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Victory declared in Clog Wars

  • Liv

    wow. that was great! and the oscar goes to…

  • That was good! 🙂

  • Beth in Michigan

    Hilarious! A victory for clog loving gardeners everywhere! Do they make these in a 15? I need to get some for my husband. Oh, except he’ll probably want to wear them with socks like his sandals. Sigh. Never mind.

  • OMG!
    Please have more fictional wars just so that they end in short films…PLEASE!

    He fought the good fight…but really in the end he died for what he loved and that is clogs and the right to wear them.

  • This is how war always ends, with death and destruction. But liberty prevailed. So there.

  • Freaking hilarious. You guys rock.

  • The movie did nothing for me. Obviously, this is a serious blow to John’s manhood now that he’s going to wear clogs again. Victory? I think not.

  • He was holding out, wasn’t he? You gave in for the nookie.

    Wear them long and proud, Jon! Clog Army 4-eva!

  • Laurie

    We blog! We clog! 🙂

    Great video, but what IS that on Jon’s shirt?

  • The horror. The horror…

  • bookworm

    I’ve been on the edge of my seat for 2 days! Great movie, my boss is going to fire me!

  • EmmeJemme

    HOORAY!!!!!! I’m so happy for Jon and laughing my butt off at that video. As soon as I saw the link I squealed. What made you cave Heather???
    You guys are the absolute coolest people I know. I love you. I LOVE YOU!!!! (coughcough) I’m just saying…you know… I don’t know any other family but mine that would do that. You guys rule. I want you to adopt me. Thank you for just being you. All of you.
    So awesome…ROFL

  • That was only the best ever! 😀

  • Yes, the helicopter makes it.

    Viva le Clog!

  • Ms Z

    You two are a riot!! Just what I needed today! Glad to see you didn’t try to flush the crocs like you did the beach towel…LOL! Or did you try and they kept floating to the top?

  • OMG. I love you guys so much! (But I hate clogs.)

  • OutOfTune

    Jeez.. time on your hands much? Why don’t you two get jobs. *rolls eyes*.

    Ha. just kidding.
    Jobs are for suckers.
    And you guys are hilarious. Congrats to Jon. I bet this is funnier with sound though – I’ll have to watch again when i get home.

  • At least he got his clogs back.. if even for a moment.

    if he didnt get them back before he lost his life,then the terrorits have won. It shall all not be in vain.

  • Dead men don’t wear clogs.

    Dead clogs don’t wear men, either.


  • MaineTracy

    Does jon have poop on his shirt?
    Did he win because he was able to dodge flying poop and grab the clog?
    Did Leta and Chuck judge the final winner in this battle?

    Will jon ever recover?
    The film leaves more questions than it answers, when will part two come out?
    Will he ever walk with two clogs again…

  • Z

    I don’t know what is more awesome, the score or the costumes in this particular flick. Well done. hehe.

  • Shoe snob.

  • Noooooo!!! Must not believe the enemy propaganda!!!

    Bill: “…he lived as he died….” – Barefoot and covered in ketchup?

    Although I must say your whites are just gorgeous. Clorox®?

  • Damn, that was excellent. Is there NOTHING you two can’t do? =)

  • Wonder what the neighbors thought of that one. Kind of like the episode zeFrank did the other day where he ran down his street in adult diapers and some old lady passed by.

    Btw, was that Planet of the Apes soundtrack?

  • jes

    With music and everything? The DRAMA.

  • far and away the farthest

    Stunning! Obviously a victory for you Dooce, but the helicopter…I may injure myself laughing.

  • slickwilliejr

    i think heather just feaered for the life of her precious pink shoes.

    clog army, we speak your name!

  • All over a clog eh?
    I’m convinced to stay with my 3 inch heels forever. I don’t want to end up like Jon.

  • Viva le clog!
    It isn’t a total victory until we see photographic evidence of dooce’s feet in pink crocs.
    Resistance is futile.

  • riot_siren

    So I guess that’s proof to all women to never stand between your man and his footwear. Also, the neighbors now know for SURE that those Armstrong folks are trouble.

  • Maiken

    I had to watch the movie twice because I really like your house!! The clog war will be a story for generations.

  • I love the sound effects and blood on Jon’s shirt. This is quality entertainment!

  • Mitzi

    Ya’ll are so retarded. I love it.

  • anniewaits

    Live by the clog, die by the clog.

  • Viva La Rivoluzione!

    This casualty shall not go unavenged!

    Or something like that.

  • IrishKat

    I’m sending the link to my cousin in LA. He does slasher films.

  • Sharkey

    Um, you guys have WAAAAAY too much time on your hands.


  • dawn444

    I wuv you guys!!

  • hahaha the helicopter! oh i hope there were some neighbors nearby wondering what the hell you two were doing.

  • OMG, that was great!

  • JC

    awesome. you two are too much. 🙂

  • Thank goodness he bought it on the lawn … imagine the mess inside the house?!!?

    p.s. Are you sure you destroyed ALL the evidence?

  • Operation Recover Lost Clogs, completed.

    God Bless covert ops!

  • I love the longing look just before he lays his head down to die. Drama queen.

  • Your next masthead:

    Dooce: Blog Against the Clog – Since 2006

  • ktjane

    this clip makes me wish i knew you guys in real life. you’ve got to be the two coolest people ever! SO FUNNY!

  • Holy hell, that was seriously funny.

  • This scares me. In so many delicious ways.

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