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Happy Resurrection of Jesus Christ, WOOF!

  • Jennifer

    You’ve got talent! I’ve never been able to keep any kind of apparatus on either my animals or my kid’s head.

    Chuck is such a CUTIE!

  • Henrykm_

    Talent…..cut n paste, air brush!

  • Henrykm_

    I just want you to know my opinion about this.”
    “But I totally agree with you.”
    “Well, I just want you to know in uncertain terms.”
    “You mean you want me to know no uncertain terms?”
    “No, I want you to know certain terms in no uncertain terms.”
    “You want me to know in certain terms.”
    “GOT IT.”


  • mrtl_ made my dau, bro.

    radio blog is up and running at whfropera
    happy easter all to those who celebrate, and to those also for whom this is a day like any other!

  • coskel, I’m glad you liked it. I haven’t had time to look at it entirely.

    By the way (and I thought of Katie-bbaw when I saw this), I found this link at

  • Henryk_

    Mmmmmmmmmm….I feel like a chocolate Chucky for a snack!

  • Henryk_

    Microwaves……leave me cold

  • Henryk_

    2255…..still early!

  • Henryk_

    ….and it’s daylight saving time now (gmt +10hrs)

  • Jamie

    Put your peeps in the microwave, but watch them! Exploding peeps are no fun to clean up!!

  • Can’t stay – going to bed. An Easter gift for you:

  • That would definitely be kind of her. And maybe pluck off their little mouths so you can’t hear them screaming as they enter the anal cavity.

  • I hope Bucky plucks their little eyes out so they can’t see where they’re going.

  • Wow, I have tried many things with peeps, but I never thought to stick them up my bum. How do you eat your peeps? I always pluck their little crystallized eyeballs out so they can’t see my devouring their little wings.

  • Cheez whiz, in the name of all that is hole-y, how much room do you HAVE up there, Bucky?
    Peeps will so get stuck, there could be glue-age; you don’t wanna go there. The little chickies don’t wanna go there…


    As soon as this paint’s dry, I’m outta here. And I’m pulling Gumby outta THERE.

  • Pokey, if you take Gumby now, I’ll be forced to fill my lonely ass with Peeps instead.
    And if that doesn’t make Baby Jesus cry, then I don’t know what will.

  • I thought Pokey had a *black* mane and tail…

  • Aw, man, I musta rubbed the black paint right off!

    Back dat ass up, Pokey, let me work my airbrush magic.

  • Wow Strizz, that elephant eating that other elephant’s dung was inspiring. Nothing shows love more than sticking your trunk up someone else’s “trunk” and chowing down on the yummies you find inside.

  • chuck, you poor bastard.

  • Pokey – there’s no need to get snippy. You know I love to ride you and grab your little orange mane, you plastic stallion.
    No need to be jealous.

  • oh Wait. I hadn’t seen chubby cheek crawler yet. Another beautiful pic. Such a cute baby

  • asd


  • Oh Yes, and before I forget. Mrs. Strizzay. I meant what I said on Flickr about your baby.
    What beautiful colors on your baby. Those cheeks are soo cute. Give her a lil pinch for me.


    Eat elephant shit and die, Bucky.

  • Ahh Easter in America. One of the great things about living in a non-christian country is not having to put up with all the religious holidays. Lots of traffic. No where to park. Crowded malls. Ahhhh
    Oh wait. We have that anyway. So I guess the great thing about living in a non-christian country is…. uh uh Yeah, getting my door knocked on by all the snake oil salesmen. I did have two Mormon sister missionaries stop by the other day asking me to translate an address into English for them. Sure, Like I am going to help them bother some poor Chinese guy so they can get their 10%. So not happening.
    Anyway. Happy Easter! The other part of the world will NOT be celebrating this fantasy day.

  • Strizz, you’ve just given a whole new dimension to “junk in the trunk.”


    I want him back now, bitch. Green and clean.

  • You might just get him brown and tore down.

    And high speed, too, like a stained and traumatized colon rocket.

  • I walked into my office at work today to find one of my coworkers sporting a pair of bunny ears just like that.

    I thought she was trying to be the playboy bunny, but then realized that she was only trying to show her Easter spirit. 😮

    Thank God I thought before I spoke or I think I would’ve gotten my eyes ripped out of my head.

  • HarryR

    Chucky looking for chock dipped Leeta….yummo

  • HarryR

    anda happy ckock lickin to youall

  • yyo


  • Pokey, I know you’re nosin’ around here, lookin’ for your bitch. I paid good money to engage Gumby’s services for the weekend, and I don’t expect you to come shake me down for more cash. You’ll get him back on Monday morning, and not a moment sooner. Piss me off any more and I won’t sterilize him before his return.

  • HarryR

    Hmmmmmmmm…choc dipped wabbits be nice on Easter

  • puddingw/outmeat

    dooce man you fucking rock love you to pieces PEACE OUT MOTHA FUCKAAAAAAA
    jon, hey man, you aightttt
    leta your pretty sweet i guess

  • Henryk_

    And a Happy Easter Sunday to all who may be awake on this gorgeous Sydney morning!

  • Don

    First time comment:
    Very cute Family, I enjoy your stories here in SC. You have a special kind of flare!

  • Happy Easter Armstrongs!

    Peace and Love,
    The Daxohol Family

  • Lynda

    When you said it was all about Leta this week my head was saying “isn’t it Always all about Leta?”


  • Ran across this site, thought you may get a giggle out of it:

  • greased fat in your airpants? Wha?

  • das4w3r53

    hmmm a asd ier awer ui fdooooooce i iloeyouuuuu hhahahhaha oooh aslkjl;j geasdfat ain my erpants grogeuosr3



  • lisa

    chuck has a marilyn monroe mole…
    such a cutey!

  • another troll said at 11:46AM, 03.26.2005:


    Am I the only person who was glad to see the comment section go?

    possibly, but a lot of us are enjoying friendships through here (spurred on by the writing/photos), which I imagine Dooce supports, otherwise the comments section would have been long gone

  • Ymous

    Anon, my better half, ssshhh. She doesn’t know she left one, because SHE DOESN’T READ THEM.

  • pokey

    i feel so left out

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