An unfiltered fire hose of flaming condemnation

Two very cute and very worth it Tax Deductions

  • woman lover

    First! Dooce is into anal sex

  • Gry

    Leta AND Chuck!! Woohoo!!

  • Aww both babies!

  • Moi

    I love the protective ways of Chuck-o!!! And Leta, as always, SO CUTE!

  • Nell

    How cute! Chuck posed obediently for the camera. Leta didn’t care.

  • WinInc

    top 10!!!

  • Hilory

    Leta is CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • that’s two photos (today and yesterday) of Leta looking like she is standing up….

    is she progressing from crawling?

  • fyds

    woman lover, how the hell would you know?

  • Looks like Chuck loves the camera like my dog does!

  • hungry

    very cool.

  • Look at the hair on that muffin!

  • lindsay

    cute x 2!

  • Apparently Leta is more interested in what’s up on the table (counter?)…
    Food maybe? 😉

  • Kirsty

    it is almost like he is looking into the camera thinking .oO(remember when _I_ got all of the attention)

  • oh lord she is going to swallow that sippy-cup-thing whole.

    …chuck wants a pop-tart.

  • Liv

    So cute! Leta’s hair looks adorable like that!

  • Michelle Brady

    Chuck’s expressions always seem so soft since Leta was born. They are both gorgeous, and I always love it when you put up photos featuring them together.

  • Chuck looks like he is waiting for the first dribble to hit the ground, so he can ‘clean up’.

  • karen(Singapore)

    i love dooce! and never fail to update everyday! i love chuck and leta too!

  • yah! Leta & Chuck!

  • Ms-Chievous

    Tax day is upon us.
    6 ex-mormon deductions here.

  • I think I will follow every sentence throughout the day with, “Dooce is into anal sex.”

    “I’d like an extra-long cheese coney with fries. Dooce is into anal sex.”

    “Good morning, Sam. Dooce is into anal sex.”

    “Pass the salt, please. Dooce is into anal sex.”

    Most random FIRST! comment ever. Happy Chuck and Leta Friday, guys!

  • Oh my God, they are so scrumptiously sweet….

  • Aren’t all the really good ones into anal sex?

    Or have I been doing it all these years for nothing….

  • Another Friday with Leta and CHUCK! You spoil us, Dooce 🙂

  • kim

    I am feeling the same thing Thijs is here… are you dangling pieces of Pop Tart in front of Leta or something?

  • Me

    Hmm…quite a different crowd up in the top 50 when the pic is posted at this time. Nice! 🙂
    TGICF!! Oops…I mean TGIC&LF

  • kel

    They are both adorable!


  • Good morning everyone. It’s so funny that Dooce had a post about the bookmobile because I just had to explain to my husband what it was yesterday– and he’s way older than me! Although he is around Dooce’s age, so maybe there were no bookmobiles for a couple of years. . .

    Anyways, I can’t wait for all the crazy folks to wake up and start posting comments. I lurk here almost everyday for them. Have a great day everyone 🙂

  • Henryk_

    Tax……who just buggered my evening???!!!

  • Henryk_

    I was just sitting here, sipping some nice semilion chardonay and….I saw THAT word. T A X ! Why do we need tax?? I dont mind having dirt tracks, no safe water supply, or bieng over run by foreign nationals. Anything to stop paying tax!!!!

  • Katietoyboy

    GOOD MORNING WORLD! woooooohoooooo

  • The Hours Slide By

    Something shiny has caught both of their eyes, but in Chuck’s case, it’s the camera flash! Leta is as sweet as ever, and we all love our Chuck. Happy Chuck Friday!

  • The Hours Slide By

    And for the life of me, I couldn’t figure out what the thumbnail picture was. My first thought was some sort of seafood. Shrimp, maybe? That’s what I get for working in a restaurant; I’ve made too many shrimp cocktails!

  • Henryk_

    Katie T B, no one like a cheerful soul at this ridiculous hour!

  • soso cute.

  • Katietoyboy

    But henrykkkkkkkkkk_ its 11.12am here in lovely Ireland, its friday, a nice man is coming to my work this morning go personally hand me the final piece of the jigsaw so that I can hot-tail it to the bank to get our mortgage, so toyboy and I can move to our first real home next week. So give me a HELL YEAH!!

  • A

    Oh, those little hands! I don’t know how you haven’t gnawed them completely off, Dooce.

  • i love chuck.

  • Henryk_

    Katie T B.A *nice man* and *piece* of a jigsaw? This is intriguing!

  • sak

    i want a sippy cup just like leta’s

    so does chuck

  • Katietoyboy

    henryk_ not very exotic or erotic, I’m afraid. The final item is a life insurance policy that is compulsary to get the lovely green stuff from the bank to get the house. For the last six weeks we have been up to our tonsils in lawyers, engineers and doctors. The end is nigh, the end is nigh.

  • Henryk_

    OK Katie T B. Understood. Enjoy the weekend!

  • Susie


  • Good Morning! Leta definetly has her eye on something. She is too cute.

  • Henryk

    Susui….your 45th? You look at least 21, maybe 22!

  • Big Brother Chuck has a watchful eye on his baby sister. Well there has to be crumbs in and around her, if she would just start crawling..

    Happy Tax Day…groan

  • Henryk

    Hmmmmmmm…….the tax perior here commencer July 01.

  • Joe M.

    Top 50… At least I tried!

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