Nightline segment

Just got a call from the producer at ABC who said that the Nightline piece they filmed here a couple of weeks ago is running tonight. Don’t know whether or not they are going to run any footage of it on Good Morning America tomorrow morning like they originally planned to do, but I cannot wait to see how this one turned out. It’s always interesting to see how things are edited and sometimes cobbled together, like the teaser the local Fox station ran with the menacing voiceover that said DOOCE ON THE LOOSE! THE VICIOUSLY VULGAR MOM! And it totally made viewers think that if they watched the piece they’d come away with some sort of gooey film in-between their fingers. Or a cold sore. For about a week after that teaser I’d walk up to strangers and go DOOCE ON THE LOOSE! And then kick my leg in the air with a roaring HA-CHA!

I recommend you try this. Although you might want to stretch first.

I’m writing up my impressions of the Today show experience right now and will post them soon, including the part where Kathie Lee Gifford totally hit on me. I am not even kidding.