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Hardest working dog on the Internet

The following video is inspired entirely by this one where a group of wacky Japanese people (aren’t they all?) are seeing how many treats they can stack onto one dog’s head. They get up to 32 treats before the dog collapses under the weight of temptation.

Here we’re able to stack 16 pieces of chicken jerky onto Chuck’s head, and we would have kept going but that’s all we had left in the bag. I’m sure this whole endeavor goes against every principle of dog psychology, and if we have permanently damaged him as a result at least we can say we had fun doing it.

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  • HDC

    Yay Chuck! Such a good pup =)

  • ryan

    now that is a hard working dog… dog willpower for sure.

  • Watching that?
    So much better than working…

  • that’s the best yet- Chuck rocks!

  • I love that he just sits there for a second after you say ok. Like, he’s trying to wrap his brain around getting that much jerky!

  • My dog would be afraid of chicken jerky. Most especially if I tried to put it on her head. Other fears include: bottles, the garage, car rides, people, and delivery men. She’s kind of neurotic.
    Therefore, I must live vicariously through dogs like Chuck who seem well-adjusted and happy. Tell Chuck I said thank you–so very much.

  • Tanya

    He is *such* a good boy.

  • Abbey

    Oh I wish my dog could stand to have even one treat on her head. She just can’t take having a treat so near and it not be in her mouth.

    Random…I am enjoying your quote on my Google Homepage… I saw Heather Armstrong and thought, “Dooce – Heather Armstrong?” So I clicked on the link and found a whole page of quotes of yours. You lucky girl!

  • winwetz

    Did you know that you are one of the Quotes of the Day that appears on customized Google home pages? Congrats!

  • oh, Chuck. he’s such a good sport.

  • mslieder

    Chuck IS the wonderdog.

  • Lolajb

    OK, Chuck’s eyes are clearly saying:
    “How can I be so deeply in love with such odd beings?!?!” and he has such an aura of resignation about him…
    “Sigh… OK… if THIS is what I have to do to entertain you humans…”
    He is like the best dog…ever.

  • kidsmom

    The Dog Whisperer has nuttin’ on ya’ll. Chuck, you are a god.

  • I’m going to try this with my twins and animal cookies… Stay tuned…

  • I want to marry Chuck and have his puppies!

  • What a good sport Chuck is!! My dog can’t even have treats in the house without going after them, let along on his head.

    Great dog and photo!

  • That made my day.
    I will consider it my birhtday present.

  • I like how at the end you tell him it’s OK and he still stands there, unmoving, like he thinks that it’ll never be OK.

  • ecologista

    Even when my 14 year-old lab was on death’s door, he would have gone apeshiat after the first treat…Chuck, clearly, is not a real dog, but some sort of saint temporarily ensnared in a dog’s body.

  • Simply brilliant!

  • dyanna

    That is the funniest thing I’ve seen since… ever! I’m sitting at my desk CRYING and trying my darnest NOT to burst out laughing for fear that the powers that be will find out I’m not actually working on anything except watching Chuck!

  • I’ve been reading your blog for a little while now. I really enjoy it. It’s great.

    But today I decided to actually delurk and make a comment because, well, your dog made me do it.

    I’ve NEVER been a dog person. I LOVE cats.

    But seeing how disciplined and gentle your dog is while he patiently sits and lets you pile up that jerky on his head and snout … well, if I could have a dog just like him? I would. He’s soooooo cool!

    He must love you to pieces!

  • Those are some pretty impressive balancing skills you have. You deserve a treat too – jerky, or otherwise.

  • We do the same thing with our toddler and pancakes.

    She doesn’t like it when we add syrup, though.

  • Valeria

    Well, if it’s true that the meek shall inherit the Earth, then Chuck will surely be crowned king one day 🙂

    Actually Heather, it looks like your whole family is moving ever so closer toward world domination, not just Chuck. Did you see that today you’re featured as quote of the day on google? It’s the one about keeping your floors clean 🙂

  • jes


    Poor Chuck. I love how his eyes look so forlorn – you can tell that implicitly trusts you.

  • I don’t think dogs mind – I think they just want love and attention.

  • The only thing that would have made this better is possibly some classical music playing in the background.

    What willpower.

  • Gah! Cutest puppy ever!!!

    By the by, my oh-so-special-and-personalized google homepage today featured a quote by you in the quotey section. The one about clean floors and mental illness. You make us fellow crazies proud. 🙂

  • 6degrees


    That is the cutest damn dog on the entire planet!

    So, my neighboring co-workers are looking oddly at me for the incessant tittering… see, I work in an office where it is so bloody quiet, you could hear a fly fart… please, DON’T do that to me again… o.k., maybe ONCE more…

  • You need to put that dog in ballet, cuz he gots da balance.

    I can totally see him doing Nutcracker.


  • Wonked

    Resisting treats is one thing, but professional modeling is much more difficult:

  • Chuck is such a good doggie

  • Gina in LV

    Chuck should be nominated for sainthood. Such a sweet boy!

  • Chuck is such a good doggie, my dog wouldn’t have sat still for one. My dog is a bad bad shitty diaper eating dog.

  • Hysterical! I’m sitting here with a Golden Retriever who can’t even hold ONE treat on her nose before she goes berserk. Chuck is one in a million!

  • E

    My favorite part is him licking his chops half way thru. I’m amazed he’s not drooling. My two drool when I even say the word, “treat.”

  • Gee Whiz. And mine can only eat apples. Can Chuck come over and teach my puppy a few tricks?

    He’s brilliant!

  • BlackCelt

    Poor Chuck. Such a nice docile dog that is always getting picked on by his humans for their amusement. Further proof that dogs are superior beings for their patience with all of us.

  • Sanchez would’ve eaten my hand if it got that close to his mouth with a treat. I have to sort of lob them in his direction and run like hell.

  • moppet

    Delurking to say…’s got nothing on Chuck. He does look resigned to his fate though, doesn’t he?

  • dylan

    hahaha!!! I LOVE it. how did you guys ever trian Chuck to stand there while you place only god knows what on his head? You must have doggie crack bribes or something.

  • BlogThatMommy

    I am soooo trying that . . . except I’m using my 4-year-old and M&M’s. I will let you know if it’s as entertaining!

  • lightspring

    He obviously was presuming that he’d be allowed to eat ALL the treats after whatever strange rite you were performing was over. god that dog loves you!

    In the video still he doesn’t even look like a real dog, just some bizarre dog statue with leather pieces balanced on it.

    Chuck could totally turn me from a Cat Person into a Dog Person.

  • NixMom

    I’m calling Cesar Milan and telling on you…



  • DH.

    Woo-hoo! Doggie Jenga!

  • That poor dog tries so hard. 🙁 It’s worth the torture.

  • nonahs

    Hilarious! I could do that with my parents’ dog, who is very well trained and will put up with anything, but my beagles would spazz completely if I tried putting food anywhere that wasn’t in their mouths.

  • AWESOME! I’ve tried stacking milkbones on my dog’s head, but she can’t even wait for me to place one on there before she’s tilting down to eat it. That’s one very cool dog you have.

  • AW

    Hey, I’m more impressed with your stacking ablities than anything.

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