the smell of my desperation has become a stench

Peacock feather necklace

One of the many lovely Hallmark employees that I met while in Kansas City, Amy Cecil, gave me this gorgeous handmade peacock feather necklace from her collection Apple Scraps. She makes necklaces from Mahjongg tiles, stained glass, sea glass, and scrabble tiles. This one in particular will go well with a layering of other necklaces, and I plan to wear it next week with a black dress while I’m at a conference in New York.

Heather B. Armstrong

Hi. I’m Heather B. Armstrong, and this used to be called mommy blogging. But then they started calling it Influencer Marketing: hashtag ad, hashtag sponsored, hashtag you know you want me to slap your product on my kid and exploit her for millions and millions of dollars. That’s how this shit works. Now? Well… sit back, buckle up, and enjoy the ride.

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