This post is brought to you by the five cups of coffee I just guzzled

Here are the details about the meet-up in Austin this weekend:

Saturday, March 8th

Halcyon Coffee Shop
218 W 4th Street
Austin, Texas

11 AM – 1 PM

Stop in and say hello! I promise I won’t bite you. Maybe.

Also, I haven’t decided which tagline I’m going to use yet, I’m making that decision in the next hour as I design the March masthead. It will be posted with the winning tagline sometime this afternoon or tonight. And yes, I know it’s already the third day of March and that I’m running late, but people, if you could open up my weekend and ponder its contents you would forgive me. Let’s just say that a certain dog who will remain nameless caught a nasty gastrointestinal bug that prevented us from getting more than 30 consecutive minutes of sleep for three days straight. (Note to anyone toying with the idea of getting a puppy: are you out of your mind?)

And then I went and had that political conversation with my VERY. CONSERVATIVE. FAMILY. CANNOT. STATE. THAT. MORE. EMPHATICALLY. that ended with me running out of my mom’s house in tears. Because I am a delicate flower who just wants homosexuals to have equal rights, is that so wrong.