the smell of my desperation has become a stench

Photos of the new house

The painters we hired just finished the top floor of our new house, and while it all dried we popped in to take a few pictures. Let’s start with the new top floor bathtub/shower, where we hope to conceive our next twelve adopted children:

view of the new bathtub

And this is the deck off the kitchen where I plan to write many blog entries about Jon’s large butt:

the deck off the top half of the house

And the new fireplace. Where we will warm ourselves. With the flames of burning clogs:


Here is a view from the deck, and there is Jon is showing Leta where he buried the body:

view from the deck

Here is the large window in the kitchen, especially lovely because we will own it:

kitchen window

Jon wanted to buy this house just for the kitchen, because he wouldn’t have to do any drilling, or stripping, or cursing:

kitchen view 1 of 3

kitchen view 2 of 3

kitchen view 3 of 3

The living room, so big that gambling is legal on the far wall.

living room

Introducing the new offices of The Blurbodoocery, the one bedroom on the top floor, where I will tell Jon every hour to please turn down his Oldies.

the new home of The Blurbodoocery

And the outlandish pergola in the backyard. Just, ridiculous. And awesome:


And the swing set, where Leta is happy to throw things down the slide including one very confused dog:


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