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Why go someplace more comfortable when he can just lie here and die?

  • milkmaid

    NEKKID CHUCK…where IS his collar? 🙂

  • Has he been swallowing magnets at all? Perhaps he’s being pulled to the earth’s core?

  • My cat does this. Just falls right over on her side, like she’s had the most exhausting life ever. Sometimes I wish I could just fall over.. but then again, if i did I’d certainly break a tailbone or a hip or something.

  • no funny glasses or hat? Something feels like it is missing.

  • Russweasel

    Dogs is funny people. Our “Rusty” used to fret and whine and bark for hours when it rained. He wanted to be let outside, where would promptly sit or lie in the middle of the yard and get totally soaked, staring mournfully at the house. We’d coax him back in, dry him off and the whole process started over.

    I think he secretly dug getting towelled off.

  • StephJ0428

    Dude, seeing Chuck in this manner makes me want a slothful dog. Do you mind if I call Chuck a “slothful” dog? It could be like the Your Mother thing – no one is allowed to insult Your Mother except for you. It was a compliment, though, weirdly.

    Also, this has nothing to do with Chuck, but I think my sister takes the cake for mispronunciation nicknames. My name is Stephanie; she called me Vicey until she was at least 5. Ner-Ner and Vicey, Twin Wrestling Mutants from Tulsa! I can see the neon lit up from miles away.

    Have a good one, H.A.! Leta and Maya look an awful lot alike; it’s actually a little freaky. I should send you current pictures …

  • I can tell he wants to lick himself, but it’s … just … too … much …. effort.

  • raspberry queen

    My cat does that all the time, in the middle of the living room floor. With a little grunt/meow, he’ll go from standing to dead kitty position.

  • mediaguy74

    tape it and post it. Would love to see it. Reminds me of the fainting sheep.

  • At least he chose that spot, not like that narcoleptic dog I see on the internets.

    And where’s his collar?

  • great pic! I think it’s funny how there’s vaguely Chuck-shaped spot in the grass.

  • Do dogs have sex dreams? Because that is one silly grin he’s got on his face…

  • My baby does this too and then grins at me, like “Don’t you wish you were me?” And then she gets a very diva-y attitude where I expect at any minute she will tell me to fetch her a gin and tonic and make it snappy.

  • Heh. We used to have a Golden Retriever, Sexy Sadie, who would do that… when she reached full size, the silly bitch would shake the whole house with that trick.
    After the first two “It’s the Big One!” panic attacks, I got used to it.

  • tk

    Hopefully one of these days you can catch him doing that on a video clip. That would be priceless…

    Yes, that really is a look of pure bliss on his face. That’s fabulous!!

  • My sister’s dog does the same thing. She slams her butt down on the ground first, then just lets the rest of her body fall. She’s such a nerd.

  • My pitbull does the same thing, but it’s usually when he accidentally falls over and then lies there like he planned it that way the whole time. I guess playing it cool would work if I hadn’t seen the part where he tripped over the rug to begin with.

  • princess_mp

    wouldn’t it be nice if everyone were so easily made happy just like chuck? they’d probably suck less. for sure.

  • That is truly a picture of bliss right there.

    Most of my dog’s life we lived in a townhouse with a patio but no yard so his opportunities to lie in the grass came when we went to the park. He rarely, if ever, relaxed so completely as that dog though, electing instead to stay ever-so-slightly awake in case some unsuspecting picnicer came by with a nice ham sammich.

  • My cats used to do this. I started doing it when I was a teenager. I admit to still doing it, only now I do it for the amusement of my toddler. She giggles a lot when I fall over and exclaim that “OH no! You’ve slain the Mommy!”

  • Is there any other way to fall that with a pronounced “thunk”? If you’re going to plop, do so with gusto, I always say.

  • That is what I call flat basset.

    Why move when I can look adorable and you can still pick me up?

  • Dog bliss. How simple and lovely.

  • josh is more of a curler than a flopper. unless it’s onto my bed. then it’s a roll over, paws in the air, and snort.

  • My family dog when I was…junior high-ish, I guess…was fabulous in several ways. My favorite, though, was her tendency to: a) freak out if she wasn’t walked (for a long time) every day and b) to decide in the middle of about 50% of said walks that it was time to lay down and not move. I can’t even count the amount of times I had to carry her home…or the amount of times I wished someone was carrying ME home.

  • This would be a great scene to videotape and share with all of us….*hint hint*

  • Dogs are just funny that way. I think it has to do with the heat and they just feel like, “why go further, when i can go no further to relax and not waste one more ounce of energy.” one of my dachshunds, Tica, does this same thing. one minute she is happily chasing her tail, or the water out of a hose, or chasing a bird and the next split second she is lying paralyzed stuck to the ground. it could be hot cement or in the sun on grass. go figure.

  • Ah, the joys of summertime!!

  • jes

    I like that he’s smiling. It goes well with your caption.

  • My Poo Woo does the same thing – the “Dead Dog Flop!” And then roasts in the sun for hours. It appears to be total dog-bliss.

    Guess this is pictoral representation of the “Dog Days of Summer.”

    Thanks for the Chuckiliciousness!

  • Lauren

    is it friday?

  • I’m surprised you’re not trying to balance something on him as usual. Or putting on a funny hat. Heather, you’ve lost your edge.

  • Obviously, Chuck has collapsed under the weight of his own cuteness.

  • That’s what I just did for fifteen minutes…and I feel like a new person!

  • It’s at least 110 degrees right there, right?

  • If it exists and if I can choose my species, then in my next life I want to come back as a dog like Chuck, or like my own supermut, whose only adversities in life include the UPS truck and a couple of neighborhood squirrels.

  • my yoshi falls on his tummy. all paws backward.

    I can relate with the *thunk* sound.

  • kierewalker

    Does Chuck do the “face dance” before he plops? Our golden-mix, Leela, goes into her play bow and rubs both sides of her face alternately against the floor and her paws while making noises that are unmistakably sexual. Only then does she allow the flop to happen. With GUSTO.

  • … forgot to include a link to my puppy gallery as well… call me a link (man)whore…

    yoshi the shih tzu

  • jacks

    I am loving this picture. The smile on his face is priceless!

    I’d love to be doing what he’s doing instead of working!

  • God, I totally felt this way when I was in our firm staff-meeting this morning. I kept nodding off, and I swear I had this exact same look of pleasure on my face as I drifted off into dreamland. Then I was jolted awake by the words of our CEO saying that their equivalent of college-tuition assistance is their wonderful, useful Word and Powerpoint training sessions. And that they won’t pay for our parking. That was when the smile faded away.

    Oh, to be Chuck for one day…

  • Ahahahaha my dog Emma does exactly the same thing. She’ll be walking around and all of a sudden she’ll tilt ever-so-slightly to the side and then BOOM.

    Here’s Ems:

    Hey, does Chuck do the classic “go limp” when you want him to do something that he doesn’t want to do? My brother is determined that Emma was actually a war protester from the ’60s reincarnated as my dog. She’s amazing at being deadweight. 😀

  • Heck, you scared me there for a moment and I thought Chuck had died from the headline.

    Simba the wondercat flops like that as well.

  • Mack’sMom

    My parents have a picture of my younger brother (when he was about 9 months old) asleep on the dog, while she was basking in the sun. They both look so peaceful. Memories…

  • Amber

    Yep, Kyla the Boston Terrier does that one too. After a run, she will dramatically throw herself onto the sofa. Then fall asleep like this:

  • Mack’sMom

    Oh what I would give to have our dog do that for, say, five minutes!

    We have an 11 week old black lab, Ozzy, who as far as I’m concerned is complete out to get me!

    Chuck looks like he’s smiling. Ozzy only smiles after he has taken a chunk of skin out of my ankle! I know it will get better, but in the meantime I will be living vicariously through you.


  • my cat does the same thing. probably less startling with a 6lb cat. but she doesn’t actually do it to rest. she does it when she wants to be scratched and i’m not obliging. like a bratty little kid. it’s sweet.

  • It’s good thing one at the Armstrong household is overly dramatic. HeHeHe.

  • Valerie

    Our dog, Graham, does the same thing. I usually give in and lay down with him. I think I need a job.

  • Huh. Dogs are so dramatic.

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