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Smelling of puppy breath

Last night it was my turn to take over the night shift with Coco, which means I had to sleep in the spare bedroom next to her crate and be available to take her outside when she needed to go to the bathroom. We know…

January 9, 2008

Coin purse

This gorgeous, hand-screen-printed coin purse was a gift from a friend (you can get one here, also check out the other cool bags), and when I opened it I knew I would have to hide it from Leta because if she ever sees this she…


We are forcing Chuck to go outside with Coco every half hour as we continue her potty-training, and each time he looks at us like, again? Are you kidding? Is her bladder the size of a chick pea? And once they get out there on…

Seasonal affective disorder

Y’all, seriously. We woke up this morning to yet another six inches of snow. This is the 400th day in a row that it has snowed. And the forecast for the next few days? Snow.