the smell of my desperation has become a stench

Me and my friend Bill

This is Bill, and he lives near Houston but was willing to drive all the way out to Austin to have dinner with me and Jon. He started sending me funny stories about fatherhood a few years ago, stories that made me laugh out loud, so then I had to read them to Jon, and sometimes I shared them with my family, so he had no choice but to become my friend. I forced him against his will. He’s also a contributer to the anthology I put together, and his essay is the one that ends the book. I’m so thrilled I got to work with him.

Heather B. Armstrong

Hi. I’m Heather B. Armstrong, and this used to be called mommy blogging. But then they started calling it Influencer Marketing: hashtag ad, hashtag sponsored, hashtag you know you want me to slap your product on my kid and exploit her for millions and millions of dollars. That’s how this shit works. Now? Well… sit back, buckle up, and enjoy the ride.

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