A duck says quack

“Is Daddy a bear?” (Jon lets out a violent roar.)


“Is he a dog?” (Jon barks, begs for a treat, balances a book on his head.)

“Noooooooo. He’s not a dog!”

“How about a cat? Is Daddy a cat?” (Jon meows and then licks his paws, pretends to cough up a wad of hair the size of a softball.)

“Noooooooo. Not a cat!”

“Is he a cow?” (Lots of mooing and staring blankly.)

“Noooooooo. Daddy’s not a cow!”

“Is he a Leta?” (He starts singing the ABC song, stops at the letter K to ask for gummy bears.)

“Noooooooo. He’s not a Leta!”

“Is he a Mama?” (He takes a deep breath, closes his eyes and screams, “JOOOOOOONNNNNNNNNN!”)

Leta doesn’t say a word and instead whips her head around to make sure that Daddy hasn’t magically transformed into Mama, because that? That was so real.