the smell of my desperation has become a stench

They don’t call ’em noodly appendages for nuthing

Jon shot this short video of me dancing at a party in Austin last Saturday night, and I should probably warn you that if you lean in too closely one of my arms just might swing out and catch the side of your head:

He’s also posted a boatload of pictures from the same party, and you should definitely have a look if only to see an assortment of Internet visionaries on their fifth vodka tonic, but the two I have to post here show me about to start a riot because the line for the ladies’ pink port-a-potty was filled entirely with men, and I wasn’t about to let the identities of those men go un-blogged. NOT A CHANCE.

I’m thinking that all that bourbon might have had a tiny effect on the magnitude of my righteous indignation.

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