An unfiltered fire hose of flaming condemnation
  • Like mother, like daughter.

    Smewch Leta!

  • Very sweet. Looks like she got tired after consuming the pop tart. I’ll bet Chuck helped clean up that cute face.

  • Where’s the chocolate after buzz effect? Adorable….

  • ashbetty

    I love that picture. My eight year old daughter used to look like that after she ate … Come to think of it, she still does. And unless I’m there to remind her, she doesn’t clean it off either. I keep telling her that it is less and less cute the older you are.

  • One of the most beautiful children I have ever seen! Great stories!

  • Joana

    She’s looking more and more like you everyday, Heather. And she is beautiful!
    Enjoy her! 🙂

  • I love how her eyes always appear to be so totally engaged … she never looks like she is just staring off into space. I always want to see what it is she is looking at so intently, probably you with the camera, but it always stands out to me in the all pics of her. She is looking really lovely!

  • Too Cute! Coming down from that sugar high.

  • wow. adorable!

  • Ana

    She is so cute!

  • Leta is one girl that I doubt will EVER be camera-shy.

  • me now


    Her eyes…

    and her hair looks so soft- except the bits with sugar in ’em.

    It’s so neat to see her changing- how could she get cuter? It should have been impossible, but she’s managed.

  • misha babe

    jealous: of your camera, your beautiful daughter, and most importantly, the chocolate poptarts!!! must. get. to. grocery. store. NOW!

  • Awww, she looks so precious. Chocolate face, head down. She’s beautiful!

  • daveeee

    w00t! post 61???!?!
    Cool photo.
    You really do have an eye for an eye Heather 🙂

  • Cute. At the other end of the spectrum would be the just-turned two-year-old I saw this weekend cutting CHICKEN STRIPS with a fork and knife. Better table manners than most adults, I’d say. That’s a superbaby.

  • Looks like she’s passed out from a sugar rush 🙂

  • Em

    Aw, preciousness! She has Chocolate Overload.

  • Hey everyone. My cat is sick 🙁

    Please send some good vibes his way.

  • Are you sure she is female? She looks a little to peaceful to have just eaten chocolate…

  • Those tiny gossamer eyelashes slay me.

  • Uh, it doesn’t look like she’s getting only edge pieces to me. Whose fault is this? Jon’s probably.

  • Her. Eyes. Ohhh.

    Chocolate has a soporific effect on me, too.

  • >>>>>>>>>> good vibes <<<<<<<<<<<< ...for Torries cat.

  • Angel

    Very cute!

  • Jo

    How adorable…and yucky!

  • That is such a sweet, sweet photo, Heather.

    What a doll.

  • Mmmmm, chocolate pop tart, haven’t had one of those in ages! Looks like she’s ready for a nap. 🙂

  • Jo

    I’m going insane. I’m trying to conclude my thesis and have writers block. :'(

  • Nickie

    Clearly she’s still a girl-in-training…. Any skilled female wouldn’t waste the chocolate.

    She’s adorable 🙂

  • Jo

    Dooce- the perfect relief from writer’s block.

  • cat

    Me? I’m partial to the Frosted Cherry ‘Tart, with sugar sprinkles. Tarty Cherry Goodness. That’s “Tart Euphoria” Leta’s got going on, that is. Mmmmmm.

  • I don’t like to eat pop-tarts. I love to people call pop-tarts!

    “Hey Pop-Tart, what’s up!”

  • Eh…Call people Pop-Tarts.

    ..had a little twisty-twist goin’ on there.

  • She looks pooped! It must have been an exhaustive effort.

  • Am I a terrible mom because I accidently called my daughter Leta this weekend?

  • Pop Tart food coma?

  • I never comment here, but man! That Leta is just so adorable I couldn’t NOT comment! What a beautiful photo.

  • Robyn (#86) – OMG too funny!!

  • Kelly (#89) Shhhh! Don’t tell anyone, especially Lauren.

  • Kate

    She’s turning into a beauty! She was already cute…

  • Your secret is safe with me…and the thousands others who read it.


  • She looks choco-licious!

  • naralius

    yes, shes adorable happy Monday!

  • I hate to be selfish, but could someone please go to my page and comment on my most recent entry so that I can prove a point to my friend. I will never ask this EVER again! I am well aware of my bad blog etiquette. 🙁

  • she. looks. gorgeous.

  • Hey, I’m in the top 100. Score.

  • I get that same look after eating a donut

  • I love the sleepiness that comes after a good gorging. Heh… Although Leta’s look is closer to fond remembrance.

  • I commented on your blog, Vaida. That is a funny story!

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