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Sleepless nights ahead

Hello, Internet! How I have missed the smell of your breath in the morning!

It’s been much too long since we last spoke, but just when I thought my strep throat was on its way out I came down with a sinus infection. Plus, we had guests in town, plus Leta got sick, plus a death in the family and other devastating news. It’s as if the Universe is bi-polar and isn’t taking her meds, and we all know what that means. Mr. Universe has to dodge flying produce and sleep on an air mattress in the spare bedroom.

We had a wonderful Christmas together, but night after night with the extended family can really take its toll. Leta has learned several new church hymns and we’ve spent the last few days washing her brain out with soap. I’m very excited to get back to our normal lives, and starting tomorrow I’ll be back to my regular posting schedule. I’ve got many stories to tell about Leta’s reaction to Christmas, our weekend spent with my best friend from high school, and the many thoughtful things that Jon gave to me as gifts, including one in particular that stood out from the rest.

Introducing: Dame Eleanor Ritzford-Fitzsimons Puffs. You can just call her Coco.

She’s not a hippopotamus, but she’ll do I GUESS.

  • anna

    new puppy?! I Hope she becomes a champion balancer like Chuck.

  • slierk

    Congrats! Welcome Coco!

  • but what does chuck think?!?

  • Lorraine

    OH MY! Between Leta, Chuck, and now Coco your house runneth over with cuteness! OK – you and Jon aren’t bad either.
    Missed you!
    And way to beat that Strep … did you know that if left untreated it turns into Scarlett Fever??? Who knew!?

  • so cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute!

  • Jenive

    I hope this means we will finally get to see some fur on those floors!

  • Damn. You were like THIS CLOSE to a hippo.

    She is a cutie.

  • sara D

    She is so cute what kind of dog is she? I’m glad you are coming back my blog roll has missed you.

  • Jennifer

    Oh my God! How cute is she?!?!?! It will be interesting to hear how the children are taking to her, I’m sure Chuck is thinking someone just went and screwed up his universe! He’ll adapt,,, right?

  • anita

    She is absolutely gorgeous!!! What a great Christmas gift!!!!

  • I hope Chuck is okay with this…if he needs some space I think I have some room for him.

  • RzDrms

    GAH! ::thunk:: <-- passed out from the cuteness

  • Is she Chucks Christmas present? I am alla bout puppies lately since we are getting one very soon. She is very sweet, for a hippo. And a pup.

  • Carrie

    PRECIOUS! I want one!

    Sorry about the strep and the sinus infection.

    Happy New Year!

  • OH MY GOODNESS. You are in for some trouble – she looks like a heartbreaker.

  • I totally can’t wait for the picture of Coco balancing on Chuck’s head.

  • tara

    Woah. How does Chuck feel about this dame? Leta?
    She’s lovely. Congratulations and welcome to the world of multi-pets.

  • mamazon

    OMG- Coco is adorable..although not as adorable as your husband- his recent post on depression was heart rippingly honest- thanks for sharing, both of you and have a wonderful New Year

  • Fiona

    OMG, she is absolutely beautiful! I’ll be curious to see how both Leta and Chuck react to someone else competing for your affections. And don’t worry — hang in there for that hippo. Maybe next year.

  • jessica

    Congrats on the new addition!!! Are Leta and Chuck enjoying the new family memeber?

  • Alexis

    I’ve always wanted a dog, and I still do! Both of yours seem amazing

  • ashley

    sorry you had such a hard week, but coco? is adorable.

  • catherine

    I can just imagine Leta’s face. “Um, seriously people? Another one of THOSE?” Looks to have part border collie? ADORABLE. Enjoy.

  • Aww, she’s adorable!
    Looks like both you and Pioneer Woman got a puppy for Christmas!

  • Ali

    Awww, she’s absolutely beautiful 🙂

  • Awwwwwwww! Chuck must be thrilled!

    Welcome back and happy new year! I missed you.

  • Oh my goodness- YAY!! I LOVE her inquisitive white “eyebrows” shall we call them? How does Chuck feel about this??

  • Anonymous

    WHOO HOO! Congratulations. She is absolutely beautiful. I’m looking forward to MANY puppy pictures.

  • Kristin

    So THAT is why Jon was so excited about Christmas this year!

    Happy Puppy Days!

  • Coco is adorable. She has quite an act to top, though. I hope she’s good with nunchucks or computer hacking. People only want dogs with good skills.

  • She is adorable! Congratulations on your new family member! I’m sorry to hear about the difficult days, but nothing fights sadness like puppy cuddles.

  • That puppy is the bomb! So sorry to hear about all the bad stuff–especially the loss of a family member.

  • Oh noes!

    That is some serious puppy overload of cuteness.

    Glad you are on the mend.

  • Adorable! Alas no puppy for me, but i did get to snuggle for quite a while with the teeny miniature yorkshire terrier.

  • Krista

    Yay! New puppiness. I hope Chuck falls in love with her. Jon you are an awesome husband!

  • Keara

    SHUT UP! What a lump of love she is! And those little freckled lips. I cannot WAIT for the 2009 calendar.

  • It’s great to have you back, and Coco is adorable. (Just make sure to give Chuckles LOTS of extra love so he doesn’t feel like old news!)

    By the way, will Leta let the CocoPuff near her?

    Happy New Year!

  • So sweet! Hope you feel much better soon.

  • How is it that I fleetingly skimmed over Lorraine’s comment:
    “And way to beat that Strep … did you know that if left untreated it turns…”
    and read something like “the way to beat the Strep is to urinate on it…” ??

    Here’s to good health for you all.

  • Welcome back!

    Sorry to hear about the death in the family, tho. 🙁

    Coco is gorgeous! Definitely photogenic!

    I hope Jon auditioned her before he brought her home. She’s got a tough act to follow.

  • Ok – it has got to be a good day when even the comments of a blog can make me laugh out loud.

    So when will we see Coco balanced on Chuck’s head? And if that ain’t going to happen – could you please just photoshop it??? 🙂

    Happy New Year!

  • Anonymous

    OMG – things do have a way of balancing themselves out…don’t they. Welcome to 2008!

  • Kristin

    Oh, you internet people and your cute puppies! First Peewee, now Coco! What are you trying to do to me? I lost my big beautiful Black lab at the beginning of the month and my yellow lab is so sad and lonely, and did *I* get a new puppy under my tree? NO. Ok, I did get an i-Pod touch and a Wii, but I’m still holding our for the puppy.

    Glad to hear you’re feeling better.

  • Oh my – she is sure cute! Our new puppy, Judy, is the best and I can’t even remember what it feels like to sleep in anymore…congrats!

  • LOVE at first sight. especially because she looks like she could be big trouble. and trouble is fun –at least for us as readers, not you as owners.

    Congrats and I hope she brings a smile on these difficult days

  • Sandra

    Happy New Year and welcome back.

    No mention or photos of Chuck…just “a death in the family and other devastating news”.

    I’m scared.

  • gora_kagaz

    awww…she’s so cute! congratulations! i just wanna pet her, she looks so fluffy =]

  • Man, I didn’t realize how addicted I had become to your site and then it wasn’t being updated and I was having withdrawals. Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, Welcome Coco!

  • Oh, my God. You lucky, lucky girl. (Both of you.)

  • Kim

    Heather, I’m so glad you’re doing better, and I can say I missed you! What a treat to see you back and to see a new family member too. She is lovely … is she a Border Collie?

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