This here bringer of the pooper to the fun party

Finally an outfit to go with the hat

  • Dr. Johnny – I’m sure that’s only a small sample of your real readership. Some people are just shy like that.

  • To clarify: if you taste enough of it, you rowwwfff. But hey, suit yourself. If you want a hairless chest, that’s your business.

  • WooooHoooo! Top 80!

    Still on the love train. That is all.

  • I hate that scene in that one movie (the wall?) where the guy like shaves his nipples off. _AACK_

  • dammit.

  • Listen, don’t y’all know being in the top 100 ain’t shit? Nothing sexy starts happening until at least 185-ish.

  • AndreaBT

    I like my hairless chest very much, thank you Nilbo.

    And Strizz, that’s why I pluck, not shave.

    I’m off to have my coffee. Carry on.

  • Strizz, it’s already sex-ay in here. But not the shaving-off of the nipples. If I saw something like that, I’d be afraid said nipples would somehow wind up on my pizza.

    These are the things that keep me awake at night.

  • Well, Bucky, if you can’t tolerate alcohol, there’s always the little known “Canadian by injection” route. And we ain’t talking hypodermics.

  • AndreaBT

    AAAghhhhhhhhhhgaaaaaaaag….Bucky, thanks EVER so much for that mental picture.

    I really am leaving now, not sure I can stomach the coffee, but will try.

  • Bucky if you ever get a slice of pepperoni that you have to chew and chew…

  • Nilbo: OOOOOOOOOOOOh, Canada!

    AndreaBT: If I can put someone off her coffee, then my day is complete. 🙂

  • See, Strizz … and here I’ve always been told “No! You don’t CHEW on them, dammit. Be GENTLE!”

    Er… I mean “we” … not “I” … “we” have been told that ..

  • Why is it people who wear nipple clips always have saggy breats?

  • The four pound weight at the other end?

  • Cheryl

    I love how you make sure people say, “Awww… your little girl is so sweet”, by placing a GIRL dunce cap on her. It always annoys me when ppl call my baby boy a girl!

  • Strizz, do you have secret nipple clamp knowledge you’d like to share with the class?

    Nilbo: Chewing bad. Also, it’s very bad form to pull up the milking stool when a woman takes off her top.
    Just thought you’d like to know.

  • That heavy? sheesh!

  • breats haha

  • I’m outta here, gotta do SOMETHING with the kids for March Break, even though I totally want to stay at least until comment #185.

  • breasestes

  • I would totally wear that hat.

  • lmao CanAm, it will be here when you get back. I hope I hope you come with some breast clamp info.

  • man she is cute.

    cuteness overload!

    i am hungover at work and the only thing that will save me is dooce and cute pictures. OY. i wish it was chuck friday.

  • Bucky: So, now you’re going to tell me that a sexy, throaty “Moooo” is also frowned upon …?

  • She knows she’s cute!

  • Michelle Brady, the kitty-chasing brown thing you’re thinking of is called a Domo-kun. He’s an insanely popular Japanese pop culture icon. Think Spongebob.

    I love the hat chickie made! She rocks.

  • Tiffany: If you *do* get a hat like that to wear, you’d best break Mouse in slowly. I get the feeling he would find it skirry and disconcerting.

    Nilbo: Just because a woman is a cum-soaked barn slut doesn’t necessarily mean she wants you to sing “Old MacDonald” during foreplay, either.

  • Cindy

    Leta is stylin’!


  • Too adorable! Leta is breathtaking. Such a cutie!

  • I want a hat like that. I’m serious. She looks like a little elves, and I am fond of elves.

  • I meant elf. but that’s ok it’s 9:00 am and I am sleep typing.

  • What must a sewing-impaired person such as myself do to get their hands on such a cool hat?
    I’ve never slept with anyone famous or had my blogging discussed in major news outlets.

    Would it be possible for a mere mortal to…………perhaps buy one? Pretty please?

    And while I’m at it, I’d like to order a Leta to go. Thanks in advance.

  • Aw! Leta looks like she jumped straight outta the pages of a Dr. Seuss book. Or straight outta Compton. You make the call. Regardless, she’s adorable.

  • Susie, try velcro. They also have some kind of no sew bonding material in craft stores.

  • All she needs now is some “Who Hair”.


  • red

    um, yeah – how is it that every new picture of her is “my new favorite?!?”

  • Oh, see, you were thinking of that as “foreplay” …. to me, that’s the full meal deal …

    What is this “foreplay” I hear so much about …? it sounds … well … unnecessary, but intriguing …

  • (gasp) #100 is Tifney? And she shows her face here? She’s such a pregnint!

  • Leta is so adorable!! She is looking so grown up even. And what exactly is wrong with her hair. Its looks pretty cute to me. And I don’t thinking looking like you is a bad thing either, Dooce.

  • Leta looks absolutely scrumptious in the brownie with teeth hat. Look at the little smirk on her face, like she’s thinking “Ha, now all you bastards can stop calling me a boy”. I sort of think the hat looks kind of like the one that kid from Fat Albert wore. The lamp shade hat.

  • Yeah, you gotta watch out for those pregnints. I hear they are quite min and bishy.
    Nilbo, Nilbo, Nilbo. For us vagina-bearin’ types, foreplay is as important as…well, as hockey to you guys. Does that analogy help? ‘Cause the hockey analogy works on Jim, every time.

    And I just can’t say “five hole” enough times. Five hole. Five hole. Five hole.

  • Is she cute, or what? The hat is great.

  • OK, it’s like hockey … see, I finally get it now. Check. So I fake like I’m gonna put it up where mom hides the cookies, then slip it five-hole. Got it.

    Now, about those twenty minute periods and the number of fights … is that why we only spend five minutes in the box?

  • Bucky you ARE amazing. I only have 3 working holes, you have 5?!?

  • Umm .. Kassi .. you think she can HEAR that …?

  • LOVING the hat. I have a sewing machine but I think it hates me.

    Oh, and “breasticles”. Like Sophocles. Not like popsicles.

  • yea, she really is looking more and more like you…great eyes

  • What is up my sexy bitches?

  • She’s a doll! And whassamatter with looking like mama?