An unfiltered fire hose of flaming condemnation
  • Dazed & Confuzed

    Great post – poor Chuckles. I think we all did the “feed everything to the dog” trick when we were younger. Now that I’m considerably older, a dog would have to pry a goldfish cracker out of my cold, dead fingers before I’d give it up.

  • Lou

    Sexy hair!

  • Jo

    comments are back??!

  • jay


  • ash

    very cool, i love pictures like these.


  • Wow, comments are back. What a fantastic picture of you too. 🙂

  • Jo

    OMG yay! Comments are back and Heather’s looking STUNNING! 🙂

  • pretty hair. peace lily?

  • great one. love-it!

  • Marcia

    Lovely photo

  • top ten, whoohoo.
    really like the hair!

  • Enigmatic

    Your hair is amazing!

  • pretty hair!

  • wavy and natural, looks great. 🙂

  • Love the new do, Dooce.

    Hope you 2 enjoyed the evening alone; besides the corn dog stick incident.

  • love your hair!

    and the flower. 🙂

  • EricaL

    I just have to say that what Jon did for you that fateful day in the bathtub is one of the most beautiful things I have ever heard in my life.

  • Your hair looks awesome!!

  • Melissa

    Hi Heather,
    It is great fun checking in on your site almost daily! You bring some good chuckles and insight to many of my days.

  • Amyloo

    great pic!

  • Top 20?

    Even a long-time lurker would be brought from the woodwork by that tempting possibility….

  • Laziza

    Was this the big night out? You look beautiful! Hope you two had a wonderful time.

  • Jo

    todays post is so hilarious. The image of Chuck hobbling around not knowing whether to be sick or poop makes me laugh out loud. What is incredibly impressive, however, is his ability to wake up the owners and get outside BEFORE he puked. That’s one clever dog.

  • J.A.C.K.

    Sexy hair!

  • Smark!

    Yeah!!! Comments have returned. I missed you guys…. So, what’s the deal? Nice hair! New style?

  • Janie

    The hair looks fabulous!

  • So I’m going thru this pampered chef catalog, and they’ve got the orange peelers, just like tupperware’s, for 75 cents!



  • OoO! You look cute! 🙂

  • Pretty, pretty. Flower, Dooce, Rough outline of Jon. Can’t beat it with a stick. Corn dog or otherwise. Yay for comments returning! Here are the ones I’ve stored up: Chuck representin’ on Friday was AWEsome, Leta gets cuter and cuter the more mobile & grown up she gets, and I LOVE SUSHI.

  • if yer purty and ya know it clap yer hands! if yer purty and ya know it clap yer hands!!! _*clapclap*_

  • I didn’t think comments were ever going to return! Nice pic.

  • LOVE the hair. Is the furniture all in tact?

  • BJT

    I’ve only commented a couple of times, but I feel obliged to jump on the bandwagon and say that your hair looks amazing.

    And that was a great photo of Chuck the other day.

  • jastereo

    Great hair… hope you both had a good time!

  • oh, and that pic of chuck from friday with all the red goin’ on…totally awesome. the clarity of chuck and the redness – i was in awe.

  • Do my four eyes deceive me? Comments? O happy day!
    If only I’d known, I’d have worn my special hot-pink vinyl assless chaps for the occasion.

    Thanks for lettin’ us behind the looking glass again, Heather!

  • minxlj

    Thank you for putting comments back on Dooce!
    Lovely photo, you look very elegant 🙂

  • Michelle Brady

    beautiful photo! you look positively gorgeous!

  • So, Bucky, honey, which chaps ARE you sportin’ today?

  • Dooce having a particularly good hair day.

    Chuck was looking particularly majestic last Friday. ‘Course, that rep is gone with today’s story. I’ve been there myself, standing outside at 3am in pajama tops only (I never wear the bottom) bare-assed to the world, stage whispering, “GET YOUR ASS BACK IN THIS HOUSE NOW!!”

  • Susie, it’s just my plain ol’ black-fringed leather chaps, you know, the every day office chaps.

    And bowling shoes.


    I like the hair.

  • Mary

    Hi Heather, you hair looks fabulous! You both look great but you hair is really awesome. I hope you both had a great time alone *wink (^_-)wink*
    Oh and i love your blog you truely deserve those award and I only wish i had enough creativity to do a great job like you.

  • George, are you bein’ cheeky with us? You’re not too old for a spankin’ you know.


  • RazDreams

    _*GEORGE!*_ where’s the caps and exclamation point? methought it was an imposter for a moment, but it’s the real deal.

  • naralius

    Comments are back!!!

    thats Heather really good hair day! and whats up with Jon at the back?

    and about the post, thank god im a Cat owner, i cant imagine waking up in the middle of the night with my bare-ass outside, to wait for a dog to do his thing…

  • GEORGE!!!! You can call ‘er up and comment any old time!

  • I love the hair.

  • That flower is ginormous! Or is that just perspective…

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