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A few days ago Doug from Laid Off Dad Twittered: “If you saw David Gregory on The Daily Show, you might think that he and @blurb were separated at birth.”

I’m a frequent viewer of NBC news and had never really considered the resemblance between my husband and David Gregory before, but after Doug suggested that I had to take a closer look. And when I did I found myself weirdly attracted to what some have dared called a blustery old douchebag. (I’m looking straight at you, Shan.) I heartily disagree with that assessment, have always thoroughly enjoyed listening to his commentary, and would welcome his correspondence to my white house if you know what I’m saying, not really because I’m happily married, I only said that because now I know Jon’s going to cringe whenever I suggest we watch MSNBC. Meaning, I can totally see the resemblance, especially when you behold his moves here:

(thanks, Janet for the link to that video, my porn collection is now complete)

Although I think his resemblance to John Larroquette is far more striking. Consider:

But then so many of you have written to ask me if Jon and Jason Lee were separated at birth. Hmm:

I asked Jon whom he thought he resembled most and he waved his hand dismissing all of them, suggesting that if Brad Pitt was not on the list then clearly it was an incomplete list. Right, because if that were true we’d need to add to the list Denzel Washington.

So I’m taking a poll.

  • Meganithappen

    DUUUUUUUUDE. I vote J Lo…

  • Molly

    Static image = David Gregory, hands-down. Maybe if you post a video of John skateboarding we can make a better comparison?

  • Abby

    Though I think all of those choices are kind of simillar to Jon, I have to say that I think he looks like Jemaine from Flight of the Conchords. I actually made my Husband look at a picture of Jon and then a picture of Jemaine to get a household concensus, but he totally disagrees.

    Either way you must check out this link:

  • Surprisingly, I’ll have to vote for Jason Lee. The current Jason Lee, though, not the younger Jason Lee from Mallrats (which is what I usually think of when I think of Jason Lee).

    The Night Court clip was a great throwback to my high school years, though. I forgot how much I loved that show.

  • Definitely, definitely, that David Gregory guy. I used to think he looked like John Laroquette too, but only because I’d never heard of DG until now.

  • Anonymous

    Jason Lee. Definitely.

  • Jim

    PJ DeBoy from “Shortbus.” The resemblance is uncanny.

  • belletoes

    Love Jon L. and I too am strangely attracted to David Gregory. Both compliments to your Clogwearing Sasquatch. (my husband is rather tall and hairy too, hates clogs but loves his stanky Jesus sandals) You are a lucky lucky woman Dooce. As am I.

  • DrKoob

    Jason Lee. I have always thought so. Make sure you compare without the mustache.

  • Terra

    Always thought Jason Lee

  • naturemurph

    Jason Lee…but I too see the Clive Owen resemblance.

  • Jason Lee, hands down.

  • Holy crap. I guess I’ll go with the slut from Night Court, but damn if I’m not in LOVE with David Gregory. Holy baby Jeebus…. I’ve dumped many a man who can’t dance, but even I’d go up and bump and grind behind that business. *fans self*

  • I seem to be in the minority, but I gotta say on looks alone… totally Jason Lee.

    But if you name your next kid Pilot Inspektor like he did I’ll never forgive you. And neither would your kid.


  • Totally Jason Lee.

  • i have to vote for jason lee, because DAMN, is he beautiful.

  • larroquette hands down

  • john l. with a bonus that you’ll be able to see what your jon looks like when old 🙂

  • jen

    I love that clip of David Gregory dancing! I was watching the Today Show that day, and kept rewinding that just laughing SO HARD! They ribbed him for DAYS about that clip. Seeing it again, I have to admit…I couldn’t stop at just one viewing. Cracks my ass up every time. The twirl- oh GOD!!!!

  • puh-leeeze. definitely John Larroquette!!

  • Your Jon looks most like John Laroquette in my humble opinion.

    I can understand Jon’s disappointment that Brad Pitt and Denzel weren’t options. BUT, we must remember:

    intelligence = hotness (usually)

    If he can groove like David Gregory, you better keep a short leash on him Mrs. Armstrong.


  • Totally John Laraquette.

    My husband looks like Keanu Reeves.

  • Jason Lee with a splash of Dean McDermott

  • Linsey

    mmm… jason lee.

    isn’t this when you say something like: “my husband is strictly one of a kind and does not even compare to any of those very rich men! i love him and only him forever and fo-eva.”

    …and then when he is not looking, you can totally tell us what you think to be true.

    “here leta, this is your real father.”

  • Definitely Jason Lee. All the way! Or, at least they could be brothers.

  • I cannot stop watching that David Gregory clip. Those dance moves are amazing. My vote goes for a younger version of the dancemaster himself.

  • Wow! I thought Jon WAS Jason Lee. Does that mean you’re not Cameron Diaz?

  • Jason Lee sans mustache. How hilarious.

  • I’m jumping on the Larroquette bandwagon! But not literally, because one John Larroquette is quite a bit older than his Night Court days and the other John is quite yours.

  • Emily

    I think he looks like a great mix of John Larroquette and John Corbett, of Northern Exposure/Sex and the City fame. Heavier on the John Corbett than the John Larroquette.

  • thrice

    Was he really flapping his wings like the funky chicken? Oh my.

  • John Larroquette definitely, but I had a good laugh watching David Gregory dance to Mary J. Blige lol

  • First of all..that white guy spin made me snarf diet dr. pepper all over my thanks a fuckin lot for that!

    Secondly, Laroquette, but only while squinting…the energy of jason lee (and by energy I mean shag-a-bility).

    Yeah Babeh!

  • My vote is for Jason Lee. Everytime I see him I think of Jon.

  • Larroquette. Sorry, Jon. Larroquette but WAY sexier, if that helps.

  • Anonymous

    Jason Lee. Because when I see NBC promos for My Name Is Earl, sometimes I am caught off guard and can be heard saying things like, “is blurb on the news?” This happened Saturday during the olympics when I was paying more attention to my bowl of Whoppers and only saw the promo out of the corner of my eye.

  • John Larroquette.

  • RzDrms

    oh, no,no,no,no,NO! you all have it wrong. i’ve said this to dooce before and i’ll say it again since she’s now taking an offical poll: paul dimeo (from “extreme makeover: home edition”) is totally jon’s twin separated at birth. except, of course, paul and jon seem to be about eight years apart. eh, mistake at the hospital, i say; i’m sure jon misses paul though. 🙂

  • I’m going with John Laroquette. But really, don’t you win no matter what?

  • I have to say I agree with you. It might partly be because I have a secret love for Jason Lee. Seeing him makes me ovulate on demand. I thought it would be awkward to consider him similar to your husband in a very let’s-not-steal-husbands kind of way. But I see a resemblance in all three for sure.

    LOL to the dancing, good Lord! HAHAH!

  • Sandra

    none of the above.

    My vote goes to the lead singer of Finger Eleven.

  • Aislinn

    JL, without a doubt.

  • MegNP

    I have to say Jon looks more like Larroquette, which if it’s any reassurance at all, is totally the hottest dude on Night Court.

    BTW, what is WITH those kick ass moves of David Gregory? I think I need to go find MY husband after watching that. There’s no way Jon can do a spin-move like that…whew! I haven’t seen moves like that since my parents got wasted at our wedding and my Mom did the Hustle!

  • diane_sherman

    Jason Lee without the mustache.

  • He looks like Jason Lee the most.

  • Definitely the new 100-calorie pack version of Jon Favreau.

  • Brea

    I vote for Jason Lee. Jon eminates the total vunerability and hotness of Jason Lee’s character in Chasing Amy.

    I can’t get an appreciation for the other cat (David Gregory); the video was a bit grainy and I’ve never seem him before – but dude can dance! I have to wonder what Mary J. was thinking while she was singing…

  • Angela

    John Larroquette. I wish I could say Jason Lee seeing as he is the hottest of the three and I do think your husband is hotter than John Larroquette, but there is a very strong resemblance. On a side note, someone as cool and hot as Jason Lee should have known better than to be suckered into Scientology. Damn those aliens…

  • The Niffer

    Jon is John to me; at least what I’ve seen of him.

  • I would have to say John Laroquette – he the man!

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