This here bringer of the pooper to the fun party

Happy Resurrection of Jesus Christ, WOOF!

  • I *am* going to run now, because DH is starting to ask what we are talking about!!!!

  • Andrea, did you see what Bucky the perv is contemplating? RUN to your family…

  • Do sodomy laws apply to rubber figures?

  • I’m here, in and out…family just came home. May not get much more chance to play tonight! 🙁

  • I’m lookin’ at him, Bucky…you know I’d do a lot of things for you, but…it’s Holy Week and all…

  • Andrea, Bucky, y’all still here?

  • Susie, I’m dancin’ in and out of here tonight while I do some paperwork.

    Did you bring Gumby? Because the more I look at him, the more I think he’s tapered for anal invasion.

  • AndreaBT, I’ll bet a lot of folks didn’t think to check here. I might have checked eventually, but I knew earlier ’cause Torrie left me a comment about it on my blog.

    Chuck Friday fills my heart with empty nutsack goodness.

  • Bummer…comments are on, baby’s in bed, rest of family gone, I can comment in peace…except there’s no one else around! *boo hoo*

  • Is it slow here because it’s Friday night? Or just because people don’t realize comments are on again?

  • You make me miss my dog. Too cute.

  • Ern

    Hey, comments again, huh? I guess we’ve all had enough time to think about what we’ve done.

    BTW, Heather, everything I see now, I can’t help but think, “That’s good for lickin’!” I imagine it would be even worse if I was in on the original joke!

  • ACK!

    It’s uppercase god!!!

  • the lord has risen…IN MY PANTS. heh.

    happy weekend, armstrongs!

  • Lil

    Well, little missy…once I had a cyst on my who who and I went to my gynecologist because I thought my husband had given me VD. This was 34 years ago and VD tripped off the tongue…man, I haven’t heard those initials, together, in a long time.

  • If anybody harms the Easter Bunny, bad things will happen to you. Like being eaten ears first.

  • God

    I’m posting, I’m posting.


  • bari

    OMG…*I* wore those today as I taught class. LOL I am putting them on the dog Sunday. Too funny.

  • Dr. J: breathe deep, find your quiet place, and fer risenchrissakes, put down the broken bottle.
    Repeat to yourself: We do not use *broken* bottles at Dooce. We do not use *broken* bottles at Dooce.

  • aw crap, I hate when my bolding goes all cattywompus on me.

    We do not use *broken* bottles at Dooce, is what I’m tryin’ to convey.

  • Bucky, I’ve had that crap happen too. I think the key is *not* repeating, I repeat *not* repeating yourself with bold type 😉

  • Shelley Noble

    tapetum, not tapitum

    A membranous layer or region, especially the iridescent membrane of the choroid of certain mammals.

    (Choroid: The dark-brown vascular coat of the eye between the sclera and the retina.)

  • Woe

    Quite possibly the cutest easter photo I have ever seen.

  • In the spirit of Easter, let me just say THANK FUCKING CHRIST that order has been restored to the universe and Dooce is accepting comments again. I was about to attack my neighbors with a broken Coors Light bottle.

  • Nathan Logan, yep…and you are the Canadian type, eh? 😉

  • all dogs may go to heaven but i think this kinda thing may get you into hell.

  • Hey thanks Melanie S, ashbetty, and madgelove! I like ashbetty’s approach the best but am glad to hear everyones experiences. I know I’m going to get a lotta crying (from my daughter & me)

  • Andrea, you’re the evangelical type, too, eh?

  • CHUCK!!!!

    damn that is one cute dog

  • FLSue72

    I don’t have a dog to dress up. I just make my husband wear the bunny ears. Sometimes he gets cranky, but I ignore him.

  • Bloody hell, I can’t even spell bloody hell. Too much Easter bunny already.

  • Oh! I’m so glad I happened to get online and check here! Comments are back! Yay! And Chuck as an Easter bunny! This day has just gotten way f*in better! ;o)

  • deleted

    Maybe Henryk’s tongue was planted in his cheek. Let’s give him the benefit of the doubt, shall we?

  • deleted

    Chuck looks like a doe.

  • deleted

    with funny ears.

  • JP

    Ditto, Big Gay Sam…I must admit that I do NOT feel debased. But then again I probably wouldn’t use the word “debased.” But that’s just me.

    Whatever. Either way…I’m not.

  • Oh boody hell, that’s a great photo. Of all the squillions of doggy photos on the net yours are up there with the best, Dooce.

  • not to be all cavalier with my attempts at disctracting you all from one of the most vapid, slam-dunk cases in the US courts in recent years but…

    “you are not your fucking kahkis”

  • Hey! Just wanted to say that i visit your site quite often and think Chuck is rawkin’ with those bunny ears on. Have a good easter.

  • Henryk_ said at 03:32PM, 03.25.2005:
    I see heather continues to debase peoples beliefs in certain Christian beliefs!


    I’m a person from that “certain Christian belief” and I don’t feel debased at all.

    She’s done her time on Maple Drive. She’s allowed. :op

  • Rimshot for Dazed!

    Coskel, see? wine will fuck you up at any stage of the game.

    And ass-first easter bunnies. Dude, that’s hardcore.

  • Henryk_

    Hoeeeeee….back again. Resurrected as well!

  • Henryk_

    I see heather continues to debase peoples beliefs in certain Christian beliefs!

  • Henryk_, I’m about as evangelical as they come, but I know it’s best to keep a sense of humor 😉

  • well, BFE needs a respite ONCE in a while- LOL.

    the site is tasteless but the video clip is clean.
    I always hated those corporate filters!

  • Dazed & Confuzed

    Back to Torrie’s comment about how to eat an Easter Bunny. I asked a shrink once what that meant. He said, “If you eat the ears first, you have a superiority complex. If you eat the tail first, you have latent homsexual tendancies. If you eat the feet first, you have an inferiority complex.”

    “OK” I asked, “So what does it mean when you bite out the eyes and scream ‘STOP STARING AT ME!’?”

    He said it meant suicidal tendancies.

    “Well,” I asked, “What do you think I should do?”

    “Go for it”

  • P.S. If it’s tasteless, I can’t wait to go home and have a look.

  • Coskel – If it’s funny and clean, how come my work web filter says “site cannot be viewed. Category: Tasteless”

    And why are you doing sending something ‘clean’ to Bucky, anyway?

  • Bucky this is for you:

    actually, its for anyone, its funny and clean, btw

  • madgelove

    sorry for the alarmist nature of above comment. I have a real “getinta” of a 14-month-old.

    which is to say she’ll get into anything and everything she can get her hands on every minute of everyday. so, I’m a little paranoid.