To all the RSS readers I’ve loved before

Last week Jon and I accepted an offer from a company that wanted to run ads in my RSS feed. For those of you who don’t know what RSS is then you can skip this first part because this first part is all about the people who read my RSS feed and now want to kick my ass. I seem to have violated a sacred RSS rule that has resulted in a lot of email where the use of multiple exclamation points has been taken to a whole new level.

We agreed to run ads in the feed for a few reasons. One, of course, is money, but one is very closely related to number two. Two, we really need that money because of number three. For those of you who don’t care about the RSS feed you can pick up right about here because right about here is where I am going to address the other ads that have started running on my site. Did you see the one with the crazy lady and her shopping bags? She scared me, too.

Three, my husband does not suffer from any mental illness other than Likes Steely Dan Disorder, but I’m fairly certain that he is on the verge of a breakdown. We’ve been trying to figure out how to prevent that breakdown from happening and we keep coming back to the fact that his day job is killing him. I’m not going to go into any of the sordid details about his job because THOU SHALT NOT WRITE ABOUT WORK ON THE INTERNET is the one commandment the Lord can count on me to obey. But I will say that we’re going through a transition right now, and during this transition my website is going to feed us, no pun intended.

I also think that right now is a perfect time for me to go for it, to publish myself and make a living while doing it. There are examples out there of “publishing empires” where one person owns several Internet properties and hires people to maintain those properties for him: car sites, gossip sites, gadget sites, your garden variety boobie sites, etc. You know who they are. What’s so exciting about technology and the state of the Internet RIGHT NOW is that I can hire myself and maintain my own property. And so can anyone else, it’s just matter of working to make it happen and taking control of the power like you would a big hard cock, and there I said it.

More than ever this is about doing what I love and making it possible for my husband to do what he loves. The old man isn’t getting any younger, let’s face it, and he’s got ideas and projects he wants to work on but can’t because — and now I’m just generalizing here but you’ll get my point — the damn client wants to make it more purple WHEN IT SHOULD NEVER BE PURPLE. I have found the job that makes me happy and I want to give him the chance to find his.