Best way to roast the broomstick. Must try. Five Stars.

Hardest working dog on the Internet

The following video is inspired entirely by this one where a group of wacky Japanese people (aren’t they all?) are seeing how many treats they can stack onto one dog’s head. They get up to 32 treats before the dog collapses under the weight of temptation.

Here we’re able to stack 16 pieces of chicken jerky onto Chuck’s head, and we would have kept going but that’s all we had left in the bag. I’m sure this whole endeavor goes against every principle of dog psychology, and if we have permanently damaged him as a result at least we can say we had fun doing it.

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  • I love it. Chuck rules. I’m surprised he was able to restrain himself for that long.

    Btw, I love today’s daily pictures. Especially the one with the old fashioned street light. I wish we had those here.

  • Oh, what a well-trained dog, poor thing! 🙂 I love how you can’t even see his eyes by the end…and that you have to tell him “OK!” several times before he’s sure you really mean it.

  • ok, no take backs, I love you.

  • signot

    LMAO! Chuck is awesome. If my dog thinks he may have seen me with a treat a mile away, he tackles me.

  • phyl

    I absolutely love Chuck to pieces meeses. He obviously has a great sense of humor! We adopted a Black Lab/Rhodesian Ridgeback mix from a shelter when he was about 3 or 4. He loved to play tricks on us, but I don’t think he would put up with the stuff you pull on Chuck. Heather, you are great and Leta is absolutely adorable. If you ever are in Illinois with Chuck, please e-mail me so I can give you my address and you can stop by. We live on 2 acres with a creek running through our backyard and I think Chuck would really enjoy running around here. You’re awesome!

  • Victoria Winters

    SO MEAN!

  • That is the most impressive display in self-control I’ve ever seen. Does Chuck have a self-help video I can purchase?

  • wrensuicide

    I love that you had to say “okay” that many times before he believed you that it was actually “okay”. ^__^

  • Also, the most patient dog on the internet.

    Yay Chuck!

  • What, no frozen lasagna balanced atop his head?

  • Amy

    When I saw the Japanese video earlier today I immediately thought of Chuck. I knew he could do it. But I do think you get a handicap with the treats. The ones the other dog had were much easier to stack.

    Love how he didn’t flinch when you put them in front of his eyes.

  • Wow, Chuck is absolutely amazing – handsome AND talented! Cesar Milan’s dogs are probably envious!

  • Chuck, Chuck, bo-buck, you are the greatest dog (next to Wacky Dog). Love from your fan club.

  • welikeike

    yay, Chuck! Show those wacky japanese that americans can do it, too!

    And thank you, Heather, for pointing that video out. I’d caught a screengrab of it but never bothered to find out what it was all about.

  • Thank you. This video has put a great, big, fat smile on my face before going to work 😀

  • Bea

    Oh chuck, i love your hard-working puppy heart. I’m so impressed with how hard you worked at waiting – and then didn’t want to believe it when those precious ‘ok puppy’ words were whispered to you. You deserve every lip-smackingly delicious jerky bite.

  • Cati Basmati

    Most of the time, when I tell other people to check out your website, it is because of something hilarious you did to the poor dog. Keep going!

  • That is one well trained and obedient dog. Now I see what the fuss is about!

  • Wow what a patient, trusty dog, so sweeeet. I cant believe he sat there for at least 60 seconds after you said ‘ok’. Unfortunately havnt got a dog to practice on. Maybe I’ll try it on my husband with green and blacks chocolate.

  • Thanks for the good morning laugh- 🙂

  • Heather

    Well, thank you so much. Now my boys want a dog. They are still laughing and I think that I have played it about four times for them now! So, again, thanks so much!

  • OMG that’s the cutest thing EVER. he certainly trusts you guys 150% and loves you enough to keep still while you stack (for him) awesome smelling goodies on his head. he wasn’t even in a hurry getting it off his head 🙂

  • What a good boy! My big Newfie would never sit still for that. For peanut butter, however….

  • KDog

    Oh intolerable cruelty!!! But why am I laughing til I cry?

  • So much better than the Japanese one! Chuck is the valedictorian of chicken jerky balancing. He didn’t even drool. That’s love.

  • Scott Murdoch

    It’s good that the snapshot for the movie doesn’t show the final height of the tower you managed to build on his head. I was cracking up when it was obvious he couldn’t even see anymore! Great post.

  • Oh, this had me laughing my ass off! Thanks for this, what a great way to start my Thursday morning! =)

  • Your dog has the patience of a saint. You are wise to take advantage of this rare trait!

  • Ktkat

    ROFL! I almost woke up the baby cuz I was laughing so hard. His little FACE… he’s like zombied out because he can’t believe you keep putting MORE jerky on his head! And it even covers his eyes! And then he just sits there after you say “okay” like he’s clearly had to go to his happy place to avoid the temptation of all that jerky. HA HA HA!!!

    OMG… thanks for the laugh today Heather.

  • Candice

    You have been so blessed with a dog like Chuck, Heather. I just tried that with my dog, and she freaked out and peed on the carpet…

  • Chuck never ceases to amaze me, most of all with his neverending patience. I’ll bet he was just dying to fling all that jerky on the floor and scoff the lot!! (although after seeing the spaghetti-round-the-floor video, I just know he wouldn’t stop at 16 piece of jerky…)

    Yay Chuck!

  • Wouldn’t it be great if human beings could use the same kind of self restraint and patience? You are a fine example Chuck.

  • Do you tell him how cute the Internet thinks he is? Make sure to tell him we all think he’s a very good boy, and that we send him cyber treats!

  • Gator Wreslin’ Mama

    HAHA! When I saw the article about the Japanese stacking things on their dogs’ heads, I instantly thought of you and Chuck, don’t ask why!!! Thanks for sharing that entertaining video with us. WOW! Now my autistic son asks every day “Where is Chuck?” I have to tell him, “He’s in Salt Lake” so now my son thinks we’re related (because all my in-laws are in Salt Lake and son asks about them daily)! HA!

    Side note to Chuck: Good doggie!

    Jody in Mississippi (Damn Yankee livin’ in the South)

  • tim

    I think he was waiting for even more jerky to be piled up.

    “Hmm, I wonder how much jerky I can get this silly woman to give. If I stay still, maybe she’ll forget to stop!”

    I’m just hoping that some day you DON’T have a video of seeing how many Elmo’s you can stack on Leta… but I am willing to watch a Jon/clog stacking video if available.

  • and your comments are in between aristotle and john armstrong…pretty good company!

  • No wonder he hides in the basement.

  • I have dog envy. Wilbur will sense this…

  • itsadaisy

    That dog’s love for chicken jerky knows no bounds. Pray that he never develops the ability to walk on his hind legs, talk, and oh… get a job so he can buy his *own* chicken jerky. The small down trodden ancient wolf instincts may just erupt in a most unpleasant way.

    He is too cute.

  • That’s enough fun to make me want a dog=)

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