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A few days ago Doug from Laid Off Dad Twittered: “If you saw David Gregory on The Daily Show, you might think that he and @blurb were separated at birth.”

I’m a frequent viewer of NBC news and had never really considered the resemblance between my husband and David Gregory before, but after Doug suggested that I had to take a closer look. And when I did I found myself weirdly attracted to what some have dared called a blustery old douchebag. (I’m looking straight at you, Shan.) I heartily disagree with that assessment, have always thoroughly enjoyed listening to his commentary, and would welcome his correspondence to my white house if you know what I’m saying, not really because I’m happily married, I only said that because now I know Jon’s going to cringe whenever I suggest we watch MSNBC. Meaning, I can totally see the resemblance, especially when you behold his moves here:

(thanks, Janet for the link to that video, my porn collection is now complete)

Although I think his resemblance to John Larroquette is far more striking. Consider:

But then so many of you have written to ask me if Jon and Jason Lee were separated at birth. Hmm:

I asked Jon whom he thought he resembled most and he waved his hand dismissing all of them, suggesting that if Brad Pitt was not on the list then clearly it was an incomplete list. Right, because if that were true we’d need to add to the list Denzel Washington.

So I’m taking a poll.

  • Anonymous

    Definitely John Laroquette! Scary really.

  • Tina

    My vote is for John Larroquette

  • Laroquette. Although maybe my view is skewed because they share a name?

    David Gregory gives me hives though, and your Jon definitely doesn’t do that.

  • Amy

    John Larroquette gets my vote.

  • Larroquette but ruggeder. It’s a word.

  • Kat’s Mom

    I have commented to either you or Jon before and I will say it again– Jon and Jon Favreau really look alike. Jon Favreau has gotten back in shape recently– making the resemblance quite uncanny. They even spell their first name(s) the same way!

  • Cando

    Yes, but are his moves that good?
    My hub is a dead ringer for Rick Leventhal from fox news.

  • Is John C. Reilly fair game?

  • Audrey

    John Larroquette, hands down.but Jon is slimmer. I have a feeling Jon is just as hysterically funny.

    And while we are on the subject of spitting images of…you are a double for Keira Knightly. Seriously. And she is striking – don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

  • Sally

    John Larroquette all the way!

  • John Larroquette, definitely.

  • Kat’s Mom
  • Kim

    John Larroquette for sure!

  • Julie A

    John Larroquette, definitely!!

  • Jon totally looks like Clive Owen. But better.

  • Rob Morrow (Northern Exposure/Numb3rs fame).

    Hopefully this link won’t turn into freaky Czech porn as soon as I post it.. well, actually that could be fun too:

  • Kym

    Oh yeah – John Larroquette, without a doubt.

  • Molly

    Jason Lee (who is hot by the way).

  • Of the 3 choices, Jason Lee.

  • I’ve always thought that your Jon channelled the intelligent sharp wit of John Laroquette.

  • I think John Larroquette is the winner.

  • I think that in order for us to make a fair & balanced decision for this pole that you should post short videos of Jon dancing like David Gregory, saying “Bang the gong…slowly?” like Larroquette, and then skateboarding with a giant mustache like Jason Lee (swoon!)

    Just for the sake of being fair & balanced, not for our entertainment purposes or anything.

  • stella

    I have to concur….John Larroquette. But I sure had a good laugh about David Gregory..I didn’t know he had it in him.

  • Pet PEeve

    I’m going with Jason Lee too. Not so much in this clip, but in real life without the moustache.

  • I’m going with Jon Favreau and John Larroquette with a smidge of Richard Kind. Only younger.

  • sara m.

    jason mother-fucking lee, baby!

  • Um . . . he reminds me of nobody on this list. Actually, he reminds me of Harry Anderson from one of the clips shown. He could resemble Harry the ape from Harry and the Hendersons. But I think of all the people Jon looks like, Leta is the tops.

  • keagansmom

    First, you both are totally HAWT.

    and I’m gonna go with if Jon Larroquette and Brad Pitt had a baby, it would be Jon Armstrong.

  • I dunno, but for a blustery old douchebag (who is 10 years younger than me!), David Gregory does all right. At least he can keep the beat. That is a really rare skill amongst the Olde Douchebag set.

  • I obviously don’t know Jon, but judging from your pictures, I would have to say John Larroquette.

  • Brad Pitt

    (Jon, you owe me $20 for saying that. I take PayPal.)

  • Anonymous

    John Larroquette and David Gregory’s love child.

    PS David Gregory is 6’5″

  • Rob Morrow!


    Nice one.

  • Michelle

    When you twittered yesterday that you’d do David Gregory, I checked google images, and thought, “Well, that make sense–Jon looks just like him.” I definitely see the Larrouquette resemblance as well. I don’t really see Jason Lee.

  • I’m thinking the “Alvin and the Chipmunks” vintage Jason Lee. Only crabbier.

  • Anonymous

    Jason Lee.

    TOTALLY…ok and Brad Pitt. But more of Jason Lee.

  • I’ve always wondered who he reminds me of. I think it is a cross between Larouquette and Lee. His face does resemble Gregory a bit. Thankfully, not the hair. Eek!

  • Brad… oh Brad… even in his wrinkly days these days he still is my main man. Yeah, go with Brad.


  • I think he looks a lot like a professor at Sloan-Kettering cancer center:

  • mandabunine

    John Larroquette. Hands down.

  • I would say John Larroquette too!! I have always been a fan of his night court!!!! LOL

    That is hilarious!!!!!

    Still have any lip gloss left??????

    BTW. Can I have the Prince picture on the right. She has such great taste in men!!!


  • Dude, if I’ve told you once I’ve emailed you a creepy number of times. The guy you’re married to IS Jason Lee.

  • Alice

    My life is complete thanks to that David Gregory clip.

    Add the clip of him breaking it down with Karl Rove (, some cheap merlot and a bubble bath, and I think you have your next Friday night all planned.

  • John Larroquette!

  • I’m going with the theory of Jon being the product of the most holy union of John Larroquette and a be-bearded Jason Lee. If you ever should need a Larroquette fix – god knows why, but hey I find him pretty funny sometimes – get your hands on a copy of 10th Kingdom:

    Ten hours of John Larroquette running around with a Prince turned into a dog, fleeing trolls and dwarves, getting high on magic mushrooms, and singing off-key to ‘Whiter Shade of Pale.’ The epitome of all that is right and wrong with American television.

  • Hmmm…I’d say mostly like Larroquette with a smidge of Jason Lee.

    Ever since I moved to Australia, Australian men are always telling me I look like Julia Louis-Dreyfus … I’m all “just cuz I have an American accent and big hair doesn’t make me Elaine”

  • I have often thought about who he looks like. I think Natasha is right, it is a cross between those two. I think he looks more like Lee though.

    Quitting Coffee

  • jp

    Jon Larroquette

    Although I think David Gregory dances quite well! I was impressed!

    (but maybe I don’t know jack about dancing?!?!?)


  • I’d have to say your husband looks like a younger, hipper version of John Larroquette, but only if your husband was a swinger from the 1970’s wearing bad suits.

  • Rita (rhymes with Leta)

    I would totally tap Jason Lee.


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