An unfiltered fire hose of flaming condemnation
  • Laura C.

    That’s how I eat.

  • LOVE IT!

  • first?

  • HeatherMB

    How cute!!!

  • first? no way …. loverly poptarts …. does chuck get the same crumb effect – my dog does…

  • Erica

    I’m a new reader and have found your writing — and your love for your family — very inspiring.

  • aw, damn.

  • top 10!
    love that pic

  • saidi

    aw. she’s gorgeous.

  • Lyd

    I like how it’s on her forehead. I can relate.

  • SUCH a great shot!

  • oooh, heather, i am *so much* loving the double entendre in the title of the “pickle spears” entry! _heeheehee_

    and *super-cute* photo of letafrog, as per usual!

  • stacy


  • The other Paula

    Beautiful eyes.

  • Aww…too cute. And exactly how I feel this morning!

  • wow, what a picture. I would die for that camera. I’ll supply my own kids though. Though yours is awful gorgeous.

  • Liv

    She looks like she’s dreaming of more chocolate pop tart!

  • squinky


  • First time posting. Long time lurking and she is just too damn cute.

  • she’s beautiful… and so is your writing lately. Thanks!

  • Ah! Chocolate satiation. Life is good.

  • Dazed & Confuzed

    Just think…24 years from now when she’s about to graduate from Harvard (or BYU, whichever) with a PhD, she’ll have another photo taken just like that one, except caused by Jim Beam with a chocolate pop-tart chaser.

  • Wow. That’s a great photo.

  • Suzanne

    The Pic of the Day always makes me smile. Great photo…but then again – it’s probably easier with such a great subject!

  • Whoo. Eating that whole big pop-tart was hard work. She’s pooped.

  • Are you SURE that’s chocolate pop tart?

  • today’s first comment made me snort out loud. WAY better than “FIRST?!?!?!??!”

    And by the way, I’m starting to wonder if the Armstrongs ever eat anything other than POP TARTS? I picture their pantry, stacked from floor to ceiling with boxes upon boxes of strawberry, s’mores, brown sugar, sprinkes, key-lime pie, and every other flavor imaginable. And Chuck gets his own liver-wurst flavored pop tarts, too!

  • Oh, Leta, I know the feeling. Oh, yes. I know the feeling.

  • Frosted strawberry rules!

  • What a gorgeous shot! It looks like she ate just a little too much pop tart. Nah, you can never eat too much pop tart!

  • Cheryl

    I would be careful Leta, today many people are going to try and eat you up!! Cuteness and chocolate= Extreme DANGER!!

  • beautiful!
    One of the most fantastic shots I’ve ever seen.

  • Smark!

    great pic…. She has such wonderful eyes.

  • PA

    Good Lord she is precious!!

  • Kait

    Oh jeez now I want a chocolate poptart. 🙁

  • I am so jelous of the D70’s macro ability. I have a six year old Leica and the macro on it SUCKS.

    Leta has amazing eyes.

  • coralie

    She is incredibly beautiful.

  • She looks like she’s lying there waiting for the ringing in her ears to quit. Tooo Cute.

  • :heart melting: must find small cute thing to cuddle

  • I know, Torrie. I have an almost brand new Canon Powershot and the macro/depth of field option on it sucks, too. I am saving my pennies now for a D70.

  • She looks like she is in the midst of a Pop Tart hang over. How cute. 🙂 Love it.

    Happy Monday everyone.

  • e

    mmmmmm, pop tart!

  • deleted

    Sweet picture. She looks very satisfied.

    The pickle spear story was very funny. =)

  • MyChelle

    If only she were able to appreciate the really good part…but Mommy doesn’t give her the middle, only the crusts!

    Cinnamon Bun (new flavor) is my favorite, supplanting Brown Sugar after a full 5 years of being number one.

  • LeChico

    mmmmmmmmm…..chocolate covered baby!

  • Too precious!

  • Oh my goodness, what a beautiful girl.

  • I just saw a tribute to Harry Shearer at the MOMA yesterday.
    They showed the “Chocolate Babies” skit.
    Coincidence? I think not.

  • Tiff

    they make key lime pie flavored pop tarts?

  • I wish I was still sitting in my highchair at home. Alas, I’m in my cell now at work with my tracking divice attached to my ankle.

    What happened to the simple days?

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