An unfiltered fire hose of flaming condemnation

Finally an outfit to go with the hat

  • Matt in London


    Funny pic – she looks great.

    That is all.

    *back to lurking*

  • Eliza

    Never commented before (seemed pointless with 300+ other snivelling fans), but I may as well now. Leta is gorgeous, she looks so grown up, and such beautiful eyes. You’re a funny, funny woman, Heather, and you can add me to the list of other Australians that frequent the wonderful and love it. Take care.

  • Linda

    She is a cutie! Looks like she is wearing a lampshade 😉

  • Ha! Nipped in in the top 30 beggarly interloper that I am.

    Congrats on the award. If only everyone in Utah could vote as wisely.

    Love the stoner photo of Leta.

  • nibbler

    That is one stylish girlie!
    wow…my second time writing and i’m way up there! Thanks to my late night cramming for midterms…perhaps the one time I can be thankful for my procratinating ways… 🙂 heh heh heh

  • are those pajamas?

  • Marios

    these comments are so sad…….

  • Aww what a sweetie.. woohoo top 20.. almost 😉

  • Leta is adorable.

    There should be laws against that much cuteness.

  • Oh my god–that hat!!! What a hoot! She’ll hate you for that picture you know!

  • btw, that outfit makes Leta look like the Cutest Tweedle Dee impersonator EVER.

  • That hat reminds me strangely of Domo-Kun, that large japanese thing that resembles a brownie with teeth.

  • LOL…she’s so cute!

  • Top 20?

    Oh, those eyes… SLAY ’em, Leta!

  • Voiceover: “Leta is seen here sporting a striped onesie, and a hat that must be making a political statement.”

    G.I.R. Do you think that stands for Girls In Revolt? Or GODdamn, I Rock! Leta Rocks! 🙂

  • at 3am, i dunno if i’m cracking up at the picture or if i’m just going nuts.

  • I love the expression on her face.

  • Leta put the GIRRRRRR in Girl.

  • what a cutie!

  • I’m making that face right now. Perhaps I shouldn’t have taken 2 Xanax tonight. Saweet Jesus Pie, girls are people too.

  • Alice


  • kim

    gir*? she’s so cute. including the hair ;o)

  • I’m getting better and better. Yay for crack of dawn feedings.. Leta is soo cute.

  • Katie

    ooh lala bebe!

  • Cute!


  • Sarah

    Girl, interrupted.


  • fantastic – what a groover!

  • Gry

    Aaw! Cutie! She demolished something in the back there, didn’t she?

  • who took my johnny walker??? you little rascals!!!

  • Sorry Susie and Mtrl- i got wrapped up in SouthPark, I was not ignoring you. Howdy!

    P.S. I didn’t mean by my rant earlier, that I was not coming to the comments section anymore. I’ve had too much fun here. And as long as Heather Bootylicious Armstrong writes, I’ll read it. (unless she writes about running over marmots, cause man…that shit ain’t right)

  • And so she returns.

    Night Girl.A. There’s a cat on my lap too. That puts things all in perspective in some ways wouldn’t you say?


    *dang cold bows, gives a flourish and withdraws behind the curtain*

  • “that shit aint right…”
    Amanda B I love you.

    Thanks people. (wow, Fish sighting!)

    But I’m not here in Dooce’s comment section, really I am listening to my iPod, sitting in my living room with a cat napping on my legs. Working on something for a nice girl I used to know.

    Later Tatertots. aka Peace out.

  • I really shouldn’t be here without mrtl.

    Raz! Thanks for coming and for being the keeper of the shirt design!

  • okay…I’ll try to stay awake and finish this thought. Just trying to catch up on comments over the last 3 hours so I’ll ramble for a bit

    Welcome back *Razdreams*. Its nice to see you back here again. Just a week or two ago you put up this exact argument about hate on this comment sight and you got yelled at and lectured. Now we have a whole new episode of things getting out of hand and NOW we see the light. You are vindicated. We understand now. If others don’t agree, thats fine. But you were right all along. If this was already discussed, I apologize.

    Oh and naturally I miss the warm company of kind Susie who has said good night already. Curses. There’s always tomorrow.

    Coskel my friend put me down for what ever’s on the menu and make mine a double. Jesus what a day. I’ll make it to Utah one day I reckon.

  • RazDreams

    *hugging CanadianAmy* my t-shirt would be pink in full reprezentATION of the fact the little leta is a girl and not a boy.

    coskel: we could all meet at a starbucks and walk around sockless so utah would know that socklessness don’t always mean you po’ white trash from da south. bring on the cappuccino and whipped cream, baybee.

  • night susie.

  • mrtl? Dang? Fish? Bucky? GirlA? Kendra? Susie? Katie…aw hell, lets ALL just break out our beverage of choice. and throw down.

    Dang, I have a BBQ that is itching for some action – and for you vegetarians out there, I can grill a mean portobello mushroom …
    When ARE we goign to have the annula Dooce get -together? My opera newsgroup is celebrating its 15th anniversary in November, and we always have a big party in New York.

    I’ve always wanted to see Utah…

  • I’d wear one and roll around in the luv, Raz.

  • I gotta go to sleep now. I’m taking the Big Turk with me, but I’ll leave you with this bag of Butterfinger Easter Eggs. G’night.

  • ha!

    Big Turk was go-ood. It was chocolate covered Turkish Delight.
    Yum. Like a snack from ‘The Lion The Witch and the Wardrobe’.

  • ew – My brother liked Turkish Delight.

  • I bet yer imaginary friend likes it too, mrtl.

  • RazDreams

    *gigantic hugs* to mrtl’s imaginary friend (564). the t-shirt i proposed, which i don’t think nobody’d wear no mo’, would be, “GEORGE! Ruff wiener rectalage poop OF FRANCE!!!!” And there’d be super-cute little trolls in diapers on it that we’d want to hug and kiss, because – really – that’s all they need to stop being trolls (because methinks they don’t get enough hugs and kisses in their real life). and we’d all wear the t-shirts and live in a world of luvvvvvvvvv. (dream on, raz!!!)

  • yeah I think so, not at every store but some…

    I miss Whatchamacallit.

  • I don’t know Big Turk, but it sounds sexy.

  • Whatever happened to Big Turk?

    is the new

    What about Matt Damon?

  • That was a hell of a chocolate bar.

    And Big Turk. Whatever happened to Big Turk?

  • CanAmy, can you get Rolos in Canada?

  • Amy, it’s worth the trip out.

  • Amy, get some Rolos and melt them in the micro for 10 seconds. It doesn’t quite go with the beer, but it’s soooo good.

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