An unfiltered fire hose of flaming condemnation
  • victoria

    Good luck to your sister and the pooch.

    Did your brother ever replace Pepper?

  • Muffy

    SFG. Yea, I know about “blog-regret”. Hoping nothing bad happens to my ex. I’ll definitely get blamed after friday’s posts.
    -Thanks go out to all the doocelings who supported me in my anger on friday. It’s helped a lot. And i got laid, too. That helped as well.

  • TheGoat

    Southern Fried,

    An insatiable appetite here…

  • Hazy? The camera, at least, is perfectly lucid. Good thing one of you holds sake well.

  • I love the way you think, Goat.

  • Sex starved women? ya, so. got a problem with that thegoat?

  • Muffy

    Katie, you can’t name your stone George. That’s my cat’s name. He’s a pain in the ass, not a pain in your urinary tract.
    Now, if you get a really inflamed hemorrhoid, by all means, Go for George!

  • Aw, I really think my stone looks like a George. And actually, the stone was a pain-in-the-ass because I kept getting the hershey squirts because they gave me this alka-seltzer like stuff to cleanse my colon so they could do the x-ray procedure. I think that can be considered a real pain in the ass.

  • Now I want sushi for lunch. And, actually, I want sake for lunch as well, but I should probably skip that part.

  • ::reads the George comments::

    . . .

    Okay, now I don’t want sushi for lunch. Or anything, really. I’m good. With no food.

  • aaaaahhhh sake sake now

  • Poor Katie –

    Just a thought – did you happen to post anonymous comment on my blog answering a string of questions I have on there???

  • TheGoat

    Just an observation Lawbrat…oh by the way, nice boobies!

  • I will be customer #2 for the shocking barette.

    Nice picture. I love the sun during the hours when it is merely peeking out at us.

  • At least I’m not the only sake virgin. I’m addicted to this blog, Heather. I have some former Morman friends, so some of what you talk about is familiar to me from conversations I’ve had with them.

  • alright….

    I see the picture. You guys, seriously, this one isn’t so great. Sometimes I wonder if Dooce posts random pictures like this to see if people oh and ah about something that isn’t really that spectacular.

    Don’t yell at me.

  • I’ll bet “that thing” is having the time of his life with those little monsters. Cap’N Crunch is a delicacy we’re only allowed on vacation at the beach.

  • Goat,

    Is there any other way to exist other than sex-starved? I am gonna go with no. Can never get enough of that stuff.

  • Muffy

    Me want snoo-snoo.

  • No, I didn’t. I saw you asked me that on my blog, and I was wondering what the anonymous poster wrote?

  • OK, I offically have no fuckin clue who that is now. Very strange. I wonder if it is someone who knows me in person and found my blog. Um, that would be bad because I write a lot of shit on there. Hmmmmm…..

  • Muffy, you are cracking me up!! You know we will so be tuning in via the net to watch the wedding. 🙂

  • I am an ordained minister.
    No shit.

  • Em

    That’s a pretty haze, indeed.

  • Torrie, you too? I think that’s where mine is from, too.

    Yes, I was drunk when ordained. Isn’t that a requirement?

  • What on God’s green earth were you doing up so freaking early?

  • Nilbo, yes, that’s the working name for my church. It was either gonna be that or Ye Old Holy Moley HollaHouse.

    Let me know what you guys think. And whether I should collect tithings in cash or if I should also accept checks, plastic, and slightly worn undergarments.

  • Muffy

    Katie, I gotta set up a flickr account. I’ve been super busy though. I still have to pack, pick up the dress, yada yada yada. Please though, doocelings, join us in our nuptials!
    Check out, May 18, 1:30 Pacific, MAIN CHAPEL! Live as it happens!
    My bailiff is giving me away, dontcha know?

  • top hundred!


    beautiful picture. quite enjoy the light.

  • Sake Haze, I’m feeling it.

  • Bucky … you’re ordained? What’s the church … Our Lady of Perpetual Horniness?

  • Spoonleg(#56), you obviously haven’t been in the right parking lots.

  • Hi Buck.
    Ok to call you Buck now? Miss Prurient Home Companion?

    Your voice is replaying in my mind from time to time. I think the people on the train thought I was loopy. Spelling to myself Katy K-A-T-Y

  • zchamu

    Beagles!! Here’s some advice for your sister:

    Poop – continuous
    Energy – boundless
    Attention span – none
    Cap’n Crunch – yes please.

  • HEY YOU GUYS!!!!

    hi everyone, been away, missed you all so much!

    Beautiful shot Heather! thanks.
    needed a smile today

  • What’s so bad about the Cap’n?

  • Hi Cristin! Good to “see” you again!

    Did you finally get your computer fixed?

  • reminds me of a scene from a crime drama show of some kind…cool photo!

    saw the bookmobile the other day, thought of Heather and Jon of course!

  • See? Knew you had a cannon. It was the voice that gave you away.

  • Dooce, again with the warm/cool temperature contrasts. I like it – it almost evokes a mood or memory.

    It’s so easy to just turn the camera toward the sunset, but it’s not the whole story is it?

    P.S. I love sake. It’s an energetic high compared to beer or wine. But my friends say I crack too many jokes when I drink sake. Oh well!

  • Muffy

    OMG! I believe I had a case of Munschausens Syndrome by blog on friday.
    I’m reading Katie’s blog about her kidney stones.
    About an hour later, I get this horrible pain in my lower abdomen and back. I’m thinking I HAVE a kidneystone!
    Now I think I was just ovulating. Which comes in really handy. Nothing like knowing you’re gonna get your rag on your wedding day.

  • my tummy’s grumblin


  • parking lots are not phallic.

  • Nilbo, you could see a brick wall and find nipples there.

    You need savin’, son, plain and simple. Did I ever mention I’m an ordained minister?

  • Every time there’s a new picture, I ALWAYS have to find the part of the picture that was used as the thumbnail from the homepage. It’s a little game I’ve started playing with myself.

  • I don’t have sake in my desk drawer, but I wish I did. As for the picture, I don’t think it would do that much for me if it wasn’t entitled Sake Haze. You bring alcohol into the mix and it explains a lot. If you think it is a crappy picture, it is probably because she was inebriated at the time.

  • I thought the thumbnail was a bunch of candles.

  • Honk!

  • naralius

    i thought the thumbnail were bamboo sticks

  • OK—Now that i’m not straining my keyboard to post a comment, yes, it does look phallic! But then the view out of the gate and into the street looks like it’s emphasizing both freedom and constraint.

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