An unfiltered fire hose of flaming condemnation

2nd South looking west

  • nice

  • Christi


  • Steve

    puuuurty, and very cool actually.

  • Karin

    I am first! In the whole world!

  • whoa…where is everyone?

  • Holly

    Oh happy day, the comments ARE on! I thought I’d been left hanging. This looks like one on Jon’s site — I recognize the “downtown” bit of the writing.

  • marie

    interesting looking sky!!

  • Becs

    Wow, being in top ten will make this lurker come out. Love the site!

  • Karen

    Top 10?

  • very nice shot.

    so glad comments are back! going to go catch up and read yesterday’s!

  • mari

    Very atmospheric. I like it!

  • haley

    woo hoo! top 10?? i’m actually home today, sick kid. but look whati get to do!

  • Interesting perspective on that shot. Good morning everyone.

  • mrs b

    that sky is amazing. dooce, you rock 🙂

  • smee

    very nice composition. not to mention, pretty pretty pretty!
    (or pretty pretty, pretty.”

  • Annabelle

    Good morning.

    Rise and Shine.

    I have a hangover.

  • wow…under 100? not me! 😉

  • Smark!

    Skies that like that make me want to move west.

  • Ditto the hangover. Nice pic.

  • I can’t decide if that pic looks like a forboding sunset or a promising sunrise.

    Although, I guess if it’s looking west, it must be sunset?

    Agh. I am so _geographically challenged._

  • yellow and blue make green – it’s _easy_! (purty sky.)

  • Renee

    the NE in the the thumbnail makes me think of scrabble pieces

  • looks like you can store yourself in that there facility (*self storage*). you know, in case you have nowhere else to store yourself…

  • lovin’ the pics, heather. the composition, the colors, the ideas, the emotions expressed… they’re all just so captivating.

    oh yeah, dig the blog too.

  • I want to know what type of lotion it is! I have a 7 month old baby girl and I want her to smell as good as Leta!

  • oh, and p.s. i wish i had booty flies like heather.

    that is all. _for now_

  • Jennifer

    Nice photo. Frequent lurker here. I love your site dooce. It gives me a window into what I hope my relationship with my future child will be.

  • this feels like a polaroid.

  • I dunno…when I say “downtown self storage” it’s my polite way of tellin’ somebody to shove it up their ass.

    But that’s just dainty me…

  • Worlds are colliding.

  • AndiMAC

    look at all the purty colors…..

  • Digital cameras: Letting perverts everywhere throw out the Polaroids!

  • Bucky, as is so often the case, you said what we all were thinking. (Actually, that’s hardly ever the case. Usually we’re all WTF?)

  • minxlj

    Lovely atmospheric photo!

  • is this morning or evening? tell me

  • ok evening, facing west, i get it, stop now

  • Susie, sometimes my brain patterns imitate those of a normal human.
    Most of the time, though, they dance to their own house mix of latin jazz and dirty garage rock. Even I say WTF to my thoughts all the time…

  • Ana

    I love that sky.

  • Holly

    It reminds me of that line in the Elizabeth Bishop poem “Twelfth Morning” that goes “Is perspective dozing?” I think it’s because the buildings are so flat and black, silhoutted against the sky; you can TELL there’s some fancy perspective going on, but at the same time, it’s almost muffled by the darkness of the shape of the building.

    Uh, I’m going to stop playing mediocre-art-critic-crossed-with-earnest-English-major now. I just liked the fact that the line jumped into my head when I saw this.

  • Jessica

    Lovely sunset, considering you don’t have that beautiful lurid smog red.

  • Heather must have slept in this morning if I managed to get up, make coffee, wait for the girl to get off the computer and still manage to be first.
    I thought the comments were closed until I saw the comment box.

    Glad to see they are not closed.

    and I agree…looks polaroidish (is that word?)

  • Hi everyone…I’d like to ask something of you all. In response to all the critiscism Dooce has taken (which resulted in comments being closed etc etc) and especially her battle with depression I think it would be nice if we Doocelings (ands I mean fans of hers, not the people who want to bitch) did something for her.
    I would like to put a little book together, which people can contribute to with a page containing their ‘thank you’s’, photo, favourite comments, something like that – and we can have it sent off to her. *Anyone interested please see my post ‘Present for Dooce’ on the unofficial Dooce Forum:*

  • Bucky and Susie: I now have two new things to add to my dilect:
    “Downtown self storage and undercarriage” LMAO!!!

  • rs

    I think that’s the best photo yet. Though I love Chuck Fridays.

  • I love that hint of lavendar in the clouds. subtle.

  • purrrty!

  • Em

    Beautiful sky!!

  • laurellz

    heather, you rawk my socks.

  • LeafGirl77

    I like the ever so cryptic “downtown self storage”.

    For some reason the sky makes me think of the summer. Can’t wait.

  • laurellz


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