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  • Annabelle

    I’m gonna come right out and say it- my first instinct was the same as Katie’s. Like, Hmmm, self-portrait and Heather’s interested in comments.

    Oh well, I’m a bit cynical. Sorry. I too am glad comments are back simply because it’s another form of entertainment here at the ranch.

  • I never comment, but I read everyday – felt compelled here to comment – you look absolutely STUNNING!!!! LOVE the hair!

  • How does Heather get her hair to be so bouncy? For a stay-at-home-mom, she always looks awesome. Most mothers I know always look frazzled.

  • cohesash

    i find the thought of you and jon traipsing around in your underwear, in the rain, quite sexy.

    keep at it.

  • Oh man, I have missed POKEY and his penis related comments. Life is good once again. 🙂

  • Paula

    Hee! Now that is some “molly mormom” hair. Stay in Utah too long and we all start to conform… I loved your short blonde hair- you looked like a model. Cool pic though- you guys take great photos.

  • Oooh! LOVE the hair! very nice photo!

  • Em

    You look lovely. Love the hint of Jon in the background and the callalilly too.

  • Very nice hair and color Dooce. Love the hell out of that. Been a while since you have posted a pic of yourself on here.

  • Is that a plastic flower?!

  • While I am sorry to have inadvertently caused incontinence to KBBAW … I’m delighted to see other people reading Susie’s post …. it’s brilliant. If you missed the link, it’s at #94.

  • Heather B. Armstrong…THE NEW PRETENDER starting this fall on NBC.

  • Blog exchange? Huh? What? Can I be a part of that as well? 🙂

  • Nilbo, I also read Susie’s post and laughed quite hard. Hard enough in fact to almost spew food and drink all over. She has quite the way with words. Love it.

  • HAHAHHAA very funny Greenthumb!

    Striz runs the blog exchange. You just sign up there.

    Okay, now I have to go shower….you guys play amongst yourselves and be good.

    No pushing and no kissing boys. (yes, that goes for you too Greenthumb 😉

    Bye everyone!!!

  • Heather… sometimes I’m so jealous of you because your life is just so beautiful and fulfilling to you. You’re lucky to have found the love of your life, and you guys rock because you can just chill and have fun and giggle with each other. Reading your blog makes me extremely happy and peaceful about the future, because now I know how good it can be.

    Oh yeah, and the day I can do something with my hair other blow dry it, I will have reached nirvana.

  • Speaking of incontinence, read my blog entry for today. I never knew how uncomfortable a trip to the urologist could be for a female.

    Thanks Kristine! I can’t wait to start the blog exchange. Sounds like fun!

  • Great picture today. It’s nice to see you, the creator of the site, on here. And yeah, everybody’s right. You are a bit of a hottie, eh?

  • “It’s a small world, but I wouldn’t wanna paint it.”

    – Stephen Wright

  • We have the blog exchange once a month where we send each other stuff. I sent Striz some magnets, a blog post it note pad, a magic 8 ball (truth or dare version) and a catalog for the Nikon D70.
    I had to go to the Nikon store to get it though, but it was worth it.
    (I got to check out some new filters for my camera!!)

    Did I mention I might be a touch evil?

  • Laura C.

    I’m so glad that the comments are up because last night, I was dying to compliment you on this Chuck story. I was in a public computer lab laughing my head off and receiving strange looks. That, my friend, is the sign of a good blog post.

  • Nilbo, I almost pissed my pants laughing at the blog entry you posted that Susie wrote. That had to be the funniest story ever written. I just wonder why Joaquin was looking at her eyes when he should have been looking, uh, you know, down there.

  • Okay, this is it for the day. I have to get ready to go meet my step-step son at the airport. He’s getting home from Afganastan for his 2 week leave from the army.

    This woman is the person who put my daughter’s cast on. I walked in and laughed because she looked just like Heather. Marina looked at me and said, “She looks like Chucks mom.”

  • Kristine, I would totally do the blog exchange. Let’s trade addresses.

  • Kristine, that girl SO looks like Heather! That is bizarre. And I would like to do blog exchange, too. Can you send me information on it? My email is

  • red

    hair looks awesome – and you look really elegant. nice pic!

  • Your hair looks fantastic! I’ve always wished my hair would do that flippy thing. Instead it just curls up.

  • Welcome back comments.
    and someone said “molly mormon” hair and I spit coffee out on my keyboard. That’s funny!

    Torrie…I’m going to send you the same thing I sent Striz 😉

  • Deenzadrine

    It’s ALWAYS good to document for posterity the fabulous hair days. Magnifique!

    although…I don’t like how that plant is lookin’ atcha…it better remember who holds the watering can in this house…

  • Hey there, good-looking.

  • Charlotte

    My coworkers are looking at me strangely while I laugh uncontrollably at your “cute” entry. My 1-month-older-than-Leta daughter does the same thing with our THREE dogs. She’s also discovered that they are much more efficient at cleaning her little hands than any napkin. Alas, we too are to blame for initially encouraging this “cute” behavior.

  • becaru

    Dooce smiles when someone else is taking the pix.
    Self-portraits are serious business.

  • Kristine, you’re sending me something?

    Oooh, the suspense is killing me.

  • LeafGirl77

    That is some SUPER sexy hair!!

  • Islander girl

    Ha Nils! I am sitting in my ch’twn office shaking with laughter after reading the link you posted above, #94. Thanks.
    And yes, that’s PEI — all the way to Utah and back again, eh?

  • Jo

    Raz, I always thought Heather looked like Madonna too, and Muffy I can see the resemblance to Carrie-Anne Moss too! I’ve also thought she looks unbelievably like Amber Valletta, so now i think she looks like a mix between all three! 🙂

    look at the picture i found- uncanny!

  • Lucky looking glass.

  • wonderful photograph as usual. I seriously want that camera.

  • Sarah

    I totally agree that Dooce looks like Amber Valleta! Had thought that before but then was watching “Hitch” and couldn’t believe how much they looked alike!

  • Jo

    Sarah, yep it was watching Hitch that made me choke on my popcorn at how like her Heather is!

  • Hey there Dooce-a-girlie. Pretty picture! Love the hair!

  • Am I way behind here, or have we talked about Heather’s mention in Business Week, May 2, 2005? I just went through all my mail finally. There it is, page 60: DOOCED. Big letters. Too bad they used the pic of the flight attendant instead of Heather & Leta. Or Chuck! He could seriously sell out the newsstands.

  • This has been driving me nuts since I saw it last week on the google group.
    Does Heather run that group? If so, then she must be the only one to be able to change side title?
    I ask this because I noticed on that day (think it was 4/14) there was a note in parenthesis by the title “Dooce”. Did any one else notice? I KNEW I should of done a screenshot dammit!!!!!!!

  • _i can’t believe no one’s said it yet, so here goes…_

    *heather, you have booty flies.*


  • Wasn’t that a Curtis Mayfield song?

    Ooooh, Booty Fly
    You’re gonna make your fortune by and by

  • RazDreams, that’s hilarious! And she does!

    Heather, comments opening up — however briefly — really reminds me what I love about dooce. It’s a little internet family, and I’m so glad I can enjoy it.

    Thank you for I love it so much.

  • Oh, and I don’t know if I have booty flies, but I’m told I have a fly booty.

    Why else would I wear the assless chaps?

  • Oh…yeah!! Comments!! I was so dreading a day of actual work. Thank uppercase god for comments today.

    And I think the Blog Exchange sounds like a great idea, I would love to get in on that!!

  • Comment 147 and we’re detariorating into the graphic & the sexual. It’s gotta be dooce!

  • Wish I had hair like that.

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