Law and Order: Comment Spam By Jury Unit

Recently Jon had to go through my Movable Type database and delete 15,000 comment spam, the majority of which existed on entries where comments were closed or were never opened in the first place. When we did the math we realized I was getting hundreds of comment spam a day which shouldn’t be a problem because Movable Type has several plug-ins which catch the spam and prevent them from showing up on the site. However, the spam still existed in my database and the totality of the spam was taking up over 40 times the space of the ENTIRETY OF MY POSTS on my server.


Also, the comment code on my site, which was being hit hundreds of times a day by comment spammers alone, was breaking my server on a weekly basis and annoying the very friendly people at my hosting company. I very much like my hosting company. They have been very good to me, as forgiving and generous as any Christ-like hosting company should be. Amen.

In addition to the spam I have recently been getting in trouble for some of the things people have been saying on my daily photo. I haven’t had the time to monitor the comments like I should, and I really don’t want my website to become a place where people come to be mean to each other.

Yes, I will certainly miss all the talk of ass-less chaps. Alas, the Dooce District Attorney’s Office says that comments must be suspended at this time and remanded without bail.