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Oh my God

BYU students demanding that Gold’s Gym stop being so damn sexy

“Some college students in Utah County are calling some music videos pornographic, and they are trying to get a health club to take them off its screen.”

Oh, dear. The list of their demands includes “no rated R movies or sexually explicit or racy PG-13 movies to play on the broadcasting network” and, AND, AND!! “install blinds on the aerobics room to block the dancing, which is very provocative.”

Because it’s making all these students have all sorts of funny feelings in their parts, and those feelings can lead to all sorts of horrible things. Like hand-holding, or maybe even squeezing the peaches in the produce section a little too hard.

(thanks to all those who sent me this link, I saw the story on the local news and of course they reported it like IT’S ABOUT TIME!)

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