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A few days ago Doug from Laid Off Dad Twittered: “If you saw David Gregory on The Daily Show, you might think that he and @blurb were separated at birth.”

I’m a frequent viewer of NBC news and had never really considered the resemblance between my husband and David Gregory before, but after Doug suggested that I had to take a closer look. And when I did I found myself weirdly attracted to what some have dared called a blustery old douchebag. (I’m looking straight at you, Shan.) I heartily disagree with that assessment, have always thoroughly enjoyed listening to his commentary, and would welcome his correspondence to my white house if you know what I’m saying, not really because I’m happily married, I only said that because now I know Jon’s going to cringe whenever I suggest we watch MSNBC. Meaning, I can totally see the resemblance, especially when you behold his moves here:

(thanks, Janet for the link to that video, my porn collection is now complete)

Although I think his resemblance to John Larroquette is far more striking. Consider:

But then so many of you have written to ask me if Jon and Jason Lee were separated at birth. Hmm:

I asked Jon whom he thought he resembled most and he waved his hand dismissing all of them, suggesting that if Brad Pitt was not on the list then clearly it was an incomplete list. Right, because if that were true we’d need to add to the list Denzel Washington.

So I’m taking a poll.

  • Heather

    So glad somebody said it. I’m thinking John Corbett (but prettier and with more hair).

  • Laroquette, for sure!

  • Anonymous

    You can catch David Gregory on The Daily Show on Hulu:

  • Kat

    What about Brad Garrett? (Robert from Everyone Loves Raymond)

    (Off topic: is it a coincidence that Alma is one of the test words when entering my comment?)

  • Christianne

    It’s so funny that you mention this! I’ve been making my way through the Sex and the City season episodes for the first time (I know – I’m WAY behind the times, having watched the movie before ever having viewed a single episode), and just finished season 4 last night. If you’re not familiar, this is the season when Carrie gets engaged to Aidan, who is played by John Corbett.

    As I was watching this at 3am this morning because I couldn’t sleep, it suddenly occurred to me why John Corbett seemed to familiar to me . . . because he reminds me of Jon! Not that I’m all that familiar with Jon, but having read your blog for a while now and read his blog for a while now and watched several of your home videos and viewed the many pictures you post and listened to several of your radio interviews and watched the television interviews of the two of you . . . well, you get the picture.

    I vote John Corbett, a la Sex and the City season 4! 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Oh it’s definitely that Laroquetter guy.

  • Caren

    Who knew David Gregory had such moves? Still totally turns me off. Lurve me some Jason Lee, and that’s who Jon looks like. But cuter. And definitely a touch of John Corbett thrown in there.

  • Christianne

    Oooh, and I see I’m not the first to proffer this suggestion. 🙂

  • WHAT UP with that dance? How did that woman not bust out laughing… Jeez Louise. Jon = Jason Lee, hands down. Oh but then I saw John Corbett and I got all dreamy… hmmmm woulda love to have me some John Corbett, for sure. And I’ve never even seen Jon in real life, so what do I know.

  • Dawn

    I seriously think that Jon looks like Sam the Cooking Guy, who coincidentally went off on Kathy Lee and that other woman (can’t be bothered to find her name) that interviewed you and trampled you and acted like vapid twits. It was on Youtube and everything, and I hoped you had seen it, but then they took it down.

  • Stacey

    The mind reading cop on Heroes gets my vote. I think David Gregory looks like a half lion half man.

  • Dewshane

    I’d say he’s a cross between Laroquette and Lee. But the Laroquette resemblance is more obvious.

  • Sorry, HAVE to go with Rob Morrow from Numb3rs:

  • GregariousKat

    John Larroquette, fo’ sho. Your Jon needs to grow his fuzzy mane out and then it’d be an even better match.

  • So, 1. I think it’s clear that the ladies think that Jon is fine (and I mean fiiine).

    and 2. John Laroquette, although that feels pretty uncool to say for some reason.

  • rb

    I don’t know…. I’m … I’m so blinded by that white man dancing….

  • mo

    Jon Favreau before he got fat, or after he got thin again and I can see the John Corbett.

    Haha the spam blocker thing is one letter away from “street hymen” haha gross.

  • I would totally vote for Jason Lee!

  • karla

    imo, jon has david gregory’s face, john larroquette’s hair and jason lee’s grunge.

  • Sunny

    I’m living with the claymation train conductor from the “Frosty the Snowman” Christmas special.

  • Shannon

    I kinda on the fence between Jon Larrowhatsis and Jason Lee.

    Maybe if they had a love child it would look just like Jon.

  • Alicia

    I am going to have to go with a write-in vote here and say Paul Rudd. Check him out – so hot!

  • Actually, he’s always kinda reminded me of my own hubby (whose also in the “hot geek” category). Does Jon have a cartoon image of himself, too? The hubby sports one on the blog header. Theres a “real” pic in there, too, albeit with storm troopers. Yeah, seriously.

  • John Larroquette…the dirty bugger he is too. Reow!

  • Uh….I don’t know who Blurb looks like, but I want to say hats-off to Mary J. for keeping her shit together. I mean, I would’ve fallen on the floor in fits of hysteria if I, as the most soulful of black female pop singers, had to see those intense white-man’s-overbite-moves. She’s a consummate professional.


  • I vote for the write-in response of John Corbett, not just in appearance (which is arguable) but attitude too (at least in his SATC and My Big Fat Greek Wedding characters), i.e., down to earth, charming, and absolutely devoted to their sig other.

    I wonder who he’d put on your poll…

  • Anonymous
  • Amy

    So Jason Lee!

  • Oh, just to make him feel good, I vote Brad Pitt. Even if he’s not on the list.

  • jennifer

    i vote david gregory as jon’s stunt double.

  • Eva

    I’m going with John Laroquette too. Also, I now love Jason Lee more than ever after watching that.

  • Risa

    Jason Lee. They’re both hot.

  • Lisa

    In order of most to least:
    1–John L.
    2–Jason L.
    3–David G.

    Put ’em in a blender, though, and you may just have your hubby.

  • See, I get a combination of John Laroquette and John Cusack… the professional candor of Laroquette combined with the boyish charm of Cusack. Does Jon own a boom box? Affinity for Peter Gabriel? Definitely has a Lloyd Dobler vibe going on, with a touch of towering Asst. DA Dan Fielding. Oh yeah.

  • i see the gregory resemblance, i do, but ultimately i have to come down on the side of the Laroquette. also, night court rocks!

  • Anonymous

    I agree with most: Larroquette first, Jason Lee second. David Gregory? Not EVEN!

  • John Laroquette, definetly

  • kate

    John Larroquette, FTW.

  • I don’t see the David Gregory resemblance at all but man, he dun gotz the moves.

    I’m going with Laroquette, for sure.

  • I WANT it to be Jason Lee. Hot. And funny.

    Plus, let’s be honest here: neither of the other two could get Dooce…not in their dreams.

  • Without going to check out photos of Jon my first thought was Jeremy Privin

  • Barbara

    Jason Lee, OBVIOUSLY.

    Showing him with a mustache is unfair, really, unless you add a picture of Jon with similar facial hair. Identical twins, no doubt.

  • Rachel

    I vote the lead singer of Finger Eleven ( just to be contrary…

  • He might not like it, but I have to say there’s a strong resemblence with Laroquette.

  • Jason Lee, minus the Scientology.

  • Zany

    I have spent A LOT of time looking at your husband’s picture (if you know what I’m saying…) and I have to vote for David Gregory.

  • Colleen

    Jason Lee gets my vote.

  • Shawn

    Even though it gives away my real life un-coolness, I’m going to have to toss the Yellow Wiggle (Greg?) into the mix.

    I have toddlers, I don’t watch it alone! I swear!

  • Anonymous

    jason lee. but john laroquette is a close second.

  • Oh Heather. That Dick G. is a riot.
    I love him now too.

    Hey, I know of another choice for your hubs….Vince Vaughn(sp?)

    He is slightly cuter and younger and cooler than John L.

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