Champ Rocking the Delicate Arch

champ rocking the rock

Ever so slowly I’m gathering all the photos from the trip to the ‘Ab. They don’t really call Moab the ‘Ab but I think it’s about time. The world is ready.

When we returned home yesterday evening Chuck was more happy to see me than Leta who looked at me like, “You left me three days ago and now you must suffer.” She kept looking at me and then back at Jon and then back at me and then finally back at Jon like, I was under the impression that we had gotten rid of her. Why did you bring her back?

I had the time of my life this weekend. They leave tomorrow but I don’t want them to go. I want them to live in my basement and continue to make jokes every other second that make me laugh so hard all the food falls out of my mouth. These are women I can totally fart around. It’s like, in the Mormon pre-existence I was all, Maggie, Heather, we will meet again on Earth when we have bodies of flesh and blood, and when one of us dies we will totally be courteous enough to call the other two up to tell them, hey, I’m dead, I just wanted you to know so that, you know, you don’t get all worried about where I am.