  • Hmmm…
    Maybe it is aye.

    What the hell do I know?

    I’m lucky I can spell my name.

  • Shouldn’t that be “I’m lucky AYE can spell my name …”?

  • And Bucky .. “size of a tuba” made me laugh out loud (as you so often do). Much like the description I heard somewhere of Michael Jackson coming out of jail with ” …an ass like a wizard’s sleeve”.

  • Congrats on the BLOGGIES!!!! woo-hoo!

    NO matter how obnoxious I was at the time, I’d like to think I helped keep everyone in the ‘land of POTD comments’ well aware of the 4 dooce nominations….NOW FOUR AWARDS!!!!

    y’all rock!

  • Cock

  • Wow, is it “All in favor say I”? I always thought it was “All in favor say aye.” You know, like the pirates.

  • cock

  • “Well, no, but we’ve established a beachhead …”

    And Andrea … the laughing? It hurts, babe. I’m wounded. (sigh)

  • Bucky, you are so poetic.

    I hereby nominate bucky as Poet Lauriete of Dooce Land.

    All in favor say “I”.

  • Well, for my taste, it doesn’t have to be the size of a tuba, but I also don’t like to be left wondering if Normandy’s been invaded yet.

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