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Hardest working dog on the Internet

The following video is inspired entirely by this one where a group of wacky Japanese people (aren’t they all?) are seeing how many treats they can stack onto one dog’s head. They get up to 32 treats before the dog collapses under the weight of temptation.

Here we’re able to stack 16 pieces of chicken jerky onto Chuck’s head, and we would have kept going but that’s all we had left in the bag. I’m sure this whole endeavor goes against every principle of dog psychology, and if we have permanently damaged him as a result at least we can say we had fun doing it.

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  • statia

    I’m dying over here. You should have just gotten out the steaks and the frozen chicken. He’s definitely got a lot of patience.

  • womanrat

    What a sweet, patient, loving dog. Seeing that made me want to squeeeeeze him in a hug. I understand now why you love him so much and were totally bereft in Amsterdam at the thought of losing him.

  • di

    Thanks for the first laugh I’ve had today! Too funny!

  • best. dog. ever.

  • doodlepie

    Love that zen-like concentration and control.

  • SurprisingWoman

    He is sooo cute! And he didn’t have a cheering section the way the other did either. He totally could have beaten that cute black doggie’s record.

    Darling, darling.

  • happy

    Remember when we were kids, every family always had something that they would always do a certain way. And never realized til years later, that nobody else did it that way.

    Chuck..”You mean your folks just hand you a treat??? You don’t have to wear it first? What about hats? How about heels or clogs?!! OK, is there a union I don’t know about.

  • yeah, its funny now, but when’s chuck’s down in the basement he’s actually writing his world domination manifesto. parts of it have been leaked onto the internet, and from what i’ve seen… let’s just say he’ll be having the last laugh.

  • seppukuqueen

    How do you get your dog to be so well behaved?

  • tigerlily

    Hehe, best dog ever! I love that he needs to be reassured a few times that it’s ok to get the treats. Are you sure? Are you sure now? Really, are you sure?

  • Mack’sMom

    Watching that makes me so very depressed…

    I have a LONG way to go with Ozzy, our six month old black lab. The other night I was so proud to get him to lay down using a specific hand motion (and no, not the one your thinking of…but that might be good for other things!)

  • Trinity

    That was blooming hilarious. I can’t believe he didn’t even budge…or move his eyes at all. He was staring straight ahead with such intent. What a good dog…my dog goes apesh*t if I even *look* in the direction of the kitchen (where the treats are hidden). Thanks for sharing that.

  • Mack’sMom

    seppukuqueen …I think Heather is sharing her meds with Chuck!

  • I feel jilted. At least the Japanese-dog-torture-lady annoyingly announced EVERY SINGLE TREAT as she placed it on his head!! Where is that sweet Southern Heather-twang?

    Okay…to be honest, the “Okay, Puppy” part was so cute that it totally made up for that. And made up for me nearly peeing my pants, as I laughed at BOTH videos.

    I still think Chuck is a Muppet. And dog people are the BEST!

  • liv

    Chuck is truly the wunderhund! Such restraint like that which I have never witnessed in myself!

  • You should go on the road with that act!

  • OMG! How cruel 🙂

  • What the fuck is jerky? It looks like ears.

    I love Chuck. Did he eat the whole lot in one go?!


  • thank you. i just urinated in my capris.

  • Uh hello…Hardest Working Former Congressman. Makes the others pale in comparison.

    Bravo Chuckles!!

  • san

    people are strange. LOL

  • Franca

    the question is: did he get to eat them all afterwards? if he did, good for him! if he didn’t, that’s just torture, woman. but funny torture for sure.

    i have to say i’ve never seen a dog keep his head that still for that long. absolutely amazing.

  • Oh my goodness! Very impressive. He sure earned that treat.

    My cat is so impatient she usually has her head in the bowl before I’m done dumping her food in.

  • Blinded by chicken jerkey! Could Chuck be any CUTER??

  • OneBabyMama

    Forgive me if this has already been mentioned before (didn’t read through all the comments)…but do you know the site
    I think you should do a dog one. And wow, is Chuck a patient one! *giggle*

  • My favorite part?

    When you put the second and third piece of jerky on his snout, he closes his eyes. As if to say, “well, folks, if you’re going to block my vision, I may as well submit.”

    So adorable.

  • Chuck is a Jedi.

  • cardshoppegirl

    oh thank you, Heather! thank you, Chuck!

  • labyrinthos

    Sweetest, most hilarious example of “animal cruelty” ever. I want a Former Congressman of my very own.

  • Chuck is a beautiful, well-trained, patient dog with soulful eyes.

    You, otoh, are mean. That was just too hard to watch. The poor pup. How can you tease him like that and not feel badly? He’s such a good dog.

  • Awesome, that’s impressive! One of my dogs isn’t quite bright enough to train and the other one has no inhibition regarding foods, possibly due to how abused he was by his former owners, so I’m especially impressed.

  • gabip

    Worlds most tolerant dog! However, I would sleep with one eye open from now on ;~)

  • I am clapping with sheer glee and announcing, to no one…


  • KookieDangerous

    Such trust, such love, such striving. You realize, don’t you, that you’ve created another Valedictorian? The love showered on such an achiever must be glorious. I wish I were Chuck!

  • Thank you for providing my family our meal time entertainment 🙂 Having a dog myself, I understand the complexity of doing what you did.

    I’m thinking that you could hook up with the Dog Whisperer as a team. That’s raw talent I say.

  • mossage

    This video is hilarious! I died when you finally covered up his face with the jerky, and he just sat there… and how he didn’t seem to want to believe that you were actually done. “Uh we’re, done? You sure? Ummm okay.”

    He’s such a pro!

  • Jenn

    He’s just too cute! What a great pup 🙂

  • Smacky

    I love you guys.

    It was great how you had to keep saying, “Okay.” louder and louder until he finally obeyed. 😀

  • Kate

    After watching the Japanese video, I would imagine that what the woman is saying to the dog is what American dogs hear when their owners speak to them, and Japanese dogs probably hear English.

  • i love chuck. dear lord. if i could just watch this video everyday i wouldn’t need zoloft!

  • Ok, maybe I need to get out more but that was the coolest thing i’ve ever seem. Had he not licked at one point I would have thought that you guys finally took advantage of the taxidermist next door. HOW did you train him to be so patient?

  • Chuck is a wonder dog. Talk about nerves of steel. I heart Chuck!

  • My first lab was very good at holding one treat on her nose. My second lab never understood the point. She kept taking her nose out of my hand and reaching for the treat.

    “Hey, stupid! My mouth is down HERE!”

    I haven’t tried this with my new lab puppy. I just know it would end badly.

    You guys are definitely “Dog Whisperer: Utah, season one”!

  • hokie

    That’s impressive! Any secrets? Both of my monsters have been through countless classes and we still can’t put anything on their heads without them eating it in one nanosecond.

  • Kim Carter

    I am sure you have heard of oolong (

  • Max would have started flicking his right ear on one, treat gone on 2. Not eaten mind you, because it’s not a hot -dog, just gone

  • pavlov has nothing on this canine

  • How on earth does he stay so still??
    What a little sweetheart =)

  • it’s 2am and I can’t sleep, so I’m on the internet, laughing like a LOON and trying desparately not to wake my husband up in the process.

    Please tell me you gave him a piece of jerky as a treat!

  • Sigh. We used to balance rawhides on our Golden’s nose and he would go cross-eyed with frustration. Good times.

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