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Finally an outfit to go with the hat

  • AndreaBT

    See, but Nilbo, I’m NOT going to drink it. Just the thought makes me rowf…but I agree I probably would screech if I did have to taste it.

  • Silly Andrea. You don’t “roowwwfff” after drinking it … you … well .. Screetch”

  • You’re welcome, Dooce. I thought Leta would appreciate an utterly ridiculous hat, especially one that proclaimed her gender, since there are people out there who can’t recognize pure feminine beauty when it strolls by in a Graco.

    The thought of it being a fang-toothed brownie is hilarious, though, I think I should make some for my kids. I can pretend that an evil chocolate dessert is eating their heads, and that is always entertaining.

  • Nilbo – thank god; I trimmed my nipple hair the other day and would feel so left out of tomorrow’s festivities.

  • “… horrible neutering accident” … umm … is there any other kind?

  • AndreaBT

    Ummmm…sounds delish (running away to rowfffffffffff)

  • I am SO GLAD that I clicked on the kitten-eating brownie link.

  • Newfie Screech is much like the dregs of a rum barrel, only with higher alcohol content and that delicious, turpentine-like aftertaste. It’ll put hair on anyone’s chest … and just in time for Nipple Hair Thursday” …

  • Bucky – of course it’s Budzo. He’s such a slut. We’re afraid to tell him that he lost his testicals in a horrible neutering accident when he was young, so he frequently spanks it on the afghan.

    (blanket, not a dog)

    The more I look at Leego’s hat, the more I’m craving a brownie and feel like I should be sitting in a corner thinking about what I did wrong.

  • OMG is that a dunce cap? Is Leta in trouble or something?? I love it – I wish I could see the top of it – in my imagination the hat is like two feet high or something. She’s just gorgeous, o she could pull it off.

    Congrats on the bloggies!

  • Great, Bucky … now you just have to knock back a jigger of Screech, kiss a cod … and you’re in, eh?

  • AndreaBT

    Oops, sorry Nilbo, it might be too late! Enjoy, Bucky!

  • AndreaBT

    “screeched in”???

  • Ok, so what do you do if you insert the A1 and rotate it it, only to find that the cap has *come OFF* due to the rotation?

  • AndreaBT – actually, I saw it much later when I scrolled through the messages. I have it bookmarked, and by tonight, I shall be an honourary Canadian, and sing “Oh Canada” in French and all that.
    I already have lots of toques. I’ll fit right in!

  • Hey Eliza…why I gots to be sniveling huh???? I just blew my nose.

  • Oh, Andrea .. I think Bucky needs to be properly “screeched in” before she is awarded legitimate honoUrary citizenship …

  • Gorgeous girl!

  • OK, off to kill some kittens. I mean … umm … do some work …

  • I don’t get it.

  • Nilbo – I just don’t want to be a pest every time I need a sandpaper tongue. I thought I would put you in rotation with the kittens so everyone gets a chance to rest and cleanse those tastebuds.

    CanAmy, are you up already too? I know you were in here last night makin’ like a professor with the anal bead knowledge. I slept well, how aboot you? Jim gave me his cold, so I’ll be thrashing him when we both get home today. It’ll be a hoot!

  • Niffer – if it’s Budzo, tell him to wear the jaunty cap. That’s so HOT!

  • AndiMAC

    Leeeeeeeeeeeeeeta, hey cutie pie!

  • AndreaBT

    Oh, sweet heaven, Her Raunchiness Bucky is here already!!! Nilbo, good call.

    Bucky, you left last night right before I left a link for you to become an honorary Canadian (or honourary, if you want to make it truly official).

  • Laura C.

    Re: #44–

    Yup. That’s the dude.

  • Wow, she kept that hat on long enough for you to take a photo of her smiling in it. Is it glued to her head?;)


  • (Calling the ASPCA over to Bucky’s place)

  • (What, my tongue isn’t rough enough for ya…?)

  • Did my Bucky4E get a good nights sleep?

  • Quite possibly the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.

  • Bucky, how can you be so dirty in the morning?

    Oh, and my cat wants your number.

  • Leta has GOT to know she is cute! I mean, look at the expression on her face. Yeah, she knows!

  • But Michelle, what does God do if you masturbate *using* a kitten?

    Um, just askin’ for a FRIEND, you know?

  • Michelle Brady

    #16- Allie:

    Are you speaking of the the big brown thing that’s chasing the kittens in that funny photoshopped picture with the caption “Every time you masturbate, God kills a kitten”? Just curious.

    This is what I’m talking about. And brownies with teeth is an excellent description of those things.

  • top40?! This would be a BIG DEAL for me.


  • Haha. Reminds me of those baby pictures floating around of me wearing underwear on my head while unwrapping Christmas gifts! Damn my stealthy Grandma!

  • Michelle Brady


    I do *not* snivel!

    Bow and scrape, maybe. Prostrate myself, sure.

    But no sniveling!

  • First timer, courtesy of the BBC report on the Bloggies. I’ll hold the bloggin’ congrats until I read the site properly, then they’ll be sincere – but Little GIR? Big smiles from Finland, Heather, thanx

  • Greeted this morning by a VERY stylish Leego.

    She is looking more and more like Mama – lucky girl!!!!

  • Michelle Brady

    That picture is one of the best ever! You have a truly beautiful little girl!

    *trodges off to pack some more for The Big Move*

  • Mel

    Perfectly stylish!

  • Beautiful pic of Leta. And congrats on the Bloggies, Heather!

  • Wow 31! Real early for me!!!

  • Michelle

    Simply Gorgeous!

    congrats on the bloggies too Heather you rock!!

  • Mo

    she looks like some sort of little baby gnome or something. SOO cute.


  • Girrrrrrrreat hat!

    Kisses to Leta


  • Me

    You go gurl….

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